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Sith Wars - Campaign Logs Pilot

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Episode Four: Forgotten Armies

Introduction – The Curious Disappearance of the Scout in the Night

A mercenary group is hired by the Imperial-Alliance Joint Initiative to investigate the disappearance of one of their scout ships in a remote sector. Travelling to the last known location of the scout vessel, they find that one of the planets in the system shows readings of an somekind of outpost.

Part 1 - Encounter at Dusty Ridge

Upon landing, the merc team discovers the crashed scout vessel, minus it's data module and flight recorder. The mercs detect no lifeforms on the planet, but scans reveal possible industrial activity. They decide to investigate in hopes of turning up the module and recorder. Some team members remain to repair damage caused to their ship while landing, and to be ready for a fast getaway. At a dusty ridge, the mercs are suprised to find brand new Clone Wars style battle droids patroling and guarding what appears to be an old style battle droid production plant and town a click from their location. Members of the team attempt to communicate with the droids, the leader of which responds, "Your identity is not recognized, uhhh, you are under arrest."

The team opens fire - the merc scouts had taken up high ground positions and laid down supressive fire, allowing the other team members to take cover. Once in position, the team eventually dispatches the droid patrol. One of the team members was badly wounded during the exchange and returns to the merc transport for further medical supplies. Thereafter, scout trained Imperialist Tarrin Volk performs reconnaissance of the town and facilities, and hacks into the main network, finding out that this droid production outpost was established during the latter part of the Clone Wars. When the Wars went badly for the Sepratists, this particular outpost was forgotten. Tarrin realizes she will be unable to hack into the core without greater resources. Tarrin communicates all of this to the team, suggesting that perhaps the Imperial-Alliance Fleets could make use of these droids and facilities in the War against the One Sith Imperials.

Part 2 - Showdown at B1 Corral

The rest of the team that had remained at the ridge move out to join Tarrin in the town/facility. They pan out, Tarrin and the other scount head for one of the main warehouses. The others search the town. The scout team finds the module and recorder in the warehouse, but our descended upon by wardroids and droidikas! About this time, the others find a speeder transport in town and are radioed by the scouts. Just as the scout team is exiting the warehouse under heavy fire, the rest of the team arrives with the speeder. As the pilot runs down some of the droids about to decend upon the scounts from behind the warefhouse. After the deed is done the Zabrak merc says, "I guess it's time we let them 'rust' in peace," and puts on his shades. They all barely escape the town, with battle droids and wardroids in fast pursuit! The scouts hop out of the speeder and leg it for the scount ship crash site. When they arrive, they are able to access the inform from the module and recorder, making copies. They also discover information among the data indicating the current whereabouts of the Imperial Princess!