Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs 3

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Episode Three: Return of the Princess

Week 1 – A little less conversation

After a de-brief by the GA’s top Intelligence Officer, who explains that he has an agent, Dana Nuj on the Star Destroyer Relentless. The Agent has broken cover for the first time in three years with the news about Marasiah Fel . Dana has sabotaged the Star Destroyer’s engine in order to buy some time for the GA’s agents to get there ahead of the Sith. Unfortunately the ships Captain has put a huge bounty on Fel’s head and every Bounty Hunter and wannabe is heading for Tatooine. To help the team blend in he assigns a Mandalorian Mercenary, Calo Ordo to aid them. For this new mission Makai-Vel Niyoti disguises himself as a tribal spacer by the name Moodan Sudo. Upon arriving at the Space Station Father Fang blows Dana’s cover. A large furry alien walking into an Imperial Officer’s bar and asking for the location of an officer is viewed very suspiciously. Calo gets the information he needs from an old contact but arrive too late. A Mandalorian warrior leaves via an airlock while Dana is slumped on the floor between an Imperial Officer and two bounty hunters. The Imperial Officer pins Dana’s murder on our heroes and orders the base sealed. With a little help from Cordy they survive the FUBAR and get Dana’s body and themselves off of the space station before lockdown. They discover that Dana was killed by a poison dart of Mandalorian manufacture. Her datapad contains all the credentials they need to land on Tatooine and avoid hanging out in orbit with all the awaiting bounty hunter ships. They also diagnose the Relentless is five days away from Tatooine, however it took a day for them to get her as well. Splitting into three groups they search Mos Eisley for information on the missing princess. Davin Chase finds himself in the Cantina and signs up for Jodo Kast’s posse that are heading out into the Waste Lands at first dawn. He then gets involved in a Lum-guzzling competition and passes out after two drinks. Calo Ordo and Cordy learn that the local gossip is called Labria and find the drunken bum being beaten up by three bounty hunters for information. Saving him, Labria agrees to help them out and they take him back to the freighter. Makai-Vel Niyoti, Father Fang and Jezabella Marr walk around the market. They end up in a second hand Landspeeder shop where the owner tries to rip them off. An unusually aggressive Father Fang throws him through a window and starts a fight with three bounty hunters in the shop. Makai-Vel mind tricks the owner into believing that they saved him from being beaten up by the bounty hunters. The owner is so grateful he sells the Land Speeder at trade price. To calm down Father Fang goes for a walk and comes across a street preacher of the Oim-U faith who invites him to visit their community in the Wastes. Meanwhile Makai-Vel over hears a conversation that one of the oldest inhabitants of Tatooine has been killed.

Week 2 – Last of the Old Guard

Makai-Vel Niyoti and Father Fang follow up on the death of the Oldster Heff. His daughter Tebbi tells them he was hassled by some Bounty Hunters and then killed. She found him with a poison dart near his body, though she didn't know what it was. She told them the remaining Oldsters were Slag and Vlen Calo Ordo and Cordy got Labria talking and wangled an invite to meet Slag Flats, a local crime lord and potentially the person who has hidden Marasiah Fel. At first twilight, Labria took them to an old water silo near Tower Ridge on the outskirts of the Waste Lands. When they get inside they find four bodies on the floor and a dead Slag with a dart in her neck. The doors to the silo are then magnetically sealed and the silo begins to fill up with water. The others have gathered at the Cantina, Davin Chase prevents Father Fang from blowing their cover once again. While Makai-Vel questions the bartender three patrons walk out and head for Blogga the Hutts townhouse. Jezabella Marr follows them and in her ghost form is able to avoid the Rancor trap. Blogga is getting suspicious of the PCs and orders a hit on them. Jezabella returns to the bar and a couple of hours later the PCs realise people are watching them, Father Fang showily leaves through the front door, hoping to draw out any unwanted attention. Makai and Davin go out the back but they are followed by four bounty hunters. Four more block the exits to the alley ways, Puggles Trodd apologises and tells them it's nothing personal and then ducks back inside while the firefight starts. Meanwhile back at the silo, Cordy and Calo have floated to the surface of the room and escaped. They radio back to the others and let them know that Vlen is next. Before pursuing the escaping Bounty Hunters who just tried to kill them. Makai and Davin ignite lightsabers and attack the Bounty Hunters. Drawn by the sound of blasters, Father Fang runs around to join them. Between them they take down five of the BH, one surrenders when he sees the other two leg it. Fang chases them and stops when they are gunned down in the street by an old man. He introduces himself as Vlen Ba'Hett and tells the PC's to come with him. Jezabella hides the bodies and take the three that are alive back to the ship and stores them securely. Calo and Cordy interrogate the one remaining Bounty Hunter who tells them they work for Jodo Kast who wanted them to bring him Slag. However a man with lots of credits and a knife for a hand wanted her killed and give them a Mandalorian dart to leave at the scene. Vlen tells the PCs that Marasiah could be in one of three places where people are still loyal to her father: Lank's Farm, the Tusken Fort and Sedi Fisk's desert manor. He advised them to rest up and they'd head out tomorrow after the rest of their party has caught up with them.

Week 3 – Midnight at the Oasis

The characters gather at Vlenn Ba’Hett’s place and at second dawn head out to the Wastes, after being warned about how to behave in front of tuskens. The journey is hard going. First they come across a group of bounty hunters being attacked by three Krayt dragons. They choose not to help them, taking a survival of the fittest approach. As they cross a sand dune a giant Krayt Dragon emerges from it and attacks them. Father Fang and Jezabella Marr leap on the creature and batter it into submission. Davin Chase loses his concentration while moving a heavy skull to attack the dragon, fortunately Calo Ordo was able to deal with it. Cordy was able to help Vlenn to steer clear of the creature. The first port of call was Sedi Fisk’s manor but that was in ruins and had been for a few months. While they were exploring they disturbed a nest of wamp rats and had to fight their way back to the skiff. First twilight was imminent so Vlenn took them to the Oasis, a religious retreat in the middle of the Wastes. The team were welcomed with open arms and provided with food, drink and a place to rest. The Jedi seemed to have issues with the Dim-U people’s religion but they eventually got over it. While they were dining smoke grenades were fired into the compound. When the hall was filled with smoke five bounty hunters fired randomly in through the front door. Davin, Ordo and Fang took out the grenade lobbers, while Jezabella attacked the five bounty hunters. This provided a big enough distraction for Cordy to sneak out and take out the bounty hunters her way. Fang underestimated his strength and killed his opponent, a feat he is now doing penance for. Davin captured his opponent alive. Cordy and Jezzie took out the rest.

Week 4 – Snipers, & Bounty Hunters and Tusken’s, oh my!

After advising the Dim-U to move to an alternate location before Jodo Kast turns up, our heroes proceed to Lank’s farm. The place has recently been shot up and as they explore the ruins they can hear someone sobbing. Cordy and Makai-Vel Niyoti circle behind the building where the sobbing is coming from, while Davin Chase stands in front of the building and gets shot at by a sniper. Makai-Vel Niyoti disarms the sniper who turns out to be the sole survivor of a massacre and listens as she tells her tale. Vlenn Ba’Hett takes he back to Mos Eisley and Father Fang accompanied them. The team then came across a group of ten Bounty Hunters who’d had the snot kicked out of them by Marasiah Fel and a few Tuskens. They then tried to go through a narrow ravine only to be almost trampled to death by a herd of stampeding Bantha dragging the bodies of three bounty hunters. Eventually they reached the Tusken Fort where they were expected. Taken to Marasiah Fel who had mistaken them for Agents of the Sith, she surprised them with an army of Tuskens all prepared to do her bidding. Makai-Vel convinced her that he was an Imperial Knight and they’d been sent to collect her by her father. Makai-Vel was then led away by Raito Hett, the leader of the Tuskens and taken to their sacred temple. There she revealed that she was his sister and that he was descended from the Clone Wars hero Sharad Hett and that Vlenn was his uncle. She also revealed that his true name is Rajastha Hett. Meanwhile a squad of Bounty Hunters attacked the main hall where our heroes were feasting. One of the Tuskens turned on the others and held his swordarm to Fel’s throat. Davin’s lightsaber malfunctioned and discharged all it’s energy into the ceiling. Jodo Kast shot Cordy for disrespecting him and seemed to have killed her. Jezabella Marr leapt into battle but was undone by the number of Hunters and a Yuzhan Vong. Davin and Calo Ordo presumed they’d taken out Jodo Kast and joined in the battle. Meanwhile Makai-Vel and the tuskens rushed to aid the Princess only to be mercilessly slaughtered by one of Jodo’s Hunters. Every tusken died, including Raito Hett.

Week 5 – And then there was four, no five!

A miraculously revived Cordy took out Swordhand while the wounded Makai-Vel Niyoti removed Marasiah Fel from the area, only to discover she was actually Imperial Knight Kin Jansen. The Yuzhan Vong had done severe damage to Jezabella Marr but she was still able to jump in front of Davin Chase and take the poisoned darts aimed at him by Jodo Kast. Davin wouldn’t let anyone die for him and healed Jezabella Marr. When she was stabilised Calo Ordo sot a dart of his own into her neck, this dart contained the antidote to the poison. Davin healed her again and the trio were ready for action once more. There was no need for this as there was a loud crash when Father Fang and a herd of Banthas crashed the fight. He had seen the flare from the lightsaber and brought help. After they defeated the remaining bounty hunters, Jodo and his two lieutenants having already fled the scene, Fang went outside and was reduced to ash by a basilisk war droid. The remaining members and Kin Jansen raced back to the docking bay only to find it barricaded by Stormtroopers. Ramming the skiff through them, they boarded the ship and barely made it into hyperspace as the Star Destroyer fired on them. End of Episode Three

Episode Three Epilogue – Seven Nights on Socorro

The team arrived on Socorro just as a Sith Flyer was leaving, all the Jedi on-board felt it’s presence but only Makai-Vel Niyoti received a message: “I’ll be back for you” it was a resurrected Darth Talon. Landing at the Imperial Mission they learned that Marasiah Fel had escaped with a pirate called Cade and his crew. Makai-Vel and Kin Jansen buried their comrade Elke Vetter. Jansen stayed behind to help repair the mission while Makai-Vel took the team to Vlenn Ba’hett’s apartment. There he explained all that had happened to him on Tatooine. Calo Ordo and Cordy went to see Rav, a Feeorin pirate and owner of the bounty clearing house on Socorro. While there he offered them a job to retrieve the mask of Darth Nihilus.

Week 6 – The Mask of Darth Nihilus

Waiting for the team at the apartment was Maya Gemini, she is on the run from her home planet and scared of Bounty Hunters. Makai-Vel Niyoti was not impressed that all Vlenn's "guidence" and "leads" had led the task force on a path that was always 2 or 3 steps behind the Princess. The revelation that Princess Marisiah was now in the custody of the pirate Cade Skywalker - notorious bounty hunter, Jedi hunter, and all around scoundrel - was the last straw. Makai had had enough of Vlenn's so called "leads" and was determined to find "new ways to motivate" Vlenn to produce more productive assistance. Makai telepathically messaged Jezzerella to distract Maya, and comlinked Cordy and Calo to do the same when they arrived. Makai asked Davin to obtain the password to Vlenn's commputer. Makai then, using Maya's own droid, obtained the passwords and encyptions to the Vlenn's database, which mostly contained ancient, undiscerable glyphs and writing. But Makai knew this was part of the information precious to Vlenn's studies, research, and quest regarding the ancient origins of the Force. So, Makai made a copy of the database on datasticks, and set up his own encryption and passwords to contain the data base. His purpose in doing so was that if Vlenn wanted access to it again without destoying it, he would need to deal with Makai. Cordy and Calo Ordo received a full briefing on their mission. Rav wanted them to collect the mask of Darth Nihilius from the planet Volik. A ship crashed there a century ago carrying the precious cargo. Rav had heard a smuggler called Sando had discovered it and wanted it so he could sell to the highest bidder. Returning to the apartment Maya blended into the shadows to hide from the Mandalorian. After discussion they all agreed to assist though Cordy and Calo ensured they never mentioned Darth Nihilus once. Arriving at Volik they learned that a beacon on top of Mount Vorena could lead them to the ship. Activating the beacon they were attacked by a wannabe Sith Lord and his friends. After a brief battle the Wannabes legged it. The beacon revealed that the ship was buried under the mountain. When they got there they found Sando and his gang moving crates around. Cordy persuaded Sando that they could help them but after Maya revealed that Davin Chase was a Jedi he needed more persuading. Leaving Makai-Vel Niyoti, Jezabella Marr and Davin behind, the other three followed the Rodian into a tunnel to the buried ship. While their comrades were away the force users were alerted to the presence of the sith as two Sith possessed Rancors loomed into view. Their hides covered in Sith tattoos and their eyes glowing red.

Week 7 – The Mask of Darth Nihilus Part 2

Knowing that the Rancors were only Sith illusions, Jezabella Marr calmly walked towards them. Makai-Vel Niyoti and Davin Chase watched in horror as the creatures began to devour her. Using Force Push Davin sent the lead rancor over the cliff, not realising he was actually pushing Jezzi. Meanwhile Maya Gemini's disappearance spooked the smugglers, they threatened to shoot Cordy unless she reappeared. Maya didn't comply and a firefight broke out. Between them and Calo Ordo, the smugglers had no chance and our heroes retrieved the fabled mask. The mask whispered and tempted but Cordy couldn't hear it so she stored the mask in a compartment inside her. Meanwhile the remaining smugglers spooked by the gunfire in the cavern attacked the lightsaber wielders. After a full on skirmish our heroes emerged triumphant. Leaving the planet Cordy and Calo headed for Rav's to collect the bounty. They re-joined the others at Vlenn's apartment when there was a knock on the door.