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Welcome to the Milton Keynes Role-Playing Games Club

We're currently playing
Long block games Short block games
Block 3: 23 June – 11 August
  • Walnutpeck Rises (Mouse Guard)
  • Haunts and Shadows (Limnal)
  • The Great Mist (D&D 5e)
  • Glittering Dark (Exalted 2e)
  • Keep on the Shadowfell (D&D 4e)
  • Prisoners of the Wardrobe (Dr Who)
Block 3: 18 August – 1 September
  • Week 1
    • The Mandate of Heaven
    • Gothic World
  • Week 2
    • The Mandate of Heaven
    • Gothic World
  • Week 3
    • The Mandate of Heaven
    • Gothic World



  • Gaming Systems - Short Descriptions about various gaming systems.
  • Crib Sheets - Crib Sheets aimed at helping players get to grips with the mechanics of new gaming systems.
  • Gaming Resources - Resources, links, scenarios, etc.
  • Outside the club - Things going on outside the group meetings.
  • Publications - Things published, produced, or written by club members.

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