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Star Wars: Legacy

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Star Wars: Legacy

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

What has gone before: 25 years after Luke Skywalker and the Rebel Alliance freed the galaxy from the tyranny of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader and New threat emerged. The Yuuzhan Vong conquered many worlds, including Coruscant and terraformed these planets to accommodate their own native flora. They were finally defeated by the combined forces of the New Republic and the remnants of Palpatine’s Empire. The Imperial remnant grew into a larger, more benevolent Empire and merged with the New Republic to form the Galactic Alliance, still allied with the resurgent Jedi Order. However a new Sith order was also rising on the planet Korriban. When the Jedi proposed using the now Friendly Yuuzhan Vong technology the Sith saw their opportunity. Sabataging the Vong’s processes the Sith incited war between the Empire and the Galactic Alliance. Emperor Roan Fel tried to peacefully end the war but his own Moffs were allied to the Sith and thwarted his efforts. Following the disastrous Battle of Caamas the Galactic Alliance was defeated. Many Jedi were killed in the Massacre of Ossus and the rest scattered throughout the galaxy with a bounty on their heads. Within days of the defeat the Sith moved against Emperor Fel, who barely escaped. The Moff council, triumphant in their defeat of the Emperor, were brought low when Darth Krayt declared himself the New Emperor.

Episode I: The Quest for Hope The search is on for the Kaiburr Crystal, a great Force relic who shards had been lost long ago. Now visions and stories on both sides of the Force make the shards the object of unifying hope for both the Galactic Alliance and Imperial Remnant; and the object of coveted power for the Sith Empire. Who will be the first to find the shards and wield their power?!

Episode II: Escape from the Empire

Darth Krayt's plans to wipe out any planet that had previously helped the Galactic Alliance are temporarily on hold after the death of Darth Talon at the hands of two Jedi and one Force Adept. His rage knows no limits and he has raised a list of 100 people that he wants to torture and execute on Coruscant. Unfortunately all of our PC's are on the list.

Episode III: Return of the Princess

In order to secure a union between the Galactic Alliance and the Imperial forces, the team are sent out to track down and bring back Marasiah Fel. Unfortunately a Star Destroyer from the Sith Fleet has found her first and posted a large reward on her head. Can the team reach the Princess before the hordes of bounty hunters that have arrived on Tatooine?

Episode IV: The End of Hope

The death of Vlenn Ba'Hett sends the players to Regina to collect his remains.

Episode V: The Return Trilogy

A new Dark Lord of the Sith is rising and he plans to destroy the new Sith, the Galactic Alliance and potentially, the universe.

Star Wars: Legacy - Origins of the Force

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it

Episode 2.1:

Our heroes failed to stop the Second Sith War from starting and now the whole galaxy is at war. By re-visiting the past can the heroes learn how to stop the future?

Episode One

The eight weeks take us across the known universe, and this section contains the write-ups of game sessions so far, as well as a timeline of significant events.

Episode Two

The eight weeks start in the Outer Rim territories and will end who knows where? This section will contain the write ups of the second episode.

Episode Three

With negotiations between the Galactic Alliance and the Imperials at a crisis point, our team have to rescue Marasiah Fel to prove the GA is capable of handling it's side of the bargain. This section will contain the write ups of the third episode.

Episode Four

While waiting to learn more about his background from Vlenn Ba'Hett, Rajastha Hett learns of his death and takes on the responsibilities that incurs. This section will contain the write ups of the fourth episode.

Episode Five Part One - Return of the Emperor

Everything changes and Jedi Master Draay sends our heroes on a new quest after feeling a grave disturbance in the force. This section will contain the write ups of the fifth episode.

Episode Five Part Two - Return of the Mandalore

Discovering Darth Dukkha's plans cause our heroes to head for the sealed off world of Manda'yaim, home of the Mandalorians, to stop him using genetic weapons.

Episode Five Part Three - Return of the Sith

Dark forces are gathering on Ruusan with the aim of restoring Darth Nihilus and forging a new Sith Triumverate to spread terror throughout the galaxy. But with a galaxy at war thanks to a rejuvenated Darth Krayt, who will stand in the way of the Sith’s grand schemes. Are six people enough to save a galaxy?

Series Two Episode One -

Sith Wars

Sith Wars is a spin- off game of Star Wars: Legacy. The spin-off was originally meant to be played during short blocks to tied over Star Wars Legacy players eager for the next long block of play. Sith Wars will hopefully be expanding to a long block format this year, 2011. It is set around the time of the current timeframe plus or minus a week or two of the Star Wars: Legacy campaign. The series is meant to feature a darker side of the Star Wars: Legacy game, as well as featuring events or characters in the background or somehow connected to the Star Wars Legacy game storyline or the main player characters of the Star Wars: Legacy campaign, similar to the manner of the Clone Wars animated series.

You will notice that the episodes "begin" with Episode IV, as did the original Star Wars movies. This does of course mean there hopefully will be "prequel" games to come during future long or short blocks. Stay tuned! This section contains the write ups for these episodes.

Episode IV: Forgotten Armies

Episode V: A Stirring Menace

Episode VI: A Nearing Phantom Coming soon to the a Long Block starting in 2011!

Episode Four

The mercenary group is hired by the Imperial-Alliance Joint Initiative to investigate the disappearance of one of their scouts ships in a remote sector.

This section contains the write-ups of game sessions for the Legacy spin off game.

Episode Five

The mercenary group received a message from a contact calling himself ‘Myestor Darc’ offering a test job. The Job involved delivering an unknown package to a Science facility on Hoth; Myestor Darc added that he had lost contact with the facility over a month ago, so requires the team to take his DATA slicer with them.

This section contains the write-ups of game sessions for the Legacy spin off game.

Episode Six

After the mysterious Myestor Darc discovered his Hoth Facility had stopped Transmitting, he sent in a team of mercenaries. This inglorious merc team failed to save the base or the planet, including the loss of all experimental data Darc had commissioned them to recover. 3 members of the merc group dissappeared, double crossing Darc and selling his experimental secrets to the Sith. A week later Myestor Darc hires a new set of mercenaries with aspirations to regain some Data from his other Sites that have all ceased Transmitting as Hoth did. This time he has made arrangements to insure that these mercs will not allow the descruction of facilities or planets, nor the data to be "lost" again. While our new mercs are in transit, their ship is boarded and they are all fitted with a device at the top of the spinal cord. This new group of mercenaries will think twice - or might not be able to think - about double crossing Myester Darc.

Coming soon to a Long Block in 2011!

A Long Time Ago

A short version of the Star Wars timeline with interesting events labelled, including those relevant to our heroes.


People and creatures we meet along the way

Characters Archive

People and creatures we met along the way but are no longer part of the story.