The Cursed Darkness - Miranda

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Princess Miranda sits and watches nearby, her arms spread out comfortably along the length of one of the wicker couches. Her figure is lithe and compact. She wears black boots, corduroy brown pants, and a red velvet shirt. Her black belt has a silver buckle, and a black scabbard sports the silver hilt of an ornate dagger. She has a delicate chin, though the rest of her features are sharp and smooth. Her eyes a brilliant deep blue, the same colour as her father’s. Her hair is brown and slightly curly, just past shoulder length. Her pose is confident and relaxed, almost demure, though her fingers tap the wicker couch idly, revealing a hint of her usual restlessness.

Common Knowledge:

Eric reached an agreement with Weirmonken, once Amber’s traditional enemy. While Eric was making arrangements, he slept with a weir woman, Kineta, and she fell pregnant. This was kept secret until after Eric's coronation. Eric's teenage daughter Miranda, is now a sailor and adventurer, and proves a loyal asset to the kingdom.