The Cursed Darkness - Tabitha

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Tabitha (as played by Leelee Sobieski)
Benedict (as played by Liam Neeson)
Shaheen (as played by Lena Headey)

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  • ...They called me Tabitha – the gazelle – for my long thin limbs, like my father’s, my swiftness, and my…. Well, I did eventually grow into myself enough to achieve some measure of grace...

  • ...Father would sit with me, at the low table by the fire – or on pleasant days, outside under a tree – and teach me games. There was one he called Goh, played with smooth stones laid out on a tree stump. I loved the cool touch of the stones against my fingers, loved watching the strategies unfold; in my mind I could see within each game the advancing and retreating of armies, the slow seductive dance of a courtship, countries rising up and falling apart. Sometimes when we ended I would tell my father the story I had seen in the game we had just played; and his eyes would smile. Then he would re-set the board to some crucial moment in the story – he always carried every move perfectly in his mind – but change the placement of a single stone, then watch as the ripples changed the course of the rest of the story. “Remember, gazelle,” he would say, “the slip of a single pebble can bring an avalanche...”

  • My mother was called Shaheen – the falcon. I remember the early days, the smell of the hut, the smoke of cooking-fires and the wet fat stink of entrails. Our hut sat at the edge of the village – a little apart, just as we were – and every few days some poor brave soul would venture in with an offering – a rabbit, or a chicken, or on very good days a young goat – from whose insides my mother would read the future of the supplicant.

She could have read just as well from the tattered cards she always kept in the pouch at her hip – but as she was fond of telling me when no one else was listening, cut cards don’t still the rumblings of a hungry belly...