Amber Diceless RPG - Chronicles of Amber

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Cover Image from the Chronicles of Amber - The Corwin Sage
Cover Image from the Great Book of Amber - Both the Corwin and Merlin Sagas

The Amber Diceless RPG is based on the Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny. The Chronicles consists of two 5 book Sagas and 6 Short Stories listed here. There are other texts which can also be used as reference and these may be added here at a later point.

The first is the Corwin Saga consisting of:

The second is the Merlin Saga consisting of:

  • Blood of Amber
  • Trumps of Doom
  • Sign of Chaos
  • Knight of Shadows
  • Prince of Chaos

The short stories are:

  • Prolog to Trumps of Doom
  • The Salesman's Tale
  • Blue Horse, Dancing Mountains
  • The Shroudling and the Guisel
  • Coming to a Cord
  • Hall of Mirrors

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