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Episode One: The Quest for Hope

Week 1 - Kashyyk in Flames

(based on the scenario by JD Wiker).

Jaina Zahn is told to report to Senator Morne where she is told of a top secret mission he wishes her to go on. Taking with her, her friend Dexter Vashti, they join up with Lara Secura on board Jen-Ghis Trump's ship and head for Kashyyk. Greeted by K-27 our heroes observe a nearby building explode into flames and see several wookies trapped inside. Both using the force Jaina and Dexter, with the help of Lara save four of the wookies between them. Jaina and Dexter investigate with Rruurrfhurra's permission and find that flame beetles were purposely used to cause the fire. Building on the goodwill caused by saving the wookies and helping put out the fire, Lara is granted an audience with the Chief in order to negotiate for the piece of Kaiburr crystal the wookies have. With the meeting set up she re-joins the crew at the ship only to find a group of wookie's threatening our heroes over a box of cargo. The box is opened and Rruurrfhurra's laser blasted body is found inside, clutching the chemical residue analyser the heroes had borrowed.

Week 2 - Kashyyk in Flames

(based on the scenario by JD Wiker).

Detained by the authorities for questioning, our heroes are cleared of having anything to do with Rruurrfhurra’s death. When they return the cleaning droids have caused their ship and the landing pad to be surrounded by Flame Beetles. Dexter Vashti interferes with one of the droids and find out that the head of Temporary Droids, Turren Lonarr ordered them to do so. Investigating Temporary Droids HQ they find it staffed by Transdoshans (enemies of the wookies) a firefight breaks out and they are aided by wookie security forces. Outside Turren Lonarr is holding a nursery tree hostage. While Jaina Zahn negotiates with him, Dexter Vashti climbs up and takes him and the bombs out. Lara Secura rejoins them on the ship carrying the lightsaber of Leia Organa Solo which contains a Kaiburr crystal. Removing it she hands it to Dexter as it’s of no further use to her.

Genocide of Endor

Jaina Zahn discovers the cargo they are shipping to Endor contains Fire Beetles and barrels of the pheromone. This is bound for the Imperials and considering her family ties to the planet, is not happy. When they arrive at the Imperial settlement they are invited to join in the genocide. Darth Krayt has posted a bounty of a 1000 credits per Ewok pelt. The team set off with a squad of Stormtroopers and surprisingly make no kills during the day. As night falls they decide to head deeper into the forest and contact the Ewoks. They need to persuade Chief Warrick to hand over a Kaiburr Crystal necklace given to him by Leia.

Week 3 - Genocide of Endor

Sneaking away from the hunting party Jaina Zahn, Dexter Vashti and Lara Secura dodged stormtrooper patrols, wild creatures and ewok traps before reaching the Dead land. The dead land is so called because of a large piece of wreckage in the centre of the land that seems to have killed off everything in it's immediate region. Initially our heroes thought the environmental damage may be caused by radiation but then a voice summoned them towards the wreckage through the Force. The wreckage was actually a chamber from the Death Star which contained the still malignant spirit of the Emperor. His pull was strongest on Jaina, a child of Vader, and only the need to complete her mission caused her to resist the Dark Side. As they approached the forest they were captured by the ewoks who worshipped Lara as a goddess and took the other two prisoner in order to sacrifice them to her. As they entered the village they found Shraamin Sanyasi already there and after a period of negotiation our heroes secured the necklace and in exchange saved Chief Warwick's entire village.

Week 5 - A Pirate's Life for me

(Week 4 session was missed thru illness) Our heroes wake up in their bunks in their dormitory. They are crew on the Starship Revenge and have been for as long as they remember. Assigned their duties Jaina Zahn discovers a prisoner, Lara Secura who seems to know more about her than she does. Dexter Vashti fixes the hyperdrive that allows the ship to leave the Auril sector and head off to their next destination. The ship is helmed by Commander Dred Roberts, a former member of the Galactic Alliance who now makes his living as a pirate. He owes the Hutt a large amount of credits and can finally pay them off and gain his revenge against the Sith. Throughout the journey our heroes begin to remember more and more of their past and connection to Lara. Together they hatch a plan to escape. Jaina has caught the eye of Roberts and after sleeping with him, discovers he has their lightsabers on display in his room. She also discovers that around their necks is a Slaver. The slaver feeds off the force and creates white noise that disrupts the thinking of a force user. The only thing that can kill them is a lightsaber but Jaina finds they have another weakness, alcohol. The escape plan now has three parts, remove Roberts, remove the slaver and escape. Jaina seduces Roberts into having a shower with her but thanks to Dexter he has no water. Dexter turns up to fix it and as he enters the room the ship loses power. Knocking out Roberts, Jaina retrieves her lightsaber and kills her slaver. Dexter eliminates his and instructs Jaina to free Lara. While she does he sadistically kills Roberts and heads for the treasure room. They free some of their fellow slaves on the way and eventually all escape in a shuttle craft. As they leave the ship they find themselves above Coruscant, as they head for the surface, two Star Destroyers obliterate the Revenge before it can cause any serious damage to Coruscant.

Week 6 - Who Will You Be Tomorrow?

Lara Secura revealed to you that the Dark Lady Lumiya had once been a lover of Luke Skywalker and during that period had taken a box of Kaiburr Crystals from him. Eventually she was killed at Luke’s hands and her house was scheduled for demolition to remove the Dark Side taint from Coruscant. However due to invasions, wars and the Sith this never happened. Now the apartment building is in the middle of a barren area with Sith training droids stopping the curious from entering. Dexter Vashti went in first to scope out the area but never returned. After an hour Jaina Zahn used her force abilities to locate Dexter but was intercepted by a Dark Side adept. Panicking that they had been discovered it was decided that Jaina and Shraamin Sanyasi would enter the building, grab the crystals if possible and get Dexter out of there. Lara would standby with the shuttle craft running in case they needed an emergency evac. Disposing of the guards the two entered the building. While Shraamin briefly paused to build his Wan-Shen, Jaina went ahead and found herself in the Imperial throne room. Everyone in the room bowed to her and acknowledged her as The Empress, Lady Vader. Shraamin followed her soon after but found himself on the Matukai homeworld. His vision seemed to flicker depending on what he said. In one vision the monks were Jedi Knights awaiting his instructions, in another they were Imperial Knights and he was the Empress’s Hand. When it was revealed they were heading out to capture the Sith that had killed his father, Shraamin thoughts turned to the Dark Side and the vision became the Imperial Knights. Empress Jaina was presented with the heads of her enemies and knew that finally the whole galaxy was under her rule. She demanded the Kaiburr Crystal shards and someone was sent to fetch them. While she waited one of her advisors tempted her with a Sith artefact that would reveal the killer of her mother. Jaina gave into temptation and saw that Darth Krayt had ordered her mother’s death and Darth Talon had completed the mission by poisoning the senator’s dinner. Shraamin and his troops surrounded a cantina on Tattooine where Darth Nihl, the last of the “false Sith” had holed up. Shraamin entered the cantina alone and faced his nemesis. He attacked Nihl with all he had but it was no use against the Dark Jedi. He was offered the full abilities he would have as the Emperess’s Hand in exchange for him turning to the Dark Side. Accepting the offering he brutally slew the creature that had killed his father. Jaina’s meditation in the Throneroom was interrupted when Darth Talon entered. The Empress had slayed her master and she was here for revenge. Jaina could barely hold her back with her powers but as Talon drew closer she was offered the full abilities she would have as the Empress. Her heart felt heavy as she saw the Kaiburr Crystal had bonded with her chest. Jaina felt the power build in her body as Force Lightning flowed from her hands and into Talon. But Jaina refused to join the Dark Side. As punishment she was whipped by the ghost of Lumiya. Leaving their visions Shaalmin and Jaina were standing in the same room. In the far corner and weak, homeless man’s body held the Kaiburr shards while in another sat a battered Dexter. Taking both they left and returned to Lara. No-one knows what Dexter went through or which path he chose to take.

Week 7 – To live and die on Circarpous V

Dexter Vashti has to be left behind on Coruscant, he has been poisoned by the Sith and is in a coma. Lara Secura pilots the ship to Circarpous V, flying into a fog bank the ship is struck by multi-coloured lightning and a burst of energy. Shraamin Sanyasi and Jaina Zahn leave the ship via escape pods. Separately they head for the ship’s wreckage. Shraamin dodges an Imperial Speeder Bike patrol, while Jaina mugged one of the Stormtroopers and took their place. Finding Lara they find a secret Imperial Mining Colony still active on the planet. Stealing some mining clothes they head for the bar for information. After a few drinks, a fight and a run-in with the law, our heroes head for the Temple of Pomojema to re-unite the Kaiburr Crystal. Dodging a large swamp worm they find a side entrance into the temple. Jaina gets a bad feeling about this and they all draw weapons. As they realise that they are actually in a Sith Temple Lara reveals she is actually Darth Talon!

Week 8 – To Hope, No More?

Our heroes are in an inverted ziggurat, the base of which is shrouded entirely in darkness. They are standing on a platform a third of the way into the temple. Jaina Zahn attacks Darth Talon and is thrown across the temple for her trouble. Talon threatens to cut off her hand if she tries that again, her orders are to turn Jaina, not keep her in one piece. Jaina force slams Talon into the wall and Shraamin Sanyasi tries to take the Kaiburr Crystal from her but fails. Darth Talon leaps across the chasm and brings her lightsaber down on Jaina’s arm. The blade knock Jaina’s weapon from her hand but spares her hand. Dexter Vashti steps out of the darkness to protect Jaina. He and Talon briefly duel before Talon tires of him and leaps into the darkness. Dexter follows her down as two packs of Sith hounds attack Shraamin and Jaina. Shraamin crosses over to protect Jaina as three Imperial Knights descend into the temple and demand they stop their Sith activities in the name of the True Emperor. Shraamin orders them to protect Jaina and one of the Knights calls him by his true name Makai-Vel Niyoti, the Knight is his father, Neichi Niyoti. Defeating the hound they all descend to the bottom of the temple, Makai’s father reveals one of the people he had saved during Krayt’s slaughter was actually a force healer who had kept him alive until the medic’s arrived. The base of the temple is actually a hole under which is a large pool of water. Inside is a large water snake that bites the leg off of one of the Knights. Darth Talon and the Kaiburr Crystal dived into the water earlier. Neichi, Jaina and the remaining Knight decide to follow her. Various hisses in the darkness persuade Shraamin and Dexter to stay and protect the injured Knight. Swimming through the water Jaina and Neichi reach a tunnel but the other knight is eaten. Walking down the tunnel they find a man-made cave with a sith alter in the centre. Darth Talon has dropped the Kaiburr crystal into a pool of magma and is chanting her way through a Sith ritual. Jaina and Neichi try to attack Talon but she has a force field activated. The Sith poison inside Dexter begins to activate and burn red hot. Dexter cuts it out and finds it is actually a splinter of the Kaiburr Crystal. Giving it to Shraamin as he can handle extreme heat thanks to his Matukai training. The Dark Lady Lumiya’s spirit is still with Shraamin and she wins a battle of wills to throw the crystal into the pool of water. Dexter attacks Shraamin but his lightsaber cuts throw Lumiya and kills her spirit once and for all. Shraamin and Dexter then set off after the crystal shard to stop it reaching Darth Talon. Jaina uses the force to destroy the columns holding up the roof and she and Neichi quickly ascend up the tunnel. Jaina catches the Kaiburr crystal shard and all the heroes quickly leave the ziggurat as it collapses into a crater behind them.

End of Episode One