Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs 5.2

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Week 1 – Back into Hell

Hearing Darth Dukkha's plans for his home planet Calo Ordo sets course for Manda'yaim only pausing to send Ken back to Naboo's moon at his request. As they approach the planet they are pulled out of Hyperspace and warned to stay clear by a holo-recording of Yaga Auchs warning all ships to stay clear of his planet. Then the Imperial Star Destroyer Typhoon captained by Lierra Saris who requests to speak to Calo and Calo only. An ex-girlfriend of Calo's she provides him with an opportunity to return home. She arranges a steath drop ship, his old friend Hondo Karr and two of his old crew mates, Jowovaykkata and Salla Ninx. The dropship squeezes though a gap in the force shield caused by an incoming convoy. Planetary defenses kick in and shred the drop ships engines. Only the combined efforts of Jaedan Vos and Davin Chase keeps the ship together and allows it to land relatively unscathed. The Manda'yaim of Calo's childhood is no more, where once there was a great forest, now there is desert. The air is stale and taste recycled. As they head for the city they are attacked by three hungry Roggwarts. The defrosted Jedi, Luceya Shan used her battle meditation techniques to aid her comrades. After a brief battle they beat the creatures. Meanwhile a group of Mandalorian Protectors headed out from the city to investigate the crash. Finding the craft destroyed and three dead monsters, they captured Davin's droids while the rest of team hid and watched.

Week 2 – We're devils and black sheep, really bad eggs...

Davin Chase landed on the speeder and threw the co-pilot while Luceya Shan waited for him to land and interrogated him. Davin used the force to make them fear him and landed the speeder. Inside the mandalorian armour were four, overly skinny men who'd come out scavenging for food. Calo Ordo ordered them to hand over the armour, they left them some rations and then headed for the city. When they got there a woman came out to greet her sons, only to find strangers in their armour. Calo recognised this skinny, frail woman as his mother-in-law and she hurried them into her house. She told them all about the famine, how people had moved to either the farms, the mines or Sundari, the Southern city but no-one had returned. Calo was furious this woman showed none of the Mandalorian passion she used to have. Touring around the city they met the same apathy and acceptance of the situation everywhere. Paula learned her family had been branded traitors and their home had been torched. Four of the team planned to raid a supply ship coming tomorrow from Sundari and distribute the food amongst the populace in the hope of winning them over. She invited them back for a meal of Tiingilar and Haarshun bread which they ate, it was clear she had very little food and all she had, she had put into this watered down casserole. Yaga Auchs then addressed the nation for the first time in eight years. He told them he felt their pain and hunger and that he had requested help and it had come. The Mandalorian guards would be replaced by the visitors and there was now a strict curfew in place. The new elite would be sending robots out on patrol to protect the populace. A census would be taken and those found to be suitable would be taken away and fed and nourished. That night Jaedan Vos realised the water supply into the city was drugged and was keeping the populace under control. Meanwhile Luceya, Calo and Paula spotted the robots on patrol, a large vehicle followed them and was leaving a package on every street corner. Through the force Luceya discerned the package was an egg with a dormant creature inside. The next morning they were startled by screams, hungry Mandalorians had gathered around the eggs, the eggs had opened and face huggers had leapt onto their victims. Calo ran out and started firing in the air to disperse the citizens only to find himself targeted by two robot patrols. A brief battle occurred as our heroes defeated the robots, destroyed the eggs and tried to protect the citizens. As they paused to catch their breaths an ominous metallic rumbling noise drew closer.

Week 3 – Going Underground

As our heroes catch their breath, droideka’s rumble into the town square and start attacking. Jedi Knights Jaedan Vos, Luceya Shan and force user Davin Chase spring into action to take them out. Jowovaykkata took out one with her bowcaster. When not attacking droideka Salla Ninx noticed the R8 unit get cyber attacked and it’s internal circuits fried. With the droidekas out of the way Calo Ordo and the others began looking at the Mandalorians with alien parasites on their faces. Jaedan & Luceya scanned a body and found the parasite was inside the victim as well as wrapped around the face. Paula shot a parasite with a sleeper dart, it made the creature violently convulse and ended when it’s convulsions broke the host’s neck. Between them Jaedan, Luceya and Davin were able to remove the parasite from one of the victims and heal them before too much damage was done. However the parasite had already left an embryo inside the man. Clearing the square they sat down and began planning what to do next. While they did this the food delivery from Sundari entered the town. Knowing time was wasting the talk got more intense until Davin lost his temper and lashed out with his force powers, crushing the front cab of the convoy. Delivering the food where they could, our heroes proceeded with the next stage of their plan. Davin, Calo and Jowie went to the mines, to free the miners there. Luceya and Salla went to the palace and to check out the rest of the city. Jaedan and Paula stayed behind to help the injured and distribute the food. Davin, Calo and Jowie descended into the mine and found all of their miners tucked into their beds, dead. Luceya and Salla bluffed their way into the palace but not before Yaga Auchs declared that all aliens were illegal and a waste of resources and no longer welcome on Manda’Yaim. Jaeden and Paula had a heart-to-heart and discussed Ken and what Jedi Master Draay knew about what happened to Paula’s parents. Back in the mine our heroes were startled by an unearthly scream.

Week 4 – The Trials of Jaedan Vos

At the Royal Palace Luceya Shan and Salla Ninx are grabbed by Hondo Karr and taken into a small room. He explains what he has discovered which confirms the information they have gathered. Luceya scans the palace and finds nothing beneath it.

Calo Ordo, Davin Chase and Jowovaykkata reach the bottom of the mine and witness a brain damaged man torturing Mandalorian prisoners. After a brief fight they defeat him and free the prisoners, which include Calo’s father-in-law, Mohandai Carrid. After swapping information it is decided that Mohandi and his men will travel to Sundari to try and raise an army there.

Jaedan Vos and Paula are distributing food supplies to the poor when they notice the Mandalore’s Barabel guards walking through the town and questioning the populace. Jaedan hides in the house while Paula is questioned by the guard about the crushed food truck. A pickup vehicle arrives and the Barabel take Paula with them to the palace for interrogation.

Jaedan follows them on a borrowed speeder bike and is shot at by an unseen enemy. Landing on the transport he cuts a hole in the roof and immediately six lots of red dots appear on his body. Using the circle as a shield he leaps in to free Paula. Paula is sat on by two Barabels while she witness’s another two disappear. The Barabels laugh at the jedi in front of them and slash him with their claws. Unable to continue Jaedan has to leave while the Barabels put out an APB on him.

Luceya and Salla question the Mandalorian dignitaries and are sickened by their attitude to their fellow man. Luceya is alerted to Jaedan’s distress and rushes to aid him. Salla stays behind and is very concerned when Paula is roughly dragged out of the transport.

As a wounded Jaedan hides from the droideka’s in an alleyway there is a blinding flash of light and Rajastha Hett appears naked and holding his double bladed lightsaber. After Rajastha introduces himself as a Quest Knight serving the Imperial/Galactic Fleet, Jaeden offers him his Jedi robe to cover himself, as droidekas are heard coming closer. Helping Jaedan they disable two of the droideka’s before a third fires wounding Jaedan some more. Rajastha Hett assumes a protective position, placing himself between the attacking droideka and Jaeden. To distract the droideka, Rajastha Hett uses the Force to envelop the front shields of the assailant in the Jedi rode Rajastha has barowed from Jaeden, preparing to attack, thereafter. Suddenly a speeder bike ploughs into the back of the firing Droideka as the robed figure of Luceya somersaults over Jaedan and destroys the remaining droidekas. A now tattered Jedi robe comes floating down from the air as the dust settles. Rajastha throws the robe around him, as Luceya quickly heals Jaedan, and the three warriors retreat to a safe house.

Week 5 – Fight for the right

Thankfully for Paula, Salla Ninx was able to convince the Barabel that Paula was her daughter and not connected to the incident with the truck. They headed back to Mirta Carrid’s house just as Calo Ordo turned up with Jowovaykkata and Davin Chase. Unfortunately they didn’t know that Yaga Auchs had declared all aliens illegal. As robot patrols headed for Jowie, she leaped into a speeder and drove through the droids. As Jowie Steamrolled through several battle droids while taking concentrated fire from the rest she was unable to see a building and the truck plowed head first into the sidewall, luckily for Jowie, Davin sprang to her aid and was able to catch her in mid air with his impressive usage of telekinesis and was able to place her safely on a building. while this major distraction happened Paula headed for a sniper position and Calo choose to stay out of the conflict and keep out of view.

Jaedan Vos arrived with Luceya Shan and the partially clothed Rajastha Hett and the square had become a war zone. Rather than charge in they looked around and spotted a shielded figure stalking Jowie and Davin along the rooftops. The figure then attacked Jowie with a blast of energy.

Luceya began to engage the creature But was not able to penetrate the creatures Defenses with her attacks. Seeing his comrade being shot down Davin was able reach deep into his Untapped potential and conjured a force blast that seemed to knock the creature across the city, severally injuring the creature. Rajastha Hett used the Force to throw the first in a line of battle droids, poised to attack Davin and Jowie. The throw destroys the first droideka, and damages the second, knocking it over. Rajastha then surges into acrobatics, leaping from the roof into a flip, and landing between two droidekas. Upon landing he ignites his double bladed lightsaber, so that each end stabs the droidekas on either side of him. This attack damages one of them and bounces off the shields of the other. There after Luceya leaps from the roof top to a position beside Rajastha, and Davin then continues hes telekinetic onslaught by picking up one Droideka and slamming another with it taking down both of there shields which then allowed him to jump down and cut them both in two. Rajastha Hett then acrobatically flips up into the air landing just behind the two remain battle droids who are still poised to fire, destroying them.

Paula's sniper position was not as safe as she thought it was as another cloaked figure targeted her, but her quick reflexes allowed her to roll away and dodge the blast. Seeing this Calo made an educated guess and destroyed the roof the creature stood on with a well placed rocket. The two warriors stared each other down as the creatures cloaking device dissipated, The creature then started the brawl by swiping at Calo with both his claws which Calo dodged easily. Unimpressed with the attack, Calo stepped back and shot one of the creatures knees out crippling it, in a desperate act the creature fired its plasma weapon in combination with swift thrust of its spear which caught Calo by surprised and grazed him, this ended up giving Calo the advantage as Calo was able to hold the spear and keep the creature close enough for his Sonic Gauntlet which smashed the creature’s face mask showing the creatures hideous face which took aback even Calo Until a shot from Paula exploded the head of the creature with a point blank shot in the head.

Meanwhile Salla and Jaedan investigated a scream from the Carrid House. A black alien creature had emerged from the chest of the man Mirta was looking after. Blaster bolts bounced off the creature and Jaedan’s lightsaber did little damage. There was a lot of screaming before Mohandai Carrid turns up with his militia, armed with ballistic weapons. They shoot the alien into an acidic mess before heading off to Sundari. Jaedan Vos decides he will go with them to offer any assistance he can and to thank them for saving him.

Week 6 – Best laid plans of mice and men

Realising they cannot stay where they are the team go underground. Hiding in the sewer system they hear the approach of aliens and hide leaving a few glowsticks out so they can see them. Unfortunately the glowsticks attract the Xenomorphs and our heroes are forced to fight at close quarters with them. An epic battle ensues with force powers and ballistic weapons being used to eventually kill off the creatures. They sleep a restless sleep until the next day. Calling in a favour from an old friend, Calo Ordo arranges for them to have a place where they can clean up and have some food before they plan what they need to do. He sends Salla Ninx, Paula and a heavily disguised Jowovaykkata to the palace to get some more information and discern the location of Yaga Auchs. Meanwhile he contacts Jaedan Vos to see how he’s doing, the responses consists of blaster fire, the sound of a lightsaber swinging and “Not now” before the line goes dead. Calo, Rajastha Hett, Luceya Shan and Davin Chase began to plan what will be a two pronged attack to free Manda’yaim. Until they sense a disturbance in the force, Paula is in danger. While Salla and Jowie do their best to be discreet, Paula has decided to cross the Courtyard which they have been told is out of bounds. Immediately she is confronted by a Barabel while others get her in their sights. Jowie and Salla spring to her defence and Salla is able to persuade everyone to stand down and not kill each other. The lead Barabel is told to bring the three of them to Yaga Auchs and he will deal with them personally.

Week 7 – Never Mind the Barabels

Paula, Jowovaykkata and Salla Ninx were taken by the Barabels to see Yaga Auchs. They were stripped down to their underwear and presented to him. Auchs rambled on, saying he was drunk but it was the only way to be out of the influence of his keeper. He recognises Salla and Jowie from stories his captain, Calo Ordo told him during the war. He admitted Calo was right, and that he was not suited for power. He said sorry for the deaths he had caused and that he was ready for Calo to claim his title. He then shooed them away saying he would be awake soon. Meanwhile the rest team split into two groups to attack the generator and Ion Cannon. Just as they set off Salla and co emerged and called them to get together so she could tell them what Auchs had said. This changed the plans. Calo sent Salla to wait for word from Jaedan Vos of an army to help them from the second city. Jowovaykkata, Davin Chase and Paula were sent to take out the Ion cannon, while Rajastha Hett and Luceya Shan took out the forcefield. Calo would face Yaga alone, until a voice from behind him said “You will never be alone my brother. Hondo Karr joined Calo and together they approached the Palace like two gunslingers of old. The Palace quickly emptied of people as they entered, ready to take their revenge. Jowie, Davin and Paula fought through droids and a couple of Barabels to reach the ion cannon control room. An injured Davin called upon the Dark side and used force lightning on the Barabels only to receive a sonic attack from Paula for his troubles. Together they entered the ion cannon control and between them disabled it. At the back of the room they found an unexpected doorway and a passage that led down underneath the palace down which they descended. Rajastha and Luceya descended down towards what they thought would be the forcefield generator. What they found was a Xenomorph holding area with four of the creatures guarding a platform and two roaming around. Sneaking around the Xenomorphs, they found some Mandalorians covered in slime and begging to be killed before the thing inside them broke free. The prisoners were making too much noise and the aliens were coming, so Scott freed a couple and used them as a distraction while they headed for the platform. As they landed they were surrounded by a cylinder of light, the platform dropped beneath them and they fell down to the next level.

Week 8 - Killer Queen

Salla Ninx contacted Jaedan Vos and realised no army was coming so went to the palace to find Calo Ordo. After passing through the courtyard and seeing the bloody and battered corpses of four Barabels she found him in the throne room, hacking into the palace’s security monitors to see where the others were. Also in the room were the corpses of Hondo Karr and Yaga Auchs. . Calo was wearing the mask of the Mandalore and talking to somebody who wasn’t there. A predator appeared and escorted them under the palace. Under the palace Jowovaykkata, Davin Chase and Paula started attacking the Xenomorphs they found there. Davin did his best to protect Paula while Paula and Jowie did their best to kill Xenomorphs, and succeeded! On the other side of the room, Rajastha Hett and Luceya Shan scouted first before making their attacks. Rajastha went immediately for the Alien Queen in the centre of the room, only to find he had no force powers when he got within reach of her. The Barabel leader, Calo and Salla watched the carnage as our heroes fought the aliens. As Xenomorphs appeared behind them, Calo handed Salla a thermal detonator, pushed her into the arena and told her to run. Salla ended up facing the Queen and threw the detonator at her doing considerable damage. Davin locked Paula away for her own safety and prevented the aliens from getting to her. Realising the situation was hopeless; Rajastha resorted to using the dark side to bring the palace down on the aliens. Telling his colleagues to flee, they all got out safely while he flattened the aliens and the last Barabel. Taking down the palace also took out the force field generator freeing Manda’yaim for the first time in ten years. Struggling through the smoke, rubble and dust, Rajastha and Lucyea finally stand in the sunlight and feel a cool breeze on their faces. Without warning, two rockets fly past them and strike Paula killing her instantly. As they watch their colleague be blown to pieces, Rajastha can't help but see the bodies in the rubble that was the Royal Palace. Every one of them dead, after he tapped into the Dark side and used the building to destroy the Alien Queen "I thank you all for your efforts that have resulted in a free planet today," says the rich voice of Calo Ordo, his face covered by the mask of the Mandalore. "You have an hour to collect your belongings and say your goodbyes, your time on this planet has come to an end. I will provide you with a craft to take you out of this galaxy." With that dismissal he walks away. "What about Paula?" calls out Salla. "She was a traitor to the people of Mando'a and died a traitor's death, you can take her with you if you wish." An hour passes and you are sitting on a cargo freighter as it departs from Mando'a. You feel so numb as you look around at your compatriots. The other force users sit away from you - Davin Chase is a broken man, not yet eighteen but he has seen so much death recently, more than most soldiers in a lifetime. Luceya Shan sits with him, more like a mother to the boy than ever before. She will take him away and try to restore his faith if she can. Jaedan Vos sits near them, running through recent events as he plans what to say when he goes alone, to the Jedi Council. Salla Ninx and Jowovaykam are planning their next move, needing to put some distance between them and the betrayal of their close friend. And then there is Rajastha, sitting all alone, uncertain of his past, present and future

Alex Luceya Shan Mark Davin Chase David Calo Ordo John Paula Alex N Jaedan Vos Anthony Jowovaykkata Shelly Salla Ninx Scott P Rajastha Hett