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This page is for games that are on offer for the next short block. The Proposed Long Block games are on a separate page. Upcoming long games and Upcoming short games are more speculative game proposals. If ideas in here sound interesting to you, please leave a comment, or contact the GM in question.

These are the proposed short block games for Block 4: 17 December 2019 – 14 January 2020. Because many short-block games are organised ad hoc on the night, this is necessarily incomplete.

Week 1

(Including "try before you buy" sessions for the next long block.)

Scum & Villainy: Firefly

Continuing from previous Short Block

Find a crew, find a job, keep flying. You've got the first part sorted, but the rest is proving troublesome due to not having a ship. But that could be about to change.

A Scarab class transport has been spotted on the drift in the skies above Dyton. Word is it's in pretty good shape. At worst, it's worth a pile of credits in salvage, and at best it could still be spaceworthy. This could be your ticket to independence. You just have to get there first.

Scum and Villainy is based on Blades In The Dark, but In Space. The game will be set in the universe of the Firefly TV show.

  • GM: Sue Savage
  • System: Scum and Villainy (Forged in the Dark)
  • Players: 2-5 [Priority to Returning Players]
  • Duration: 2 weeks

Week 2

(Including votes for the next long block.)

For the Queen

The land you live in has been at war for as long as any of you have been alive.

The Queen has decided to undertake a long and perilous journey to broker an alliance with a distant power.

The Queen has chosen you, and only you, to be her retinue, and accompany her on this journey.

She chose you because she knows that you love her.

A tale of love.

A land in peril.

For the Queen is a card-based story-building game that you and up to five other players can begin playing in minutes. Choose your queen from among fourteen gorgeously varied illustrations—or start from scratch—and use the prompt cards to collaboratively tell a story of love, betrayal, doubt, and devotion.

Scum & Villainy: Firefly

Continues from week 1

Week 3

Scum & Villainy: Firefly

Continues from week 2


Humanity spreads to the stars and forges a galactic civilization…

Fledgling nations arise from the ruins of the empire…

An ancient line of dragon-kings dies out as magic fades from the realm…

A collaborative game of history-making. Together, we will create and develop the story of some period of history (real, fantastic, futuristic, or something else). We won't do that in chronological order; instead, we'll dive into the details of different parts of the story as the fancy takes us.