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The Cursed Darkness

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The Cursed Darkness


"Things have grown far worse, and the Shadows contain more horrors than any had thought..."

Princess Florimel, Nine Princes in Amber

"Even now, strange shapes seemed to move within that place. I had done a thing which had never been done before, not during the whole of Oberon's reign: I had opened a new way to Amber. And I had opened it only to the worst."

Prince Corwin, Nine Princes in Amber

It has been four years since Eric crowned himself king in Amber, blinded his brother Corwin, and threw him into the dungeons. However, Eric’s head has rested uneasy, bearing the crown. A dark and terrible force has manifested in the Valley of Garnath. Dark beings dwell there, who worship a mysterious force known only as the Logrus. The once beautiful valley has become twisted and corrupted by Corwin’s death curse, a representation of the hatred and anger Corwin bears for his brother. And now, Corwin has escaped from his dungeon cell, and has promised to return, no doubt seeking his vengeance....

Campaign Details, Setting, Background and Canon

The Cursed Darkness is based in the world of Amber as described by Roger Zelazny in the first book of the Chronicles of Amber entitled Nine Princes in Amber and only this book is considered Canon. The background is considered in this section as well as several significant differences from the canon.


Game Mechanics

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What has happened so far...

So, what has happened so far?

Player Characters

Here are the player characters participating in the the Cursed Darkness campaign. As a player, this is where you can provide useful information about your character, such as their description, background, trump images and other contributions.

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Please feel free to read the Character creation guidelines. The game is currently full and we are no longer recruiting new players. However, you may be able to twist the GM's arm!

Non-Player Characters

Some of the more important or well known NPCs that may be encountered in the game.

The Elder Amberites

The elder Amberites form the cornerstones of Amber's glorious history. The family members you may encounter are listed here. An overview of what is known of their current locations and status may also be useful.

The Younger Generation

Other NPCs

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Alone in the Darkness
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Powers, Allies and Artefacts

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