Sith Wars - Campaign Logs 2

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Episode Six: A Nearing Phantom

Introduction – A Spine Tingling Mission

After the mysterious Myestor Darc discovered his Hoth Facility had stopped Transmitting, he sent in a team of mercenaries. This inglorious merc team failed to save the base or the planet, including the loss of all experimental data Darc had commissioned them to recover. 3 members of the merc group dissappeared, double crossing Darc and selling his experimental secrets to the Sith. A week later Myestor Darc hires a new set of mercenaries with aspirations to regain some Data from his other Sites that have all ceased Transmitting as Hoth did. This time he has made arrangements to insure that these mercs will not allow the descruction of facilities or planets, nor the data to be "lost" again. While our new mercs are in transit, their ship is boarded and they are all fitted with a device at the top of the spinal cord. This new group of mercenaries will think twice - or might not be able to think - about double crossing Myester Darc.

Part 1 - Classified until featured in a 2011 Long Block!