Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs 2

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Episode Two: Escape From the Empire

Week 1 - Starfall

(based on the scenario by Rob Jenkins and Michael Stern).

As part of Darth Krayt’s purge, Admiral Kolaff has teamed up with the feared Jedi Hunter Krutag in capturing members of Krayt’s Top 100. So far they have successfully captured Makai-Vel Niyoti, Davin Chase, Jade and Galen Trist. It was during their capture of John Reico that they ran into a problem. Reico was in the middle of a deal with members of the Black Sun and although currency had been exchanged, the goods hadn’t. The Black Sun thought this was a set up and attacked the Star Destroyer, badly damaging it. Hiding in the Outer Rim territories the Admiral began torturing his inmates, never once asking them a question, just torturing them. While they were resting in their cells, several massive explosions rocked the ship and the lights in the cell area went out. Realising the magnetic seals had gone on their doors the inmates forced their escape and killed the patrolling guardsmen and stole their armour and weapons. While John and Galen searched for a computer terminal to find out what was going on, the others rescued another prisoner, Walex Blissex who turned out to be the architect of this class of Star Destroyer. Despite John’s urges to leave him the rest of the team carried him with them. John eventually hacked the terminal and found a time delayed message from the Admiral, the Star Destroyer has been set to self-destruct!

Week 2 – Journey to the Core

Walex Blissex explained to the players that the self destruct can only be deactivated at the engine core. With Galen Trist and Makai-Vel Niyoti helping Walex, the other three members led the way. While crossing through various bits of wreckage they came across a MSE-6 droid. John Reico picked it up and looked at it before Jade took it off him and shot it. They came to a wide and low corridor where they were caught between six stormtroopers and three stormtroopers with a tripod mounted Blaster Cannon. Surviving the crossfire the team found themselves in a Medical Bay where John Reico poisoned the bacta tanks. Finally making it to the Engine Core Walex and John hacked into the system only to find they couldn’t stop the countdown. However they have sped it up by an hour. In theory the ship will explode long before the Imperial Knights arrive and save them. John found out that a shuttle craft was being readied in hanger G-12. Then Admiral Kolaff sprung his trap and two dozen Sith enhanced Dark-Troopers surrounded them. Davin Chase force powers re-emerged and he took out three of them with a thought. Walex reconfigured the energy in the core to act like a repulsor lift and all the characters jumped to safety dramatically. Down below they found a droid tunnel that could take them to the hanger bay. Crawling through this they were almost crushed in a flood of droids trying to escape. Emerging from the tunnel they met and befriended T-3P0 who agreed to show them to the hanger bay.

Week 3 – The Great Escape

The group instructed T-3P0 to take them to Hanger G-12. After shooting their way past a turret cannon, they found themselves in a corridor with zero gravity, thanks to a pirate fighter ship that had broken through the Star Destroyers hull. Flying through the hull they were attacked stormtroopers with rocket packs. Although they had superior manoeuvrability the team took them out. T-3P0 got them to a smoke filled hanger H-12. The hanger had a squad of Stormtroopers and a few AT-ST’s. John Reico shape changed into a rat and was able to get to the control centre with no problems. Then changing into Admiral Kolaff he ordered the Stormtroopers to attack the players. This was all according to Galen Trist’s plan. Makai-Vel Niyoti and Davin Chase took on the Stormtroopers while Galen and Jade got Walex Blissex and T-3P0 to the lift that would get them to the lift. Unfortunately for Reico he noticed the real Captain Kolaff boarding an At-St. Kolaff didn’t appreciate Reico’s impression of him and started firing. The team managed to survive and get down to Hanger G-12. Here they were greeted by a member of the Sith and a squad of Sith DarkTroopers. The Sith revealed herself to be Lira Blissex who was holding a Thermal Detonator. She threw it at the team, Reico caught it and threw it straight up at the Koloff’s AT-ST that was about to take a shot at them. A force spirit appeared to Davin Chase and indicated a crate that was being loaded onto the shuttle. Davin summoned the crate through the force, colliding it purposely with the Sith and breaking her neck. The crate broke open revealing Koloff’s treasures which included all their weaponry. Makai-Vel Niyoti and Davin both used the force to get their lightsabers and made short work of the Sith Dark Troopers. Getting on board the shuttle and taking with them Walex,T-3P0 and Lira’s corpse they got clear of the Star Destroyer just in time. John Reico advised them to plot a course to a hideout of his where they could recuperate. The hideout was on a planet on the other side of some empty space in the Outer rim. The space wasn’t empty for long as the ship dragged them out of hyperspace as they were on a collision course with a planet surrounded by Imperial mines. Then various alarms went off as the bounty Hunter Krutag got missile lock on them.

Week 4 – In the Belly of the Snake

John Reico, currently masquerading as Admiral Kolaff persuades Crutag not to open fire and they both agree to land on the mystery planet and talk. As they approach the planet the sky darkens and red lightning strafes both ships doing serious damage to both. Through the considerable mechanical skills of Makai-Vel Niyoti and John Reico the ship is kept from flying apart. Galen Trist’s superior piloting skills allow our heroes to land safely on the planet. Thick green fog surrounds them as they leave the ship, John Reico waits ‘til everyone is out and then drops some grenades destroying the ship and Lira Blissex’s corpse. The team are attacked by a dragonsnake and survive with much hacking and slashing. They then come across a lost tribe of Draden, although Makai-Vel Niyoti does his best to communicate the Draden they do not talk back. Other team members notice the Draden circling the team and that some of them now have glowing red eyes. The Draden then change into Nashtah and attack. The team kill three of them and the remaining creatures eat their dead. The green fog begins to dissipate and there is no trace of either the Draden or the Nashtah. Makai-Vel Niyoti feels a dark side presence near their crashed ship, the team agrees to investigate it while Davin Chase goes into a force trance to speak to his ancestors.

Week 5 – Welcome to my Nightmare

The team return to where the ship had been and there is no trace of it. Through the fog they hear screams and blaster fire and decide to investigate. They find three of Krutag's crew scared to death and a Jedi called Jezabella Marr amongst them. Initially cautious they agree to work together when they get attacked by two rancors. John Reico and Galen Trist take on the smaller one while the three force users attacked the larger enraged one. Eventually beating the beasts they set off to find the Dark Side Nexus point. Along the way they encounter various creatures and a troop of zombie jedi. Creatures and zombie alike seem unwilling to attack Jezabella Marr. Eventually they find the Nexus it is in a cave under a blackened and knarled tree. Throwing caution to the wind John Reico and Davin Chase descend and both are tested by the Dark Side. Meanwhile Makai-Vel Niyoti and Jezabella Marr mentally prepare themselves before descending.

Week 6 – Step into my parlour

Their preparations complete Makai-Vel Niyoti and Jezabella Marr descend into the cave below the gnarled tree. Galen Trist stands guard outside. All three of them are unaware that Davin Chase has been sorely tested by the Sith and been redeemed while John Reico has succumbed. Makai and Jezabella are tested and mock the Dark Jedi into revealing himself. Together with Davin they rescue the Jedi and destroy the Dark Side Nexus. With the mist clearing Galen can see a hyper-baride plant in the distance with an active space port. They later that the plant is preparing hyperbarides for a new, more deadly Death Star. The group head for the plant and come across a cat person fighting a Dragonsnake. After beating the snake with his bare fists he introduces himself as Father Fang and offers them shelter and the help of his people to get into the plant. He explains that his people were taken from his homeworld and put to work at the plant. This world was once a paradise but the plant has poisoned both his people and the planet. In order for his people’s help a champion from the group must face the communities champion. Davin initially steps forward but as the duel requires a two-handed weapon he lets Makai-Vel take his place. Makai fights the champion to the death, as is the custom of the Togarians and the village agrees to help the visitors.

Week 7 – Et Tu Brute

While Makai’s wounds are tended by the females of the village, the rest of the group are introduced to two other visitors who crashed onto the planet a couple of months ago. Father Fang is eager that they join the group as every day they are here they threaten the safety of his people. The group work out the best plan for infiltrating the Plant, meanwhile the two visitors realise the value of the group and agree to hand them over to the Sith at the first opportunity. At shift change, when the largest number of Togarians are in the plant, Jezabella Marr enters the control room and disables their restraining cuffs allowing Fang to lead them into a riot. Makai-Vel Niyoti and Davin Chase use their lightsabers to cut through the wall into the hanger Bay. The two visitors run off to disable the plant’s generators but in reality find the Base Commander and tell him the whole plan. Outside Galen Trist is giving contrary orders in order to confuse the swamp-troopers. All is going well until a platoon finds him and start attacking. The two visitors lead a platoon to the two Jedi and attack. Makai-vel retaliates but force pushing a chunk of wall into the traitors and the platoon and killing them. The alarms go off all over the plant and to make the day complete a Sith ship lands outside the Plant. A Dark Lord dis-embarks with three guards.

Week 8 – Big Badda-Boom

The Sith are heading for the location of the Dark side Nexus so our heroes have a little time before they turn up. Makai-Vel Niyoti locates a suitable transport and powers it up. Jezabella Marr kills all bit one member of the control room personnel in fair combat, and that member gets knocked out by an arriving Father Fang. Given control of the plant by Jezabella, Galen Trist clears up any remaining issues and makes the plant vulnerable to attack before joining the team and boarding the freighter. Jezabella and Davin take some fuel to Jezabella’s X-Wing and Davin watches as he takes off. When the Davin returns to the hanger he realises that the Freighter has also gone and that the Sith are approaching the plant. In a desperate bid, he climbs into the escape pod of the remaining ship and launches himself out of the plant. With the guidance of his force ghost he uses Force Push to send himself into orbit as the X-Wing launches its torpedoes destroying the plant and the Sith. The team all re-unite and arrive at the flagship of the Galactic Alliance. Important meetings are being held their between Emperor Fel of the Empire and Admiral Stazi as to a future alliance between the two. Fel personally de-briefs Makai-Vel and Galen Trist to get an idea of how useful the GA members were to their survival. Meanwhile Davin and Jezabella are met by the representative from the Jedi council Shan Draay. Draay tests Davin and finds no trace of the Dark side in him. Draay was also the master to Davin’s parents and in their memory agrees that he should be a Jedi Knight. He teaches him to build his own lightsaber and then asks Jezabella to train him. She refuses. Meanwhile Fel personally oversees Makai-Vel induction into the Imperial Knights and promotes Galen Trist to Commander. He then announces he has a mission for the team as a whole. His daughter has been spotted on Tatooine and the Sith are on the way to capture her. He requests they set off immediately to save his daughter.