The Cursed Darkness - Breddamon

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The first thing you notice about Breddamon is his size. He's an unusually big man, 6'6 and not lightly built. As he approaches other things come into focus. He is very dark skinned and his skin has worn to the consistency of cracked black leather. His hair is thick, piled high, greying and unkempt and his clothes rarely fit well. His features are sunk deep into the cratered landscape of his face with dark, sunken eyes and a flat, heavy nose and mouth.

Time spent in his company starts to be a bit unsettling. Little things just add up a bit wrong. He moves in a flat, steady way making almost no noise. You can't see him in violent action but you can't see him tiring either. When not moving, his body and features are curiously immobile; not just resting or stillness but without the potential of movement like a wax figure. His face never moves much, even when he speaks like the words were coming from a well made mask. His voice is low and throbbing, like a bass drum but with the rasp of a snare underlying. Even to a were, he presents almost no scent and his skin is very dry and a bit cold to the touch.