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2019 Block 4: 22 October – 10 December, vote on 8 October.

This page is for games that are on offer for the long block.

Please include a same page description of your game, to help people understand the play style.

Proposed short-block games are on a separate page. Upcoming long games and Upcoming short games are more speculative game proposals. The Wish list is for games you'd like to see on offer.

Horror on the Orient Express

Continued from the previous block.


A puzzling headline begins a front-page article found in the Times of London. Three men, all identical in identification, were found dead in the same room of the Chelsea Arms Hotel. All were dispatched in a similar manner stabbed through the heart.

Then the home of a valued friend burns to the ground, severely injuring him in the process. An odd summons, a surreptitious meeting, and a thousand-mile journey begins on the legendary rail service carrying the investigators to Constantinople, the Gateway of the Orient.

Horror on the Orient Express is one of the legendary Call of Cthulhu campaigns. It contains up to nineteen adventures spanning several eras. The majority of the story takes place in the 1920s, with a number of optional scenarios occurring in different eras. The main campaign sees the investigators journey to Paris and thence to the ancient city of Constantinople. With luck, they also return home.

This adventure ran at the club some years ago, and took around 18 months to complete (without many of the optional modules). I don't expect players to have to commit to the whole campaign - as the story follows the rail route across Europe a player who misses part of the story can easily rejoin - if they don't mind missing out on the plot, of course!

Game details

  • Rules System: Call of Cthulhu 7th
  • Players: 4–6
  • GM: Amy Hewitt

Scum and Villainy: Consequences of War

You’re scoundrels. You’re not ashamed of it ; the universe is full of them, and compared to the ones running the Interplanetary Hegemony, you’re actually ok people.

After all, you look after your own, don't take advantage of the poor, and if you have to rob someone once in a while, you don't steal anything the rich bastard cant afford to lose. Hey, occasionally you might even help out some folks down on their luck for free, or even (eww...) do an honest days work.

Your ship may be beat up, but its kept you working & out of jail far.

Of course, grifters like you don’t stumble across secret conspiracies which will determine the fate of mankind.

Like superheros or aliens (mankind never did encounter those), thats pure fiction straight from the tridee movies, right?


Game details

  • Proposed by: Andrew Nicholson
  • system: Scum and Villainy (forged in the dark)
  • Players: 3-5

The Darkening of Mirkwood

Continued from the previous block.

The Necromancer may have been cast out of Dol Guldur, but a lingering darkness remains over Mirkwood, a shadow that will grow ever longer as the years draw on – unless a fellowship of heroes step forward and hold back the gloom.

This is a Middle Earth / Lord of the Rings campaign that tells the story of the growing power of the Necromancer (Sauron) in the years between the events in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The PCs will be people with a stake in Mirkwood, perhaps Free Folk in and around the forest. They will have homes and families to defend and draw strength from. They will be heroes, struggling against the forces of Darkness as they grow and strengthen.

The One Ring is a system designed to emulate the feel of the Lord of the Rings books, with heroes performing great deeds despite the corrupting influence of the Shadow. As with Lord of the Rings, the landscape is a key part and journeys through the wilderness are a big part of play.

Note that I'm not a Middle Earth expert, so there will be plenty of scope for this game to diverge from "canon".

Same page description

  • Who prepares the story? The GM prepares the overall shape of the story, linear or branching. Players run their characters through these events.
  • What can players contribute to the story/setting? Their character's thoughts, actions, and backstory, plus occasional story bits when they make certain kinds of rolls, subject to GM's approval.
  • The rules will be: followed, come what may.
  • Player characters are: expected to work together. Major conflicts might erupt but you'll patch them up given some time.
  • How brutal is the game? Tell me what the consequences of failure could be before I do something. But sometimes, there are no good choices.
  • Doing the smartest thing for your character's survival: sometimes isn't as important as other choices.
  • After many sessions of play, during one session, a player decides to have her character side with an enemy. This is: where the character becomes an NPC, right away or fairly soon.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Neil Smith
  • System: The One Ring
  • Players: 4–6

Princes of the Apocalypse

Continued from the previous block.

Details to follow.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Kieran Magill
  • System: D&D 5ed
  • Players: 4–6

The Fall of Plaguestone

A group of strangers, travelling by caravan to the Andoran capital of Almas, stop off at the village of Etran's Folly for the night. They must band together to investigate when a friend is cruelly murdered, but what starts off as a simple investigation becomes something altogether more sinister with the discovery of forbidden alchemical practices, mutated animals, and a nearby forest that hides a dark secret even as it decays away due to a mysterious blight. It soon becomes clear that a nefarious plot to destroy the village has been in play for quite some time. Can Etran's Folly be saved from a terrifying fate or is it already too late? Can the prompt action of a new band of heroes yet save the day?

This is the first standalone Pathfinder Second Edition module, an introductory scenario designed to take a small group of 1st-level adventurers up to around 3-4th level.

Game details

  • Proposed by: Martin Goodson
  • System: Pathfinder Second Edition
  • Players: 4-6

The New World

You are convicts, found guilty of some slight or another against the Empire of Valasta. Fortunately for you your crimes were too petty to earn you a trip to the gallows. The authorities feel that you can still contribute to society, albeit from a great distance. You are sentenced to transportation to the New World, and will be conveyed from this place to the plaza of the Star Gate, and thence to the penal colony of Fort Forell. There you shall be assigned such tasks as best suit your skills, and make new lives for yourselves as pioneers upon that mysterious Other Sphere. This will be a kind of pulpy, steampunk D&D game, where the players are prisoners, on their way to a new life in a new world.

Game Details

  • GM: Alex Barrett
  • System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e (level 6)
  • Players: 3-6