The Cursed Darkness - Amber Royal Family History

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At the Dawn of the Age of the Unicorn, Oberon for reasons he never publicly stated, decided to sire a large number of children.

He used shadowshifting to locate a woman who would be a perfect wife and mother. He found Elysia, an extremely beautiful woman of black hair and green eyes.

She bore Oberon two children, Carolan and Imelda. Carolan showed potential of being a worthy heir. Imelda was a great support to her elder brother. Carolan walked the Pattern and survived, but Imelda died on the Pattern. Unfortunately, Elysia died of an illness

Oberon travelled back into shadow full of grief over the loss of Elysia. He dallied for a while with a woman named Brenda.

Deciding to try for more children, Oberon returned to Amber. He chose Miriam, an elven woman from Tir-na Nog’th. Oberon had hopes that an elven wife would prove of stronger fortitude. Miriam gave Oberon two healthy boys, named Lucien and Nestor. Lucien studied the forces of sorcery and the Pattern, and discovered many secrets of Amber, including the power of the family’s death curse. He wrote down many of his findings in what would become the Book of Lucien. His younger brother Nestor however, proved wild and undisciplined.

Desmond showed up in Amber claiming to be born of Brenda. Oberon was dubious of Desmond's story, but granted him leave to walk the Pattern and claim his birthright. Desmond proved he was of the blood by walking the Pattern and surviving.

Lucien, Nestor and Desmond became good friends. Nestor's wild nature led the three brothers into a feud with King Lir of Rebma. The underwater city was reaching great heights of success under King Lir’s leadership. Rebma captured the brothers and tried them for various crimes against his city. Instead of pleading for clemency, the three brothers laughed at both Lir and his people. Lir ordered their executions. At their executions, the three brothers pronounced a terrible death curse, that Rebma would forever be bound to the fate of Amber. This curse would soon lead to terrible tragedy for the underwater city.

The Formori, a powerful force from out of shadow invaded Amber. They did a great deal of damage to the true realm, and the chaos of the conflict became reflected within Rebma. When both Carolan and Miriam died in that terrible war, Lir died as well. The death curse of the three brothers was held responsible.

Amber came through the war reasonably well, but Rebma was near ruin. It would never again reach the power it had once enjoyed under Lir’s rule. It is believed that the curse of the three brothers holds steady even now, and no ruler of Rebma dares invade Amber for fear the Chaos will be reflected in their own realm.

Oberon approached Rebma’s new queen, Morgana, and sought reconciliation. During his visit in Rebma, he had a dalliance with Morgana’s younger sister, Nerissa. After Oberon returned to Amber, it became obvious that Nerissa was pregnant. Morgana, who had no child of her own, was furious, but held her peace. She arranged a marriage between Nerissa and a nobleman of Rebma, before Nerissa’s daughter Llewella was born. However, Morgana declared that Llewella was illegitimate, and would never ascend the throne of Rebma. Nerissa had a second child, this one by her husband, and named her Moiré.

Morgana died, and Nerissa took the throne of Rebma. When Nerissa died, she had never declared Llewella legitimate, so Moiré ascended the throne. Llewella went on to become the Master of Arms at Rebma. Llewella was then also the eldest surviving of Oberon’s children, but not in line for his throne either.

Oberon married once again, this time to a sailor and warrior from a far land, named Rhea. She gave birth to Benedict. Benedict, despite being a gentle hearted child, proved remarkably spiritual, and became an excellent warrior. He soon became the master of arms of Amber. He would teach most of his younger siblings how to fight. Rhea died fighting pirates off the coast.

Oberon entered into a political marriage with Geraldine. The two of them, though never in love, proved to be an extremely competent team. The people particularly loved Geraldine, as she was kind. New children were born, these being Edmund, Eric, Larissa and Galen.

During his marriage to Geraldine, Oberon fell in love with another woman, Petra. This caused great turmoil between Oberon and Geraldine, as well as the populace of Amber. Geraldine asked for a divorce, as she did not wish for a civil war to erupt and rip the kingdom apart. Oberon granted the divorce, and immediately afterwards married Petra.

Petra gave birth to two children by Oberon, named Corwin and Random.

Corwin became very close to his elder sister Deirdre. They spent much time together as children. Eric competed with Corwin over her attention.

When Random was a teenager, Petra disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Some say Geraldine’s supporters murdered her, some say Petra couldn’t handle the responsibilities of being queen and fled the true realm.

After Petra disappeared, Geraldine and Oberon reunited. Geraldine gave birth to two more children, named Galen and Flora.

Edmund, Larissa, and Galen particularly spoiled the beautiful and lovely Flora.

Tragedy struck three times in quick succession – Edmund died fighting in the war against the Moonriders of Ghenesh, Galen died in a duel, and Larissa committed suicide soon after. Flora and Geraldine were both distraught.

A young elven woman by the name of Kendra showed up one day from Tir-na Nog’th. Kendra claimed to be of Oberon’s blood, but refused to give the name of her mother. Oberon officially acknowledged her however, mush to the annoyance of Geraldine. Oberon granted permission for Kendra to take the Pattern. She survived. Kendra wanted to explore the oceans. Oberon granted her a commission to explore the northern waters. After a terrible storm, Kendra never returned. She was presumed dead, lost at sea.

Geraldine had been ageing anyway, and retired as gracefully as she could into a reclusive shadow. She granted Oberon a second divorce. Soon afterwards, she died.

While riding in Forest Arden, Oberon met another woman, by the name of Demeter. They married. Demeter gave birth to two boys, named Julian and Daniel.

While married to Demeter, Oberon apparently had an affair with an unknown woman. Gerard was left on the doorstep of Palace Amber with a note. Oberon never officially recognised Gerard, though Gerard’s tremendous physical strength left little doubt of his heritage. Gerard proved it when he came of age and walked the Pattern.

Oberon and Demeter had one more child, a daughter, Candice. While still a young child, Candice disappeared from Demeter’s house. Demeter claimed that hungry Weir had kidnapped and eaten the young girl.

Oberon, dissatisfied with Demeter, divorced her.

On a voyage to a far land, Oberon had a fling with a dark beauty, and Caine was the result.

Returning to Amber, Oberon married Lucinda, a beautiful redhead with blue eyes. She gave him two boys Bleys and Brand, and died giving birth to Fiona.

Random visited Rebma, and dallied with Princess Morganthe, Queen Moiré’s daughter. Random abandoned her when she became pregnant. Morganthe gave birth to Martin, and then committed suicide. When Martin came of age, he walked the Pattern and left Rebma, never to be seen again. Queen Moiré, later captured Random, and to punish him, forced him to marry the Lady Vialle.

Eric reached an agreement with Weirmonken, once Amber’s traditional enemy. While Eric was making arrangements, he slept with a weir woman, Kineta, and made her pregnant. This was kept secret until after Eric’s coronation. Eric’s teenage daughter Miranda, is now a sailor and adventurer, and proves a loyal asset to the kingdom.