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Writing Style

Please write your posts in a word processor, and run grammar and spelling checks before posting them!

I reserve the right to correct any spelling mistakes I see in your post.

The aim is to make each PCs story sound similar to the Corwin’s Chronicles.

For the most part we will be talking in the present tense. For actions, we will be using third person. Personal thoughts and reflections by the player character, and remembrances of things past should be written using the the first person ‘I’ and placed in italics. Recollection by a PC of things that have already happened should mostly be in the past tense: I remember when I first met my father. He was impossibly smug.

There will always be room in each post to your character’s reflections, opinions and musings about what is happening to him or her. One of the advantages of the written word is that readers have the opportunity of hearing what is happening inside the character’s head. Make use of it.

If you are planning to initiate combat or use a power, then please PM me privately and I will determine the results.

= Narrative Contributions

I am flexible as a GM, and this is a cooperative effort. I’m quite happy for players to create large sections of the world around them. Feel free to create any minor locations and characters. Remember that you cannot use any ideas from books past Nine Princes in Amber. If you do create something new, write a short entry for your character’s encyclopedia, and then PM it to me for approval. Sometimes, I will ask you to write up a place or person from some aspect of your character’s background.

When to Control NPCs

It is fine to use NPCs you have created yourself, either as part of the character sheet background, or as a way to move the story forwards. It is also fine to call into a scene minor characters already in existence. However, if at any time in a scene, I take control of that NPC’s actions or words, then full control of that NPC shifts to me.

If I introduce an NPC into a scene, I wish to maintain control of that NPC. I will always want sole control of Amber royal family members.


As mentioned in the Forum article, we will be playing on Invision Message Boards. This means that the threads will be rated PG. There will be no explicit sex scenes, and no conventional swearing. (Feel free to make up new swear words, however.)

Present Tense

Posts should be written in the present tense. Memories should be italicised.