The Cursed Darkness - Conrad

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Conrad's Trump


I was born in Amber's lower city.

As I grew older I looked to join the ranks of Ambers military. Already a skilled fighter and with a sharp mind for trouble I entered the City Guard.

I sailed through the training and quickly found myself in uniform and on the streets. Instead of carousing and womanising like the other recruits I devoted myself to study and training. I quickly rose through the ranks through corporal and then a sergeant. It was at this point that my career first ran into trouble as I became embroiled in an argument with a junior officer, Lieutenant Carsk, who was a complete arse and, I felt, treated his men abominably. I was busted back down to private and found myself on the night watch here I remained for years slowly rising to the position of sergeant again. It was in at this time that I first came to the attention of the then Captain Bartok.

Bartok told me he admired my honesty and leadership qualities and would have looked to give me a commission but this was constantly blocked by Carsk, who was by then a staff officer.

When Prince Eric came to power and started massing more and more troops to defend Amber from external threats Bartok was moved to the Palace guard and took me as one of his NCOs. When the renegade Princes Corwin and Bleys assaulted the castle from the narrow stairs of Kolvir Eric assigned troops from Shadow to defend the stairs. These auxiliaries did an excellent job of whittling down the invaders and in eliminating Prince Bleys (the tales of his prowess are now a thing of legend) but a number of troops, led by Corwin, managed to force their way into the castle. It was Bartok's unit that finally took Corwin down and I am proud to say I was one of the men involved in that final battle. I still remember the heroism and determination of will, not to mention the shear skill and mastery of the blade that Corwin showed that day. It was at this point I was noticed by Eric and Caine.

They gave me the change to assay the Pattern. It was a struggle the hardest thing I have ever had to do but somehow I made it. A voice in my head, the Pattern itself I guess, offered to take me anywhere?

I returned to the army and a commission. I took a short period of leave when I tried to master my new abilities. I rode off through Arden further than I have travelled before and I tried to use my mind to change the world around me. It took time but I think I have the basics down now. I also saw how you can change these shadow worlds slightly without shifting between them. To find a full water skin or select the roll of dice.