Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs 5.3

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Week 1 - The League of Non-Aligned Worlds

Jerrol Ninx has spent the last six months rounding up ambassadors from non-Sith aligned worlds to meet on Tatooine. His boss, Vedo the Hutt addresses those assembled and tells them of the True Sith's plan to destroy the One Sith with their unstoppable beasts the Sith Hounds. Salla Ninx throws the head of one of these beasts on the table and declares them stoppable. They are then played the last recording of Jezzabella Marr who calls on her comrades to stop the re-formation of Darth Nihilus. Vedo takes Salla to one side and asks her to go to Calo Ordo and see if he has the Sith codes they'll need to track down Darth Dukkha. She agrees as members of the Lost Tribe of the Sith attack the delegates. Jerrol Ninx asks Rajastha Hett and Davin Chase to protect his daughter while Vedo asks Salla to avenge them. Arriving at Davin's ship they are confronted by Vedo's son Jedbo who boasts how he sold the meeting and his father out to the Sith and that he is now ruler of Nar Shadda and still wants Salla as his bride. The trio fight off Jedbo's men while the Hutt makes his escape. Why is Tatooine getting unbearably hot?

Week 2 - Five against the Mandalore

After defeating Jedbo’s men, Davin Chase went to his ship only to find it was already warming up, ready for take off. He and Rajastha Hett went to the cockpit, lightsabers in hand and found the Twi’lek archaeologist Lara Secura there. Rajestha remembered her from a previous adventure and told her to reveal her true identity, which she did - Darth Talon. Talon joined the group by explaining that she too wants Darth Dukkha’s triumvirate to fail and also that she was able to pronounce the Sith passwords more accurately than them. As they set off they witnessed a large cannon, the size of a Star Destroyer, which fired and destroyed the planet Tatooine. They headed for Manda’yaim where Calo Ordo sent an emissary to meet them. At a dinner in the honour his men stunned the group, stripped them and put them in prison. Calo met with them individually, and was challenged to combat for the right to be Mandalore by Davin. Knowing this would result in one of their deaths, Calo resisted the keeper around his neck and arranged for Salla Ninx to escape. The next morning Davin was drugged and sent to the arena. Meanwhile Salla escaped and freed Talon and Rajastha. Using the force to deflect Calo’s weapon strikes they were able to keep Davin alive, however the keeper recognised the force being used and ordered the Barabel to de-cloak. Faced with overwhelming odds, Talon disappeared leaving Salla and Rajastha to fight the creatures. Rajastha threw Davin Calo’s dark saber and Davin killed the keeper with it. Talon returned with lightsabers and battle was joined. Calo, free of the keeper’s influence realised that Dukkha had broken his word and attacked the Barabels. When they were defeated Salla revealed to Davin that not only were there still Barabels on Manda’yaim but people were still being converted into Sith Hounds in the city of Sundari. Calo summoned his personal guard and together they went to free his people for the final time.

Week 3 – Ghost Town

To Calo Ordo’s dismay the once thriving town of Sundari, second city of Manda’yaim had become a ghost town. Its many inhabitants either dead or converted into Sith Hounds by Dukkha’s Barabels. They were stopped by Mandalorian guards dressed in the colours of Death Watch. They didn’t recognise Calo as the Mandalore but thanks to Davin Chase’s force skills permitted them to land.

They were greeted by an envoy who took them to the leader of Death Watch, on the way Davin and Rajastha Hett and Davin spotted a slave party with a battered Ken as one of the slaves. Breaking off from the main group they moved to free the slaves, meanwhile Calo and Darth Talon found the Head of Death Watch had declared himself Mandalore. Calo immediately challenged him for the right to be called Mandalore and battle commenced Talon only got involved when a Barabel set it’s sight on Calo.

Meanwhile, after taking down the guards and freeing the slaves Rajastha, Davin and Ken had Barabels of their own to deal with. Davin used the force and the Barabel’s own weapon to kill it. They went to the cell area to free the other slaves, there were 300 cells, Ken said there was about a dozen slaves left, Rajastha saw on the monitors open Sith Hound eggs. Setting the self destruct, Rajastha ordered them out of there after Davin put a prisoner out of his misery. Calo shot the fake Mandalore in the face, killing him and destroying his mask. Another Barabel unleashed three Sith hounds who avoided Calo and attacked Talon. Calo wounded the Barabel and grabbed Talon and flew her out of the room. The rest of the team arrived and they ran out of the palace before it exploded. Rajastha revealed he had taken the Sith codes from the computer and a message from Darth Dukkha to the Barabel Commander. It said that the Padawan had arrived with the package and was in orbit around Dathomir. The Commander was to send a ship to collect the package and they could begin the resurrection of Darth Nihilus. The message was two hours old.

Return of the Sith - The Conclusion

For those who want some closure for the Star Wars game – this is what was planned, however please note that no plan survives contact with the players! After investigating the wreckage of the Padawan traitor’s ship and finding no trace of the Nihilus holocron our heroes find themselves on Dathomir. After surviving the Rancors and other native species that thrive there they are found by the Old Mother – Ros Lai who was the leader of the night witches. Her people were taken away by Darth Dukkha and she wants revenge, however she can not just give away her information, she has to be in the heroes debt and then re-pay that debt with the info. All that is left of her tribe are in the Imperial prison on this planet, if the heroes free them and kill the person running the prison she will owe them. The heroes agree to this and set off, all apart from Davin Chase to whom Ros Lai reveals she is his grandmother and wishes to speak with him. Thanks to Darth Talon’s credentials they get into the prison easily, Talon and Calo Ordo hand the other heroes over as prisoners. T & O are entertained by the very nervous prison governor Prius who turns out to be the puppet of Quin Lai – The leader of the remaining night witches and daughter of Ros Lai. Quin rules with an iron fist punishing anyone who refuses her commands with her force whip. The prisoners have been digging up and erecting an infinity gate. These are left over devices from a more ancient time that resemble large black obelisks. Most planets have at least one and they act as ley stones, guiding tunnels from one planet to another. She is building one to take the remaining Night Sisters to Dukkha, once the trinity is formed, Darth Dukkha will create a gateway to Coruscant and lead the Triumvirate to destroy the One Sith.

The heroes go through the gate and find a large army/refugee camp surrounding an ancient arena. Soon the warriors will fight in the arena and the winner will stand at Dukkha’s side as the third member of the Triumvirate. No-one knows where Dukkha is, only that he will be there to celebrate the winner. The competition is open to anyone who can use a lightsaber so Darth Talon, Rajastha Hett and Ken enter. The fights are elimination based with the winner moving on to the next round. The Lost Tribe of the Sith are supporting their own champion Revanche. In the end it comes down to our three heroes and Revanche. At some point it would be revealed that Revanche is actually Davin Chase.

Meanwhile Calo and Salla Ninx are snooping around the camp and discover hundreds of Sith hounds in cages surrounding the camp. They learn that once the third member is chosen the hounds will be released to slaughter all of the Sith. Their sacrifice will allow Dukkha and Quin Lai to pull Nihilus’ soul back into the body chosen for him and allow him to resurrect once more. A bit more digging leads them to “the body” which is Jezzabella Marr currently being tortured by the Night Sisters in preparation for the ritual. And that’s all I had, what happened next would be entirely up to the players, there are a few possibilities which I’ll put below.

1) The heroes stay heroes and save the day. The remaining four warriors work together and kill Dukkha. The spirit of Nihilus returns and Calo disperses it with the gun of Han Solo which he picked up from Palpatine’s tomb. Meanwhile Salla convinces the Lost Tribe that being sacrificed for Nihilus sucks and they rebel against Dukkha’s plan.

2) Player X kills the other players and joins the Triumvirate

3) Player X kills another player, the others decide to join with them, kill Dukkha and Nihilus and form the new Triumvirate.

4) Player X kills the other players, absorbs the spirit of Nihilus, kills Dukkha and becomes the Ultimate Sith. I’m sure there are other options but those were the main possibilities I had in my head.