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This page is for info on the long block games we're currently playing/are about to play. You can also see the proposed games for the next long block, and the games we have played recently. The block calendar has the timing of what happens when.

These are games for Block 5: 07 November – 02 January 2018. The vote to select these games was held on 24 October 2017.

We currently have spaces in Burnt Offerings, Utter East, Heaven & Earth: Ye cannot serve God and Mammon, In Hunting a Monster, Justice Avengers and Kat's Smorgasbord

Room allocations by week

Week Beechey 2.1 Small front Snooker 1st floor foyer 2nd floor
7 November Heaven and Earth / Avengers Utter East Elite Dangerous Kat's Smorgasbord Burnt Offerings Exalted
14 November <Vacant> Heaven and Earth Kat's Smorgasbord Utter East / Elite Dangerous Avengers Burnt Offerings / Exalted
21 November Heaven and Earth / Avengers Utter East Elite Dangerous Kat's Smorgasbord / Exalted Burnt Offerings <Vacant>
28 November Heaven and Earth / Utter East Elite Dangerous Kat's Smorgasbord Burnt Offerings / Exalted Avengers <Vacant>
5 December Heaven and Earth / Elite Dangerous Utter East Avengers Kat's Smorgasbord Burnt Offerings Exalted
12 December <Vacant> Heaven and Earth Elite Dangerous Utter East / Kat's Smorgasbord Avengers Burnt Offerings / Exalted
19 December Heaven and Earth Utter East Kat's Smorgasbord Avengers / Elite Dangerous Burnt Offerings Exalted
2 January Heaven and Earth Burnt Offerings Elite Dangerous Utter East / Kat's Smorgasbord Avengers Exalted

Burnt Offerings

Goblins chew and goblins bite,

Goblins cut and goblins fight,

Bones be cracked, flesh be stewed,

We be goblins—you be food!

Its not easy to be a young orphan, even more so when one of your friends is the target of an evil hunt.

Its not easy to be a teenager, even more so when even more so when there's a serial killer about.

Its not easy to be an adult returning to their home to find it is once more in danger - a disaster only you can prevent ;

  • Why have you been targeted all these years ?
  • Who is behind it all ?
  • What is the secret of the Seven-Pointed star ?

and above all, can you save Sandpoint - or will evil have its.... Burnt Offerings ?

Solve the mysteries, uncover the conspiracy, save the town, and learn lots of Goblin rhymes ! .

This game will be very suitable for both people new to RPGs and to more experienced players.

Further Info As I'm likely to miss the pitch evening......

The story is split into three sections : 1) where the PCs are young children, setting up the situation and allowing people to learn the core game rules. 2) where the PC are teenagers , choosing their apprenticeships and life paths, 3) The main adventure.

Previous experience is that this is a game where the PC's become quite attached to the NPCs they meet - so while there is some traditional dungeon delving, there is also plenty of mystery solving, npc interaction and world building.

Expected to last 1 to 2 blocks -no longer!. (Previous runs have been just under 2 blocks)

As I am likely to have to miss the pitch evening due to illness, perhaps some of the players of the previous runs of this would be kind enough to answer questions - but please dont give away spoilers !

For a more info, go to Burnt Offerings

As a final note : this builds week upon week, so while missing the odd session is ok, if you know you may have difficulty attending regularly due to work shifts, childcare (etc), other games being offered this block would probably suit you better.

Game details

  • Rules System: D&D (OSR 1st Edition clone - while it is not 'lamentations' it will be familiar to those that have played that)
  • Players: 3–6
  • Proposed by: Andy Nicholson

Utter East Season Two: Fire on the Water

Elevator Pitch: Political Thriller meets Martial Arts epic in a Himalayan Fantasy setting. It’s like Game of Thrones in ancient India. D&D 3.5 with Pathfinder (Level 6).

This game will pick up where the current long block finishes. You are agents of a great house, trying to rule your kingdom, and counter the machinations of your rivals. So far in season one said machinations have included: trickery, murder, Impersonating house soldiers, attempted assassination (in the bath), arson (and resulting property damage), grand theft silkworms, potentially petty theft of other stuff (its hard to tell with all the property damage), poisoning, extortion and gloating smugly. You are about to have to contend with arranged marriages and worse...

Game details

This is a continuing game, so returnees will naturally have priority. That said we can easily fit a couple more people in. Our group could certainly use a dedicated arcane spellcaster.

  • Rules System: D&D 3.5/pathfinder
  • Players: 2–7
  • GM: Alex Barrett

Heaven & Earth: Ye cannot serve God and Mammon - Part Two

Potter's Lake, Kansas - a little slice of paradise in the middle of rural America. After the recent development of the Lakeside Housing Estate, investors in Kansas City have turned their eyes on the town. Plans are underway to build a large number of large, fashionable timber lodges. It will bring more people to the town, boost the local economy, and really put the small town on the map. The local lumber mill is getting ready to cut down a large area of the woods to the west of the town. The woods have long been a place the locals have shunned, despite its beauty. Maybe its time to put the superstitions of the past to rest in the name of progress and the economy...

This is a continuation of the "Welcome to Potter's Lake" campaign that I ran several long-blocks ago as well as the most recent long-block. New players and returning players are both welcome.

Game details

In Hunting a Monster

'So you have survived Rathess eh? Good good..... I would have been disappointed if godly beings could so easily be destroyed. Rather than return to a country that hates you, come south to me and I will share with you a prophecy of great horror!'

Set in a world of combined mythology you take on the mantles of great heroes, wise scholars and noble adventurers. Fight creatures of darkness, demons and a totalitarian regime who think you are the devil. Play king Solomon the wise, robin hood, Achilles or medieval batman.

Anyone who knows vampire knows how to play, returning players welcome.

Game details

  • System: Exalted
  • Players: 3-5
  • Proposed by: William Morris

Elite Dangerous

A universe transformed by cheap faster than light travel has far from brought everyone together. Every Tom, Daschiel and Hsien-Feng fancies himself a Pirate Lord or Ruthless space trader. Its a dog eat you world filled with heartless corporations, space mad truckers, fantatical colonist cults and merciless independent militias.

Whether you are buried deep into Sol bubble, out near the anarchic Sirius cluster, looking for little green men in the Pleiades or way way out there eating fruit loops with Jeffery Dahmer while staring into Sagittarius A* - you gotta make a buck somehow.

You will be a small group of determined space rats aboard a medium sized vessel, a cyber-punk styled group of traders, pirates, explorers or bounty hunters. We will define the major factions based on ones within the existing elite universe and a few of our own to spice things up and set the dial to Space Opera.

Same page description

  • Do you play to win? Good play isn’t a win/lose kind of thing
  • Player characters are: expected to work together; major conflicts might erupt and never see reconciliation
  • The GM’s role is: The GM has no plan—the GM simply plays the NPCs and has them act or react based on their motivations. The GM asks questions about the setting to help flesh out the plot.
  • The players’ roles are… to fling their characters into tough situations and make hard, sometimes, unwise choices
  • A fistfight breaks out in a bar! The details of where everything is—tables, chairs, where everyone is standing—is something that… isn’t really that important other than it makes for an interesting scene; pretty much anyone can come up with details.
  • This game runs best when the players take time to create characters that are… given strong motivations and an immediate problem or crisis, tied into the other characters as (allies) (enemies) (as either)

Game details

Justice Avengers : Invasion!

It has been three months since the infamous Night of Darkness, when the world watched on helplessly as The Justice Avengers heroically sacrificed their lives to prevent the detonation of Professor Malice's Antimatter Doomsday Bomb. The world has tried to struggle on without the legendary Supersoldier, Darkclaw, Speed Demon, Amazon, Iron Lantern, Jupiter and The Ancient Mariner*, but as global security agencies find themselves outmatched by the most ruthless and nefarious supervillains it is becoming increasingly obvious that the world needs superheroic defenders.

Now an unlikely group of heroes find themselves being visited by Director Justin Storm of the Superhuman Threat Analysis and Response Taskforce with an incredible offer ...

This is an eight-part weekly mini-series in which a small group of neophyte superheroes are invited to step up and take on the mantle of the World's Greatest Heroes™. But is all what it seems? Can S.T.A.R.T be trusted? Are the Justice Avengers gone for good? Are these inexperienced heroes truly up to the task of defending mankind from the threat of the most villainous beings on Earth? Can they face the challenge of an alien invasion from the most unlikely of sources? Sign up to issue #1 and see!

Excelsior, True Believers!

* Comic book fans may recognise most of those names. Is that a clue? Maybe ...

Game details

  • System: Marvel Heroic Roleplaying/Cortex+
  • Number of Players: 4+
  • Proposed by: Martin Goodson

Kat's Smorgasbord

4-5 players. A selection of one-shot games who want to try new things. Mostly horror or weird tale based, Cthulhu Dark, Black Hack, Lamentations of the Flame Princess. All very rules light and more focused on roleplaying.

  • Rules System: Varies
  • Players: 3–6
  • Proposed by: Kat Jenkyns