The Cursed Darkness - Character Creation

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The following are the guidelines for character creation.



My expectation for a final player character sheet is exacting. On average, you can expect to complete half a dozen drafts before I will be satisfied. If you like, consider this as a test and a rite of initiation to enter the game. This is a good way to weed out those who won’t really be committed to the game. If you are a genius, and entirely understand what I am asking for in a character, you may only need to do two drafts.

On the plus side, the majority of the information you offer, and all the information I ask for, will definitely be used in your storyline. Each PC will be operating alone most of the time, giving us plenty of freedom to explore each idea or hook within your own character’s background. There will be GM plot thrown in too, tailored towards your character.


First Drafts and onwards

It's a good idea to start off with giving me a basic concept, so I can make suggestions, and we can elaborate on the background and personality as we go.

Final Draft

This will be a fully completed and detailed Word document, with as much of it as possible written in the first person.

Reusing a Character

If you’ve put work into a character for another game that soon folded, you may submit it here. However, I will ask you to take out or change any concepts that show up in any of the books that come after Nine Princes in Amber.

Submitting your Character

Please send your concept to me, preferably in .doc format.



To have an Amberite parent you need to take either Pattern or Amber Devotee.

It’s fine to suggest the parent you want to have, but I may suggest an alternative as a better fit with your character concept. Note in particular, that Benedict, Brand, Fiona and Llewella all have very different personalities in this campaign. There is also no such thing as Chaos Lords.


I want to know what makes your character tick. Possible information to include here might be morals, goals, likes and dislikes, and how he or she gets along with other people.


Include such things as where your character grew up, if he or she has spent any time in Amber, Rebma or out in shadow. Also good to include would be where and how you picked up your powers, artefacts, and allies.

If you contradict anything in Nine Princes in Amber, or make assumptions based on later books, I will offer you suggestions on how to change the character.

Please see the ‘Differences in Canon’ to help avoid the more obvious pitfalls of this process.

Note: There needs to be some reason in your history as to why your character wasn't known about by the majority of the family when Corwin started his adventures. Four years have passed since then, enabling your PC to have become known since that time.


Starting Points

Your character starts on 120 points, plus possible points for extra character contributions. The breakup is as follows:

Starting Points: 100
PC Contribution - Thread Diary: 10
PC Contribution - Encyclopaedia: 10
Total: 120

Starting characters can have up to 140 starting points given the additional points from Contributions.


There will be no Attribute auction. Instead, spend any points you wish in each Attribute. Other players may spend more points than you expect them to. If you need to spend more to increase your ranking to make your player concept work in the campaign world, I will let you know.

Trump Decks

The only ways to have a standard Trump Deck of your own is to be a Pattern Initiate or have an Amber Devotee. Trump Artists may have created their own special sets. A standard Trump deck includes all of the current, all the dead or missing Elders, Oberon, and a Trump of a courtyard just outside Palace Amber.

Powers and Other Purchases

Information about the various Purchases available, can be found here.


Information about the various Contributions and what they entail, can be found here.