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Dexter Vashti

Decter Vashti

Mechanic, drifter, slicer, gambler. These are all roles that Dexter can, and has, played in the years since the destruction of the Jedi outpost on Ossus. Unlike the scholars, warriors and healers that make up what is left of the Jedi Order, Dexter is a Sentinel – a calling that walks in shadow and trickery, often walking the line of damnation to better fight the darkness.

Taken into the Order at a young age, he has little memory of his family, only that they weren’t exactly unhappy to see him go, but he is none the less well aware of his Mandalorian heritage and the role in life the Force has chosen him to fill – both of these due to the shadowy presence of a distant ancestor, Corianna, who has appeared often to him as a Force Spirit to guide his actions.

Adopted as a padawan by Master Draay, Dexter has continued to hone his abilities as a Jedi, as well as those skills that serve him well in playing the part of any number of things that are not Jedi, a talent which can only serve him well in these dark days. He has also served for some time as a discrete go-between for Jaina Zahn's inquiries, as well as silently taking on a role that the Jedi Code would certainly deem him unready for - training another in the use of the Force. Quite how this last fact would go down with other Jedi remains to be seen, as it has so far remained secret...

Of course, he is also a young man, not the grim and jaded figure that so many Jedi have become, and takes a certain amount of pleasure in finding new and creative ways to reinforce Master Draay's poor opinions about younglings. After all, you need at least some fun in life, don't you?

Played by Alex Vincent

Jaina Zahn

Jaina Zahn (by Warren's Fu)

Senator's Aide Jaine Zahn is a driven young woman who currently works for the Senator to New Alderaan, Senator Morne. While he does at first appear to be a demanding task master, she has come to respect his skill at negotiation and diplomacy in general, realising that ones opinions on a topic, do not override ones skills.

Before taking on the position as aide, she'd harboured hopes of becoming a Jedi but with no one to train her, she had focused on her education and her dreams of being a fighter pilot - as was her namesake.

She took on the post as aide after her mother died. Generally unknown, Jaina received a vision before her mother died implying that she was killed. It is to that end that she now works from within the Senate to uncover who the killers were and who the traitor, as there no doubt must be, is.

Before passing, her mother had confided to her that if she ever did need help, that she should turn to the young Jedi Dexter Vashti as Master Shan Draay would have little time for her. It was therefore that she turned to him during her tenure as Aide, to begin learning how to use the abilities she clearly had. While she has has little of the normal Jedi trappings (such as the Light Sabre!), she has gained significant control over it with Dexter asking his master questions she'd no doubt have asked hers if she had one. Fortunately, the Master Jedi has not taken the time to follow up on the myriad of questions that Dexter would not normally have asked.

(More to come later....)

Played by Kevin Dennis

Shraamin Sanyasi

Shraamin Sanyasi

Seeing the death of his parents within minutes of each other Makai thought he was a target too. He hid for a while before sneaking on-board a ship that was leaving Coruscant. On board he was befriended by a wandering Matukai monk, named Jan-Ad-Reems, who insisted he join him on the current Matukai homeworld. The Matukai are a tribal sect of wandering Force adept-warriors, who focus the Force primarily through their bodies. Makai realized he could hide among the Matukai until he could gain the skills and power he needed. Makai wanted now, more than ever, to become an Imperial Knight, serve the Empire, and have the strength to avenge his parents. He would do whatever he had to do until he could find the Imperial Exile and help the Emperor fight the One Sith. Makai was eventually initiated as a member of the Matukai, a force using sect who can trace their origins to the days of the Old Republic. Upon his initiation, he was given a spiritual name, which he adopted as an alias. The philosophy of the Matukai is based on acheiving a balance between their physical body and the spiritual aspects of the Force. Unlike his fellow monks, Makai receives visions through the Force.

It was one of these visions that caused Makai to leave the Matukai behind and journey with Jedi Master Draay to the Galactic Alliance. Although the Fel Empire were no longer part of the Alliance, the Alliance were enemies of the Emperor Fel's enemy - the usurping Sith Imperials. Once again, until Makai could rejoin the Empire, he felt he could best serve it by serving with the Galactic Empire to fight the Sith. Draay was investigating how other Force users manipulate the Force and Makai has stayed with him for the last three years teaching him all he knows, and in exchange receiving teaching from the Jedi Master. Makai/Shraamin also assisted Master Draay in the training of his Padawan Dexter Vashti. During these years, he performed duties for the Alliance under Master Draay's leadership, but was never able to attain information regarding location of Emperor Fel's exile planet. During his third year of Alliance service, Master Draay approached him and revealed that a quest had been under way to obtain lost Shards of the Kaiburr Crystal. There had been a prophetic vision that if the Shards were gathered and reunited, it would reunite the Jedi and would bring about the defeat of the Sith.

Master Draay asked Makai to join he quest for the Kaiburr Shards. Makai had had visionary dreams while amoungst the Matukai which involving a powerful crystal, a Darth Vader and a girl who appeared to be the Dark Lord's descendent. This coupled with the fact that a reunited Jedi would mean a greater chance of defeating the Sith usurpers and restoring the Empire, Makai agreed. The Kaiburr Crystal task force comprised Galactic Senatorial Aide Jaina Zhan, Padawan Dexter Vashti, and an archeologist and pilot Lara Secura. During the course of the quest Makai would come to realize Jaina is the descendent of Vader from his visionary dreams. He would also realize that the Shards represent a much greater possibility for the reunification of not only of the Jedi, but in fact the unification of Galactic Alliance and the Imperial Remnant into a new Constitutional Imperium! The Empire renewed and reborn! Along with this, Makai comes to realize that he is destined to play a great role in the creation of the New Imperial Order! Unfortunately he also had a dalliance with the Dark Side through his deep feelings of vengeance regarding the murders of his family tempted by a Kaiburr Shard induced visionary hallucination. Makai redeamed himself in grand style by saving Jaina Zahn's life and helping to destroy Darth Talon, Hand of the Sith Emperor! After helping to destroy one of the Hands of the Sith Emperor; becoming a key figure in the beginnings of healed relations between the Fel Imperium (Imperial Remnant)and the Galactic Alliance; and finding out his father had been, in fact, alive and well, continuing to serve Emperor Fel in exile on Bastion - Makai had been on a spiritual retreat with the Jedi to ensure all Sith influence has been purged from his system.

Senator Morne

Senator of New Alderaan Senator Morne has been a politician since the day he was born. Raised in the political arena he knows nothing else. When Jaina Zahn's mother died he naturally took her place in the senate. When Zahn's upstart of a daughter abandoned her Jedi Training to replace her mother, he naturally took her under his wing. However he doesn't believe she is suitable for the position so has taken to training her "old school" style. Jaina gets all the crappy, demeaning jobs in order to "pay her dues". After a few years of this he is now giving her proper work to do and secretly has come to admire her resolve.

Lara Secura (Deceased)

Lara Secura

Twi'Lek Xeno-Archaeologist

Lara is descended from the famous and influential Twi'lek family Clan Secura. Her direct ancestor is Aayla Secura who served with distinction as a General during the Clone Wars. Unlike her mother and sister, Lara did not develop a sensitivity to the force and instead studied to be a Xeno-Archaeologist, although not close to her mother, she felt the loss of her famiy when they were killed at the Jedi Temple on Ossus. For the last eight years she has been secretly researching into the Kaiburr crystal as it was the last thing her mother mentioned to her. She believed that if they could re-unite the crystal it would bring back the history of the Jedi and aide the padawan's focus in using the force. Lara now believes that the crystal could be used to re-unite the scattered Jedi and enable them to face and finally destroy the Sith. At the end of Episode One, Lara was revealed to be Darth Talon.

Jen-Ghis Trump

Pilot and owner When, what was once the New Republic, looked like it was going to lose to the combined might of the Sith and the Empire, plans were put in place for a New Rebellion. Elite and well-skilled personnel were sent out to the Galactic Rim to ply their trade and wait for the signal that the Rebellion would begin again. One of these was Jen-Ghis Trump formerly of Rogue Squadron and now owner of the smuggler ship, Drexl. Over the years he has become a smuggler and delivery pilot for the new Empire.

K-27(Left on Kashyyk)

Protocol Droid K-27 is the property of Temporary Droids, an offworld rental service with a local office on Kashyyk. K-27 is on a permanent rental contract with the wookie authorities to aid negotiation with offworld visitors. K-27 functions have been turned off so it can only speak Basic and Shyrilwook currently. K-27 is overdue for a memory wipe and has acquired the quirk of using body language appropriate to the language being spoken.

Rruurrfhurra - (Deceased)

A middle aged Wookie Firefighter, his ability to determine the source of a fire has made him the co-ordinator of the city's firefighters.

Kaiburr crystal

The Kaiburr crystal was an ancient Force relic, initially located on the planet Circarpous V, locally known as Mimban. When in its natural location in the Temple of Pomojema on Mimban, the crystal increased a Force-sensitive's power one thousand times over. Among its magnification of abilities were the ability to heal, to further augment a Force-user's connection to the Force, to project Force lightning by those typically unable, and to empower and energize a tired being close in proximity to the crystal. If cut properly, the Kaiburr crystal also worked as a lightsaber crystal. The Kaiburr crystal was initially used by priests to heal the sick in the Temple of Pomojema. However, for reasons unknown, the area was abandoned, and the crystal became a legend in the eyes of the local Mimbanites.

Dark Lady Lumiya

Lumiya, originally known as Shira Elan Colla Brie, was a female Human dark side adept trained by Darth Vader, and, later, a Dark Lady of the Sith. Lumiya was also known for her use of a lightwhip. Brie was a member of Imperial Intelligence, and on Vader's orders she went undercover to infiltrate the Rebel Alliance and discredit Vader's son, Luke Skywalker. After Brie had suffered serious injuries due to being shot down by Skywalker, Vader rescued her and had her enhanced with cybernetic parts, much like his own. Now calling herself Lumiya, she was secretly instructed in some Sith lore by Vader and was offered to Palpatine as an Emperor's Hand. After the deaths of Palpatine and Vader at the Battle of Endor, Lumiya proclaimed herself Dark Lady of the Sith. She went on to turn and train Vader's grandson, Jacen Solo, as a Sith and inflame the Second Galactic Civil War before falling to the lightsaber of her former lover, Luke Skywalker in 40 ABY, enabling her apprentice, now Darth Caedus, to fully inherit the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.

John Reico (Deceased)

Entrepreneur, (not a scoundrel) of an old race. his real name was Manoo Hoole a rare Person in his species that actually gets invoved in the figths of the Universe unlike any others from his race, John was in the middle of a big deal with a group of pirates when he was arrested. As the transfer of credits had already taken place, the pirates didn’t take too kindly to his arrest and attacked the Star Destroyer, critically damaging it. He is in the mid 60’s of Darth Krayt’s top 100 list and is wanted for his information on a undiscovered Sith tomb. Played by Johnathan Ellis

Jade (Deceased)

Is a covert ops artiste who has interfered in the Emperor’s plans for the last time. Played by Ben Fortune

Galen Trist

Wing Commander Galen Trist is the Commander, Air Group (CAG) (the senior pilot aboard a the victory class Star Destroyer Industrious) responsible for Air Wing operations and personnel. The billet is filled by the senior flight officer with a rank of captain or higher. Galen was the pilot who got Emperor Fel off of Coruscant when Darth Krayt took over and has been his escort ever since. Trist is considered a source of information regarding Fels' past travels and possible bolt-holes. Played by Sam Thompson

Admiral Kolaff

A brilliant tactician and intrepid leader. Kolaff had quickly built a reputation as one of the most competent commanders in the Imperial Navy. He had been known, however, to take his time with certain assignments, savoring the challenge of battle for as long as he could, rather than extinguishing a threat as quickly and easily as possible. This practice eventually became his undoing, as Kolaff was transferred to the Outer Rim. There he hired the Jedi Hunter Krutag to aid him in capturing members of Darth Krayt's list. Personality: Kolaff is an extremely intelligent, though obsessed, leader who has only one true love in life, the love of battle. He holds no true hatred of the Galactic Alliance, and rather admires their courage. He·is smugly confident, sarcastic and believes himself invincible.

Walex Blissex

A brilliant engineer and the foremost starship designer, the life and destiny of Dr. Walex Blissex were altered forever with the coming of the Sith. His improvements to the Star Destroyer, once the galaxy's peacemaker, has now become one of the Sith's most feared weapons. Because of this, Blissex stayed with what remains of the Galactic Alliance, and since that time his work for them has been invaluable. Personality: Walex Blissex is a deep-feeling man who holds his ideals far above all else. A true pacifist, it has been difficult for Dr. Blissex to devote his life to creating weapons of war, but he has always done so in what he believes to be the interests of galactic peace. Blissex never doubts the rightness of his actions. The personal code he lives by is strictly black and white. There is no grey, except in matters that concern his daughter, Lira.

Lira Blissex (Deceased)

Kidnapped by the Sith three years ago, her father has never given up hope of finding her. When he received information that she was on the Subjugator, he rushed to her, knowing full well he would be captured also.

Halagad Ventor

A Jedi Master who had worked as an advisor on Alderaan to Bail Organa. He fled the planet as the Death Star destroyed it and felt guilty for his actions ever since. Ventor worked on his issues with the Skywalkers and became an assistant at the Jedi Academy of Ossus. When the Sith started the Third Jedi Purge, Ventor was pushed onto a transport by Kol Skywalker and told to protect the young ones. Seeing the Academy's destruction, Ventor's hidden guilt for Alderaan broke to the surface once more. After he handed the padawan over he went on a long journey away from everybody, to finally rid himself of his guilt and fears.

Jezabella Marr

Jezzie is a Jedi Knight but once she was a padawan who survived the massacre of the Jedi Academy of Ossus. Jedi Master Halagad Ventor raised her and a group of others until others could take over. Completing her training Jezzie learned her former master had gone missing in the Outer Rim. She tracked his flight to the Swampworld Trinta where she met the rest of the team. Played by Ben Fortune

Father Fang (deceased)

Father Fang

Father Cornelius Fang is a Togorian male who looks in his late twenties, the religious figurehead to his people and leader of the tribe, he inherited these responsibilities from his grandfather who cared for him since he was five years old.

All he can remember in his life is slavery he became extremely strong and quite resistant to most basic forms of pain, as soon as he reached the age that the sith insisted the Males started to work in the factory, he saw that his grandfather use to do the work of two or more slaves to save them from the pain of death. once he was twelve years old his grandfather dubbed him Brother Fang a religious leader in training and started to train him in the Way both in the combat of the Way and the religion of the Way, learning to manipulate his bodily energies to focus it into his combat and/or normal daily lives, as his grandfather use to do when he worked the factories Fang took over doing two or three slaves jobs to save them from death and used what he learnt to block out the pain.

The tribe believes in the honour of combat in the circle Cornelius Fang has only fought in the arena once and after that was never allowed to enter the ring again as the father of the people is taught a ancient and deadly art, this makes the father too dangerous for the arena.

After being released from the Sith Slavers, he agreed with the Galactic alliance to re-home his people on planets with other races, but chose to go with the Imperial/Galactic alliance team that is going after a young Fell on tatooine.

Played by Johnathan Ellis

Jodo Kast

Grandson of the original Jodo Kast, he has failed to learn the lessons of his ancestor or he’s insane. A failure in school he got a job cleaning in a museum. There was a Mandalorian exhibit there and after getting the Basilesk working stole a full set of Mandalorian armour and proclaimed himself a descendant of Boba Fett. Starting off collecting easy bounties he found the name of Fett was usually enough to make people surrender. Building his money and reputation he started working with a wookie sharpshooter and a Yuzhan Vong and soon earned a reputation as a Jedi Hunter.

Makai-Vel Niyoti (True Name: Rajastha Hett)(M.I.A)

Makai-Vel Niyoti

Imperial Knight trained in multiple Force using traditions, descendent of Sharad Hett

Makai-Vel Niyoti is descended from a family whose lineage is very strong in the Force, but due to circumstances - that Makai does not remember - he was separated from his family when he was a baby. He is in fact, a descendent of the Old Republic Jedi and Tusken leader, Sharad Hett and Makai's real name is Rajastha Hett. Makai's true father, A'Jagara Hett formed a special bond with Imperial Knight Roan Fel, prior to his rise to Galactic Emperor. In gratitude for generous favours and protection extended to the Tuskens by Emperor Fel, A'Jagara offered his son for Imperial service - to be raised as a personal body guard to the Emperor. These facts would not be revealed to Makai for many years.

Makai's adoptive parents, Neichi and Zunzu Niyoti, are both Force sensatives and extremely savvy and cunning humans, who were unable to have children. When they began the process of selecting a child for adoption, the Emperor granted them Rajastha to raise as their own. Prior to this Zunzu had had dreams pertaining to a specific child - general impressions of the appearance and personality of the child, which matched Rajastha. After the adoption Niechi began to have visions that indicated that the child was destined to play a role in the unification of the Galaxy, and that his future was somehow perilous and uncertain with regard to the child's true family past. In light of this, it was decided that they would not tell Makai or anyone else he was adopted. As Zunzu's business travels kept her on the go most of the year, it was easy for people to assume they had not seen her during her pregnancy. Also, in light of Niechi's visions, they decided it would be best to keep Makai's Force potential hidden from others as long as possible.

Neichi and Zunzu each have used their Force abilities to augment their considerable skills, traits, and abilities over the course of their lives and careers. Together they have managed to secure substantial financial and business interests. Makai's father, Neichi, is an Imperial Knight, who has served the Fel Dynasty with distinction, using his charisma and Force abilities to the advantage of him and his fellow Knights. He instilled in Makai a deep appreciation of Imperial values and virtues: pragmatism, loyalty, honour, power, and order. Makai is a "son of the Empire", born and bred. His mother, Zunzu, is a self-made business woman, who rose from humble beginnings on Coruscant's lower levels using her considerable intelligence, cunning, and beauty, complimented by her Force sensitivity. Zunzu's beliefs and values resembled those of the Mandalorians, whom she greatly admired and respected, instilling this admiration in Makai and raising him with a similar such worldview.

On his eighteenth birthday his mother took him to Coruscant for a shopping trip and to meet his father for a celebration meal. Makai went to an arcade while his mother waited for him outside, she was confronted by a street gang and before Makai could react she was stabbed and her bags stolen. Makai watched his mother die and in a rage chased after the gang. As he ran around the corner he saw a large holovid screen which showed his father and the rest of the Imperial Knights being slaughtered by the Sith as Emperor Fel escaped. Makai went into hiding changed his name to Shraamin Sanyasi and whilst working for the GA fell briefly to the dark side. His redemption came with considerable cost in the loss of most of his Matukai powers. Since then he resumed training in the ways of the Imperial Knights. Now he is on Emperor Darth Krayt's top 10 most wanted list for successfully thwarting some major Sith Imperial operations, and has become something of a celebrity in the Galaxy. As an Imperial Squire he was accompanying his Knight-Mentor on a mission as part of his final Trials of Knighthood, when he was captured by Sith Imperials and a bounty hunter in the employ of the Sith Emperor. Thereafter, he and others escaped from Sith Imperial custody, resuming his thwarting efforts.

Currently, he has been assigned by Emperor Fel to a new joint Imperial-Alliance task force, charged with rescuing the Imperial Princess Marisiah Fel, before she is captured by the legions of bounty hunters vying to secure the bounty Darth Krayt has put on her head. It was during this mission that Makai encountered Vlenn Ba'Hett - the 250 year old brother of Sharad Hett! It was through Vlenn's guidence that Makai came to meet this true sister Ragio Hett, who revealed his true birth right to him. Makai/Rajastha and the Imperial-Alliance task force continue to pursue leads on the wearabouts of the Princess. Played by Scott Pugliese

Cordy (Moved on)


"Man, she's a smooth piece of work. You could stack ice cubes on her head and they wouldn't melt. Unarmed, unless she was hiding a weapon somewhere I couldn't spot it. Very attractive, too, but there's something spooky about her."

- Lando Calrissian

An attractive, blonde-haired Human female, Cordy (the only name she'll give or answer to) has always been something of a drifter, wandering from place to place, never spending more than a few months on one world before heading off to another. Fairly widely skilled, she tended to work passage to whatever destination caught her eye, though she also had no problems mingling with the luxury-class set when the mood struck her.

More recently, she started working with the GA – again, for no particular reason anyone can identify – acting as crew for a ship that often did odd little runs that required a certain amount of discretion, or , more accurately, “plausible deniability”. On the outskirts of the adventures of Makai-Vel Niyoti, Jaina Zahn, Dexter Vashti, and the ill-fated “Lara Secura”, she spent the next while carrying on the odd-jobs here and there, until she ended up on the same ship as an unlikely mob that got approached by GA Intelligence – and Emperor Fel – to retrieve the Emperor's daughter Marasiah. With nothing better to do, and a certain amount of curiosity piqued, she tagged along, hoping that her ability to talk her way out of trouble almost as fast as the rest of the group get her into it might just help them complete their mission...

In terms of personality, she's pretty easy-going, with a playful streak that sometimes seems to compel her to make jokes and such at the expense of those around her – though if she does cause offence by this, she is more than happy to offer an immediate and sincere apology. Not that this is too likely to stop her doing it again... On other occasions, she might seem distracted, almost as if she's not entirely sure where she is at that point, but she won't give any explanation for these incidents no matter how much people flutter their eyelashes (or equivalent) at her. The same also goes for what happens when she gets into a fight – her attitude and demeanour in such situations prompted one former acquaintance to comment “I've seen assassins more warm and fuzzy than Cordy when she gets going...”

Played by Alex Vincent.

Shan Draay (Deceased)

Jedi Master 50 BBY – Shan Draay, a Yakoran was born 46 BBY – Draay leaves his homeworld and goes to the Jedi temple to train 32 BBY - Draay is a little slower than the other padawans but gets assigned to Master Tholme 32-22 BBY – Whilst training with Tholme meets and falls in love with Aayla Secura but it is unrequited. 22 - 19 BBY – Recently knighted Draay is one of the 212 Jedi task force sent to Geonosis to rescue Anakin and Obi-Wan 19 BBY – 6 ABY - Like every other Jedi Draay becomes a Jedi General and fights in the Clone Wars. His natural abilities make him suitable for Black Ops work. He has a small commando unit under his command, and it’s the fact he only has 4 troopers with him that allows Draay to survive Order 66. Unlike other Jedi he did not return to the Jedi Temple. Knowing that something was very wrong he set up the Network. A loose organisation that help force users escape the Great Jedi Purge. 12 ABY – Meets with Luke Skywalker who confers the title of Jedi Master to him. Luke has finally rid the universe of Darth Sidious and asks Draay to help him establish a New Jedi Order. For the next few years Draay travels the galaxies looking up his contacts and pointing them and their children to the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. 20 ABY -30 ABY works closely with Kyle Katarn, particularly during the Yuuzhan Vong war. Takes on two new apprentices against his better judgement but they prove to revive him and put a spring back in his step. 40 ABY – 41 ABY Draay has grown fond of the Jedi Order, in particular the Skywalkers and his own padawan, now Jedi Knights. During the war both his padawan and Mara Jade Skywalker are killed by Darth Caedus. Draay’s heart is broken, his grief overwhelms him and Draay leaves the Galactic Alliance behind him. 42 ABY to 120 ABY – Draay wanders his old network seeking out lost tribes and people who use the force but are neither Jedi or Sith. He learns new ways to use and move in the force and eventually his broken heart is healed. While staying with the Matukai he befriends a young monk called Shraamin Sanyasi. 126 ABY – Answers a call from Kol Skywalker to return to the academy on Ossus he brings Sanyasi. They arrive and witness the massacre of Ossus by the Sith. Dark feelings surround Draay and he throws the pilot out of the way and gets the shuttle to safety. For the next couple of years he stays hidden with Sanyasi and a young Jedi called Dexter Vashti. 129 ABY – Draay re-joins the GA in order to give better protection to his charges. He puts himself in the position of Advisor/conscience of the Galactic Alliance.

Darth Krayt

Darth Krayt, blamed himself for the destruction of the Jedi Order and became a bounty hunter. During one of his missions, he found himself on Korriban, where he trained as a Sith by Dark Lord XoXaan. He eventually fell to the dark side after capture and torture by the Yuuzhan Vong and soon proclaimed himself Dread Lord and Dark Lord of the Sith, taking the name "Darth Krayt". As Krayt, he became the founder and leader of the One Sith. As Krayt, he rebuilt the Sith Order and kept its existence hidden from the Jedi by cloaking their presence on Korriban. To survive, Krayt spent many years in stasis before reemerging to form an alliance with Moff Nyna Calixte and to spark the Sith-Imperial War that led to the destruction of the Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. At the climax of the war, Krayt deposed Emperor Roan Fel and brought about the murder of the current Jedi Order.

Darth Talon

Darth Talon

Darth Talon is a female Lethan Twi'lek Sith Lord in Darth Krayt's One Sith as of 137 ABY. Talon was styled with black Sith tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku; each having been earned in ritual combat and inscribed by Krayt himself. As a Sith apprentice, Talon was trained by a fellow Twi'lek Sith Lord named Darth Ruyn, whom she later killed on Krayt's command with a swift decapitating strike of her lightsaber, shortly before ascending to the rank of full fledged Sith Lord herself.

Recognizing her unshakable loyalty, Krayt had Talon become one of his two Hands, extensions of his own will. In this capacity, Talon found herself working alongside the other of Krayt's Hands, Darth Nihl. Talon was often tasked with her master's most important missions.

Yaga Auchs (Deceased)


Yaga Auchs was a male Human Mandalorian warrior who fought during the Sith–Imperial War. However, he was loyal not to the rightful Mandalore, but to a third party who wanted the Mandalorians out of the war. After betraying Hondo Karr and Chernan Ordo at the Battle of Botajef, Auchs took command of the remaining Mandalorian forces. As a result, he claimed the title of Mandalore for himself and kept the Mandalorians out of the rest of the war.

Hondo Karr (Deceased)

Hondo Karr

Hondo Karr was a Human male Mandalorian, and who served next to Mand'alor Chernan Ordo in the Battle of Botajef. During the battle he was betrayed and, in order to survive and expose the traitor, put on the armor of stormtrooper and got conscripted into the Joker Squad, a unit in the Army of the Fel Empire. Ten years later, during the Second Imperial Civil War, Karr deserted the new Empire at the Battle of Borosk and found his way into the Galactic Alliance Remnant's famed Rogue Squadron, where he fought for some time, until a chance arose for him to reunite with his former wife and return to the Mandalorian ways, deciding to hunt down the one who betrayed him and bring him to justice.

Jaedan Vos

The last Jedi to be granted the rank of Knight before the reign of Darth Krayt began. Jaedan is a young human in the style of Qui-Gon Jinn who was hand picked by Jedi Master Draay to further the education of both Ken and Davin Chase. Played by Alex Barrett

Luceya Shan

Luceya's parents were treasure hunters until her mother unfortunately got pregnant with twins. It cost the family money while they waited for her to give birth to two girls, Helena and Luceya. As soon as Luceya began to show her force potential she was immediately handed over to the Jedi and her mother resumed her hunting with husband and Helena in tow. Luceya never saw them again. Training at the Jedi Academy on Ossus she developed a talent for Battle Meditation while training with Jedi Master Odan-Urr who would later train Nomi Sunrider. However the quest for adventure was in her blood and she wanted to be away from the restriction of the Jedi Temple. During the Great Sith war she got her wish and accompanied Jedi Master Kreia on her journey's to the Outer Rim for knowledge. There they befriended a blonde humanoid called Cordy who was also searching for ancient secrets. Cordy would later become a great asset to Kreia at the Trayus Academy. Luceya realised her master was leaning towards the Dark Side and after learning she intended to follow one of her former pupils, Revan she reported them to Jedi Master Atris head of the Jedi Council. Kreia and her pupils were expelled from the Jedi and her teachings were denounced. The Council thought this would be an end to the issue but Luceya knew differently. In an attempt to prevent her former master falling to the Dark Side she followed Kreia as she searched for Revan and fell into a trap. Instead of killing her Kreia froze her pupil in Carbonite as a permanent warning to all who would betray her. For over 4,000 years Luceya stayed frozen until Cordy found her in Palpatine's tomb and restored her to her family as she had promised she would. Now Luceya is doing her best to cope in a galaxy ruled by the sith and try to train her wayward great, great etc nephew Davin in the proper use of his force powers. With a new Triumverate forming Luceya is getting a big sense of deja vu. Played by Alex Vincent



Mallatobuck was impregnated by Chewbacca at the Tree of Life festival on the year before his death. Malla brought the child to term and named her Jowovaykkata. However, imperial splinters learned of the child and the practical uses the child of the famous Chewbacca could have, both from a propaganda and a morale point of view. The child was successfully stolen away from Kashykk in a high-risk covert operation. Seventeen years pass as Jowovaykkata grows and learns within the imperial's control. She has a natural affinity for mechanics and was put to work primarily in repairing and building ship systems - but that isn't to say that they forsook her combat training. Rigorous and plentiful, the imperials put Jowova through her paces in melee and blaster practices, however as she grew older (and bigger) they found it harder and harder to control her when put under such stimuli, and after one particularly nasty incident where she clawed five troopers during training, they reduced the combat sessions. Jowova was content to be spending more time in the hanger bay. That was, until a new addition to the mechanics staff caught her attention. An older, human man had joined the team in repairing craft, however his interest was clearly not on the fighters he was meant to be servicing. Seeming to be finding excuses to be around her, he slowly fed her pieces of information about her past, about who and what she is. This went on for two weeks, until eventually Kyla Katarn revealed himself and his mission to her. Kyle returned her to Kashykk where she gained her adult name Jowovaykam. Unable to live up to her father’s legacy and not wanting to bring the imperials back to Kashykk, she goes off into hiding, and eventually joined Calo Ordo's crew. After adventuring with Calo the crew went their separate ways. Played by Anthony Edmonds