The Cursed Darkness - Jack

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Trump Description:

A young, vibrant figure stares out from a cluttered artist’s studio. His hazel eyes boring into the viewer, not uncomfortably, but intense. He’s dressed in red and black court clothes of the latest fashion, but has covered them with a paint coated smock. Fancy shoes strewn behind him in the general clutter. He’s looking out from behind a canvas, the back of which is turned to the viewer. A window frames him, giving him light to work by, but giving him an unintentional halo.

Common Knowledge:

This is Jack, beyond knowing him as an artist; the family knows little about him other than the King greeted him upon his arrival and shortly dismissed him to rooms, calling him “A wastrel, but family.”

Jack is a handsome rogue of the classical model. While he’s a talented artist, it seems he uses his art more to meet women than to enlighten anyone. His sudden appearance several months ago was unenthusiastically greeted by King Eric with the immortal words: “He’s a wastrel, but he’s family. Find him rooms and keep him out of my way.” Not an auspicious start to his career in Amber.

He drinks and carouses through all of his allowance that isn’t spent on painting supplies. He owes money to many people, the list growing almost daily, but he’s almost preternaturally lucky. He could easily support himself as a gambler, but seems disinclined to spend time at tables not slick with beer or surrounded by beautiful ladies. Better yet, both!

Don’t lend him any money you want back, but inspire his art and you could get a work of art worthy of royalty.