Star Wars: Legacy - Once upon a Time

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000 BBY – The Battle of Yavin – Luke Skywalker destroys the Death Star

004 ABY – The Battle of Endor – Destruction of Death Star II and the defeat of the Emperor

030 ABY – Darth Krayt begins forming his One Sith on Korriban.

090 ABY – Calo Ordo born on Mandalore

125 ABY – Davin Chase’s parents killed on Kesh, Davin is raised by the Lost Tribe of the Sith

127 ABY – The Ossus project is started, it’s aim, to heal and revive a hundred world’s across the galaxy. Sabotaged by Darth Maladi it caused the Moff Council to declare war on the Galactic Alliance. Late in this year at the Battle of Botajef, Yaga Auchs becomes Mandalore after the death of Chernan Ordo. The new Mandalore orders his forces to retreat to their homeworld.

128 ABY – Calo Ordo banished from Mandalore, he was the last person to leave. Mandalore Auchs declares the planet neutral and puts a forcefield around it to protect the citizens. Darth Krayt and the One Sith side with the Fel Empire in the Sith-Imperial war.

130 ABY – Massacre of the Jedi on Ossus. The Fel Empire splits into Darth Krayt's Galactic Empire and the Empire-in-exile. A young Makai-Vel Niyoti witnesses the death of his parents and flees to the Matukai homeworld.

135 ABY – Darth Krayt begins his purge of the planets that previously aided the Rebel Alliance over a hundred years ago. Jaina Zahn & Dexter Vashti witness the burning of Kashyyk and with the returning Makai-Vel rescue a tribe of Ewoks from the Genocide of Endor. Together they prevent Darth Talon from using the Kaiburr Crystal and bury her under Circarpous V. (Episode One)Darth Krayt’s anger at the loss of one of his key followers leads to the creation of “The hundred” a list of criminals who have angered him. The list is published and a reward is offered for each name on the list, dead or alive. Davin Chase leaves Kesh.

136 ABY - After a period of contemplation to purge himself of the Dark Side, Makai-Vel trains to be an Imperial Knight. During his final test he is captured by Admiral Kolaff. He escapes the Star Destroyer withe the aid of Davin Chase, Jade, Galen Trist and John Reico. Crash landing on an unknown planet they come across the tribe of Father Fang and together sabotage the building of a new Death Star. (Episode Two)

137 ABY – The group are dispatched by Emperor Fel and the Galactic Alliance to rescue Fel’s daughter on Tatooine. Fighting off hordes of Bounty Hunters with the aid of Calo Ordo, they reach her too late and find she has fled with Cade Skywalker. (Episode Three) They head to planet Volik and find the Mask of Darth Nihilius for the pirate Rav. The team proceed to collect Vlenn Ba’Hetts body from Regina before re-joining the Galactic Alliance. (Episode Four)