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Proposed short-block games

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This page is for games that are on offer for the next short block. The Proposed Long Block games are on a separate page. If ideas in here sound interesting to you, please contact the GM in question.

These are the proposed short block games for Block 1: 9 April 2024 – 23 April 2024. Because many short-block games are organised ad hoc on the night, this is necessarily incomplete.

Week 1

(Including pitches for the next long block.)

The Dragon of Icespire Peak

You are a company of heroes who are carrying out quests from the townmaster of Phandelin to warn the surrounding settlers of a young dragon named Cryovain and assist them with any troubles they are currently facing. Your goal: become mighty enough to venture into the dragon's territory and slay it!

The hooks for this short block... A rumour of treasure waiting to be found at the Shrine of Savras; Butterskull Ranch has been attacked by orcs and requires aid; A logging camp in Neverwinter Wood needs a delivery of provisions; A new overseer for the local gold mine requires an escort.

Note: If you are interested in playing please bring a level 3 character ready to play, though due to the nature of the first-come-first-served short blocks, I cannot guarantee your place at the table. As this is continued from the previous short block, I would like to give priority to returning players.

  • Proposed by: Nikki A
  • System: Dungeons & Dragons — 5th Edition
  • Players: 3-6
  • Location: Club Venue
  • Duration: Short Block Weeks 1-3 (April 9th to April 23rd)
  • Potential to continue in future short blocks

Week 2

The Dragon of Icespire Peak

Continuing from Week 1.

Week 3

The Dragon of Icespire Peak

Continuing from Week 2.