The Cursed Darkness - Differences in Canon

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The following is list of the most significant differences from the Canon used for this game. Note that the game is based only on the first book in the Corwin Chronicles entitled '[[Amber Diceless RPG - Nine Princes in Amber|Nine Princes in Amber]' by Roger Zelazny.


Artefacts are sought after items of power.


The various characters of note.

  • Benedict is wise. He has studied the martial arts and magic. He is highly spiritual and enlightened. His warrior side complements a peaceful, kind and understanding demeanour.
  • Brand is an explorer, a seeker of truth, understanding and communication.
  • Fiona does not understand the mystical arts. Some claim she is a master spy.
  • Vialle is a crazed religious fanatic that Eric allowed to stay with Random in prison, to make Random even more miserable.


The various location of interest that may possibly be visited.

  • Avalon - There is no Avalon in this game.
  • The Courts of Chaos are an uninhabited city, composed of tiered walls that constantly move, a repository of all the subconscious fears and desires of the Amber royal family.
  • Shadow Earth time is concurrent with time on the real Earth. Corwin's journey started in 1973, and the year is now 1977. Star Wars is about to come be released.
  • Tir-na Nog’th is an elven city that exists within Forest Arden. It materialises there every spring and summer, but disappears back into the faerie world every autumn and winter.


The various powers and abilities that a character may have access to.

  • Trumps are always cool to the touch, whether or not the subject is dead.