The Cursed Darkness - Agony

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Agony (as played by Priyanka Chopra)

Born of unknown parents, Cordelia Meriwether Bronwyn Rees was raised by the owners of the Shelby Spaceport Repair Shop and Captain’s Lounge. When she showed an aptitude for mechanics and flying at an early age, Jaren, one of the port’s mechanics, taught her everything she’d need to know about piloting. When she was eighteen she left her old life behind, renamed herself “Agony” and created a new life as a pilot-for-hire.

Agony is most often found either on a spaceship or around one. She has dark eyes, and keeps her long black hair tied back. She typically wears cargo pants and a dark shirt, with black leather boots and a jacket. She likes to have a pistol on hand, but a rifle will do in a pinch. The only jewellery she wears is a medallion in the form of a necklace given to her by her good friend Caine.