Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs 5

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Week 1 – A bad feeling about this...

The combination of pilot skill and GA tractor beams stop the shuttle from colliding with the flagship. After a couple of days of de-briefing Cordy, Calo Ordo and Davin Chaseare free to roam once more. They were intercepted by Shan Draay who needed them for an important mission on Bespin. Draay brought with him Jedi Knight Jaedan Vos, Ken and Paula. After Calo's ship had been searched and 12 bugs/tracking devices been found and destroyed. They then dropped out of orbit near Kesh and Draay explained the true mission. He had felt a grave disturbance in the force, something old and powerful was rising and had already infected both the current ruling Sith and the Galactic Alliance. On Kesh they noticed one of the old processing plants was back in action. Investigating the factory they were attacked by war droids, fighting off the small army they came across the Sith who was running the place. The Sith wiped the computers and then killed himself rather than risk capture. This was unprecedented. Cordy managed to get the flight plan of the transport they saw leaving the factory so they went after it. Waiting where the ship would leave hyperspace, they were gazumped by pirates who were also waiting there. Calo blasted the pirate ship apart and then proceeded to board the ship himself. The pirates threatened to kill the crew if the heroes didn't do as they were told. While Davin, Ken, Draay, Vos and Paula entered the ship, Calo and Cordy walked around the outside of the ship to survey the situation in the bridge.

Week 2 – Wrong end of the sting

Cordy altered the nitrogen levels in the spaceship so that everyone fell asleep. Then she and Calo Ordo entered the ship. Calo went to check on the engines while Cordy went to free the prisoners. There were four pirates patrolling the corridors in spacesuits and thus not affected by the air. Joined by the awakening heroes the pirates were either killed or tied up. The captain of the ship gladly shared all the information he knew about his delivery. The heroes then took the cargo bound for Naboo and delivered it. The cargo was taken to another location, the heroes tried to nab it but the “warehouse crew” fought them off. Unfortunately they were in the middle of an Imperial sting operation. Initially half of the team surrendered and Calo and Davin Chase legged it. As the Imperials realised that some of their prisoners were force users, the heroes realised they had no other option other than to fight.

Week 3 – Imperials, blasters and Landspeeders, oh my!

Calo Ordo and Davin Chase hadn’t run away, merely retreated to a more advantageous position. As the Jedi began to fight to free themselves Davin used his force abilities to accurately throw a couple of landspeeders at the stormtroopers. Cordy drew the troopers fire and got into cover. Ken and Jaedan Vos freed from the bindings used blasters until they could get the Force Dampners off. The fight lasted a while but the heroes emerged victorious. After taking out two of the snipers Calo went to the space dock to pick up the ship and Paula. The rest of the group fought their way to freedom until Calo came back, blasted the last few and rescued his comrades. As they left Naboo they picked up a SOS call from Jedi Master Draay, he had crashed on a nearby moon.

Week 4 – O Master, where art thou?

A storm ravages the small moon orbiting Naboo, purple forked lightning rakes the sky striking the ship and the ground as Calo Ordo somehow lands the ship in one piece. Through the force Jaedan Vos follows the energy of Draay, they soon find his wrecked ship on the beach as they examine the wreckage the tentacles of an unseen creature attacks them. Examining the area Ken sees tracks leading off to the cliffs and Jaedan confirms the faint force trace of Draay is also that way. They find a narrow passageway that leads up.

Week 5 – Birds and Bees

After overcoming various natural hazards and jumping the odd magma river our heroes finally emerge into the purple light of outside. Beneath them is a small crater littered with a series of small outcroppings, each two meters tall. As the purple lightning lights the area they can make out a figure in a battered flight suit at the end of the crater. Davin Chase, leads Jaedan Vos and Ken carefully across the crater while Cordy and Calo Ordo provide sniper support. As they get to the middle the outcroppings begin to move and chunks fall off of them. The outcroppings are actually eggs of the Akva (a large aerial predator) and the young ones are hungry. Our heroes fight off over a dozen hungry babies while the Jedi do their best not to kill or hurt them. Jaedan reaches the body at the edge of the crater only to find it’s his father, a man he thought to be on a diplomatic mission for the GA. Just then the piercing shriek of the mother Akva rips through the air. The snipers turn to fire just after they realise the bird had Ken’s ward Paula in her claws.

Week 6 – Palpatine’s tomb

The wounded Akva releases Paula and she falls down a deep, dark ravine. Immediately Ken dives after her followed by the rest. Jaedan Vos reluctantly leaves his father behind and follows the rest. They fall for miles but their landing is softened by the force so they were bruised, nothing more. Behind them fell large chunks of cliff begin to fall, so they seek shelter only to find themselves trapped in the dark lord’s tomb. Deeper in Ken looked for Paula and triggered a trap that would have separated the party. Thanks to the Mandolorian they all stayed together. In the second room they find a tomb with Sith writing and various trophies. While Davin Chase decodes the writing on the tomb he and the rest of the team are attacked by battle droids. Ken heard Paula scream and find her in a room with a frieze showing Palpatine’s greatest victories. At the end of the frieze is a behometh of a Dark Lord who comes to life. He attacks Ken and uses force lightning to attack Paula as she tries to run. The Dark Lord’s laugh enrages Ken who beats his combatant and beheads him. The Dark Lord’s mask vanishes to reveals Ken’s face. Palpatine’s spirit appears and distracts Cordy and Jaedan while Zombie Clone troopers appear, led by the head of the Galactic Alliance intelligence division who questioned them in the first part of episode five. After defeating them, the head of Intelligence turns out to be a droid. Cordy removed her memory chips and began hacking them to make them readable, leaving the fighting to the others. Meanwhile the other were kept at bay by zombie clone troopers in the 3rd room. Paula persuades Davin to help her, the clones let them pass and focus their attack on the others. This enrages Ken further as he watches Paula lead Davin by the hand into the throne room. Davin tries to open as sealed door behind the Emperor’s throne before he gets distracted by Darth Maul. Ken runs in, destroys the door and heads downstairs to confront Palpatine. Paula shots him to try and stop him but it merely slows him down. The two Jedi go after Ken, meanwhile Palpatine’s former pupils appear to stop Cordy and Calo Ordo from interfering. The Emperor persuades Ken to put on the Dark Helm of the Sith Lord he faced earlier and accept the role of Darth Rabhas in order to save Paula’s life. Davin uses the force to keep the helmet from Ken. Enraged Ken attacks Davin but Jaden uses the force to hold him back. Davin is then tempted to pick up the Dark Helm but the Dark Lady saves him. Draay then persuades Ken to back down by telling him that to stop this was the reason he brought him out of the jungle. Davin rejects the Emperor and casts aside the helmet, Jaden destroys the helmet weakening the Emperor greatly. Through the Force Jaden sees that the Emperor is using Draay and Paula to keep his spirit alive. Ken, Davin and Jaedan attack the Emperor’s spirit through the force, finally using the spirits of the Dark Lady and Draay to bind the emperor’s soul to theirs and all three of them leave our world behind. Meanwhile Calo throws a thermal grenade at the Sith, as they are blown back he descends the stairs and witnesses the display. Cordy meanwhile defrosts one of the sarcophagus and leaves her sword and the droids hacked chips behind. Our heroes take the chips, sword and defrosting sarcophagus back to their ship. Jaedan collects the corpse of his father in order to give him a proper burial. Davin scans the chips and reveals the plans of Darth Dukkha, a new Sith Lord who plans to destroy the GA and One Sith with a new, more powerful droid army. He plans to do this in various ways. 1) He will unleash a genetic weapon on Mandalore, those who survive will be strong enough to lead his armies. 2) The human replicants he has placed in various positions of power will feed false data in order to keep both parties occupied 3) He will restore the Sith Triumvirate and thus the balance of the force will swing once more into the arms of the True Sith. A grim determination fills Calo as he sets course for the planet that he was exiled from ten years ago.