Star Wars: Legacy - Campaign Logs 4

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Week 1 – Things to do in Regina when you're dead

Makai-Vel Niyaati is plotting what he will say to Vlenn Ba’Hett when he turns up when there is a knock on the door. A courier from the Regina Public Order Commission bears the sad news that Vlenn has been found dead and he needs to collect the body. The rest of the group accompany him. They are given VIP access to the exessively busy port of Regina and showed to the offices of Pallod Norrim. He confirms that Vlenn has been murdered and gives them full access to all his stuff. Makai, Maya Gemini and her bodyguard Tavi go to collect Vlenn's body. Cordy goes to the bar opposite the hotel where Vlenn stayed while Calo Ordo and Davin Chase go shopping. Examining Vlenn's body Makai and Maya realise that no autopsy has been done. The coroner couldn't be bothered as Vlenn clearly died fom a gun shot wound. He had a large amount of Tusal in his blood but Maya knows he was not a junkie. Meeting at the bar opposite the hotel Calo, Davin and Makai go up to Vlenn's room while Maya and Tavi talk to fellow gang members. Maya learns that the protection provided by the cartel has been removed as Ven Yasha has peacefully left and has appointed Harlen, Maya's enemy, in his place.

Week 2 – Professor Ujinka

Makai-Vel Niyaati, Calo Ordo and Davin Chase interview the hotel staff and learn that Vlenn Ba’Hett turned up with a red-haired man and two thugs. Security footage show the two thugs waiting outside the room while Vlenn and Red-haired man go in. When the man and thugs leave the hotel they tell the receptionist if a cleaner can be sent to Vlenn's room and they drive off. There is also a note from a Professor Ujinka requesting Vlenn's presence at her house. The group keep Vlenn's appointment, the professor's house is large and expensive but walking around it they note the Professor rarely is home. While Ujinka tells them all about the Ancients and her work she is shot by an assassin. The group fight the assassin and his robots. Trashing the robots they capture the assassin. He was one of the thugs outside Vlenn's room, he tells them the red haired man was Harlen, and he shot Vlenn. They head to Startown and find a smuggler boss called Exceedingly Discreet who is a plant creature. He has no love for Harlen and agrees to get them into his orbiting base.

Week 3 – Sleeping Satellite

Smuggled aboard the satellite in an unmarked crate, our heroes emerge to find a SWAT team scanning the area for intruders. Davin Chase and Calo Ordo disguise themselves as workers. Makai-Vel Niyaati and Tavi sneak around and take the shortest route to the exit. Cordy takes the long way round. All goes well until Davin is challenged by the guards and sends them towards Cordy. Fortunately she escapes and then uses her persuasion skills to get them all out of the room. The second area is where the other smugglers chill out. There are Cordy look-a-like whores, drugs and a cantina available. Davin and Calo head for the bar and get involved in a fight between some trandoshans and a gungan. Meanwhile Makai-Vel takes Cordy and Tavi by the arm and escorts them to the next room. This room is a lavish casino and restaurant. Davin and Calo use the force to win a cool million credits. They were escorted away by security for a quiet word. The others were invited to dinner by Harlan. They tried to bluff their way through but Harlan had been following them for a while. As Sith boarded the station he realised the game was up and ordered the station to self destruct. The team escaped onto a ship piloted by Maya Gemini who promptly killed Harlen and took over running the business. The team minus Maya and Tavi, left Regina behind and headed for the ship when there was a blinding flash of light that absorbed everything. When they could see again they were on a crash course for the Galactic Alliance fleet and Makai-Vel and Vlenn Ba’Hett's body were no longer with them.

Epilogue – Talking with Hetts

Rajastha was literally taken out of time and space. He was scolded for taking too long and not following his uncle's instructions. This meant it took longer to find him and bring him aboard. He is on a giant white glowing ship. The creatures all look human but he knows they are not, everything is wrong here. It's like his brain is screaming at him to get out as it tries to leave his skull.

One of the creatures taps him on the forehead and he falls asleep with his eyes open. They use knives to pull out Rajastha’s uncle's brain stem, some circuitry and his spinal column before inserting them into a faceless clone. Over a period of time, he has no way of telling how long, the clone becomes his uncle, though a younger and healthier version. He walks up to Rajastha, smiles, and taps him on the forehead again. He wakes up. He realizes he must have been here for months but doesn’t feel tired, thirsty or hungry. Rajastha has experienced so many things though he can't remember exactly what. He is happy, healthy and naked.


Well Rajastha, you've entered a bold new world, let me bring you up to speed...

Excited and anxious, Rajastha interrupts Vlenn...


Is it solely your quest to probe the Ancient secrets of the Force and the ominous evil that you say is rising, which has driven you to seek out and adopt alien cloning technology to preserve your consciousness all these years? Or is there more to the story? And who are these alien allies of yours, anyway? What is their nature? Where are we exactly, somehow outside of time and space? Such massive power could be a great asset to the war effort against the One Sith Imperials. Since we are outside of time and space, apparently, can you catch me up on what is happening with the war against the One Sith Imperials, the status of the Fel Imperials and the Galactic Alliance - both individually, and their alliance- and what has been happening with me colleagues since I have been parted from them. Have I recently been given a similar cloned body as you have? Can these aliens give me genetic enhancements of any kind that would aid our quest and that of the War Against the One Sith? Can this technology enhance my access and ability to use the Force? Since these aliens seem to have the technology to bring us outside time and space, can we use this technology to aid the Fel Imperial/Galactic Alliance Fleet against the Sith? Can you be more straight forward with me about what you have found out so far in your quest to explore the secrets of Ancient Force users? Also, can you tell me exactly what this great evil, dark side power is that you think is rising? With this powerful alien technology you have at your disposal, can you somehow upload into my consciousness all of your research and discoveries so far?

Vlenn waits, patiently smiling, for Rajastha to take a breath from his barrage of questions...


Now, if I may continue. Since the dawn of time there have been ancient beings, powerful beings, creatures who would destroy entire universes just to hurt each other. From the stories of these ancient beings and the powers and weapons they used against each other came the beliefs of the Sith and from them the Jedi. The rule of the One Sith has woken one of these ancient beings, and we are not the only ones looking for them. You need to return to your universe, find my diaries and follow the clues. Somewhere out there is the Ancient's ship if you can find it, we can end this, before they wipe out our universe.

Rajastha bows his head slightly to convey humility and his sense of regret for his rudeness and impatience...


I beg your forgiveness. I forgot myself for a moment, lapsing into concerns of what now seems a former life before the revelations that you and the circumstances surrounding you have openned to me. That life was once very real to me, and I have trouble letting go or at least difficulty realigning my perceptions and refocusing my loyalities. I feel, as you have aluded to, that I have been suddenly jettisoned into a bold new world - both literally and figuratively. I am grateful to finally learn the first truths of your quest and cause, and to have been entrusted with it. May the Force make me worthy of that trust. Can you tell me more of this Ancient that the rule of the One Sith has awoken? You have charged me with finding your diaries and following the clues. Are your diaries missing, did you lose them, or were they stolen? What was the last know location of them? Are they literally written diaries or on computer files? I had copied all your files from your computer and database - were your diaries on these files. These files would have been on my person when I was brought aboard this vessel. Do you have those files now? Can you tell me what you remember from your diaries right now? Can you tell me anything more regarding this Ancient ship - specs, possible location, etc? Or is such information contained in your diaries? How can I communicate with you going forward? Is it possible to for me to have some form of portable devise that would allow me (and my colleagues) to travel through space and time as this alien technology has allowed me to?

Bemused that Rajastha is now on about yet another barrage of questions, Vlenn smirks...


Oh young one, so full of questions and so little time. When you have discovered all you need to know I will find you. You must let go of all this swearing by the Force. The Jedi and Sith are a dying race. If I give you all the answers immediately none of this will matter to you, you must follow the trail, same as I did, know your enemy through what you see and hear on your journey. The files you have are just data, you need to trail the ancient ones yourselves. Find what they have left behind.

Rajastha now laughs at himself, and at his wise and mysterious mentor and relative of old, shaking his head...


I can see there is no way around it. I must surrender to the nature of this quest - discovery of the truth of these matters also involves letting go of my perceptions, past, and questions. I must just pursue the truth at any cost, relying on the Force to be with me. The evolution of my perceptions and consciousness to be able to absorb and interpret these truths co-insides with the revelations and discoveries made in pursuit of this quest. I will proceed as indicated.

Vlenn smiles again...


You sure talk alot for a youngling. Your whole life up to now has been a lie, whether people have lied to you about who you are or you've lied to people about who you are. You need to discover the truth, not just about the galaxy but also about yourself.

After a moment...


Vlenn, I will need to take some time to meditate and prepare myself. Is there somewhere private I may retire?"


Yes of course. Right this way...

Rajastha goes where provided for his meditations. Once alone, he relaxes, settles his mind/ body/spirit and empties it, allowing all thoughts, feelings, experiences to come and go, ebb and flow - preparing to finally take the journey he was once unable to take - to at last be able to contact his true family ancestry. Finally, when his mind/spirit are atuned, he begins his Communing Meditation, reaching out for his Ancestor, for Sharad Hett...

Through the mists strides a man in traditional Jedi robes - he is tall, strong and powerful. A man who has fought many battles and won. He looks around him and smiles, his brown eyes twinkling in this dull area.

Sharad Hett:

This will not do at all, you're not very imaginative are you?

Sharad Hett moves his hands around him and the mists clear, and the twin suns of Tatooine temporarily blinding Rajastha.

Sharad Hett:

Too bright?

The light dims and Rajastha can see he’s in a tusken raider camp. There are clusters of Tuskens around camp fires. Rajastha looks down and his clothes match theirs.

Sharad Hett:

It is traditional here that you wear the protective clothes on all but a few occasions. The weather in the desert can change at any time. It was a furnace by day and a freezer by night. If you were exposed you could get ill very easily and these nomads have no time for weakness. They are harsh but simple people."

He hands Rajastha what looks like a slice of melon, which is very tough and stringy.

Sharad Hett:

It's traditional amongst the Sand People to tell stories to pass on information and knowledge. So what can I tell you grandson?

Rajastha bows respectfully, accepting the fruit...


Great Chieftan, Master Jedi, estemed Grandfather, you honour me with your communion and the place of our communing. I am most grateful.

He then waits until Master Sharad Hett has taken a bite of his melon before partaking.


Master, you stand as one with the Force, transcending time and space, would you tell us the story of the Ancient of Ancients? The great and powerful ones who came long before the Jedi and the Sith, who stand mysterious or lost in the mists of legend and time? We are facing the return of such an Ancient, a menace to our time and galaxy, how do we know and face such an Ancient? Also, Great Chief, would you tell us the story of the Sith Lords that now hold sway, their secrets, and a way to defeat them? Further, Grandfather, would you tell us a story of Galactic re-unification or unification? With these stories, would that you might tell us whatever you can of the future. And Great Tusken Brother, I know it is my destiny to one day confront and face a great Sith Lord, to play an important part in the reunification of the Galaxy, and to be part of the personal guard of a great Galactic leader. Could you tell us a story that illuminates this destiny? I would also ask that you tell us a story that reveals the perpetrators of my adoptive mother's murderers? I ask all these things so that I may better serve the true Empire, the Galactic/Imperial Alliance Fleet, my uncle's Quest, and the Galaxy itself. May I be worthy, open, receptive, and able to understand your teachings. Great Master, would you become my teacher in the ways of the Force, ways of leadership, and the ways of war and peace? I ask to become your apprentice, my Master.

Sharad Hett is not at all impressed with Rajastha’s dispay of deference...

Sharad Hett:

My children spoke in the gutteral grunts and groans of the Tusken people, you should learn that language rather than bombard me with your fanciful words. I am a Jedi Knight, just like you could be if you took the trials. Talk to me as your equal, nothing more. My time with you is short yet you have asked to speak on everything from the beginning of time to the end. Choose one story and I will tell it to you. But choose wisely." Tusken is one of the languages that Rajastha learned from is private tutors. He then positions himself, sitting normally, as the others in the camp...


I ask your forgiveness, Brother. I am new to these ways. I ask for only the story that you sense I might most need to hear and that the Will of the Force reveals. Sharad Hett smiles warmly at you his grandson of generations...

Sharad Hett:

Still fanciful but better. Of the Ancients I know nothing, save they were whispered about in the legends of the Sith. The Sith you face now, I know they appeared in the past and they were defeated. The tools to resurrect them are here in this time and the tools to defeat them are closer than you think. The galaxy unites and breaks up and then unites again. It is cyclical, nothing more. The visions you have had are just that, I never placed faith in visions, what you need to focus on is here and now, the future can take care of itself. First know yourself, you have been indoctrinated so that your mind is not your own. You are lucky, just as I was, with no past you can decide who you are and what you stand for, the future will then fall into place. I have neither the time or option to tell you great stories nor am I permitted to train. You already know all you need, to stop the evil that is here."


Thank you, Brother. May we commune again?

Sharad Hett:


He bows to Rajastha and returns to the mist.

Rajastha emerges from his meditations as the vision fades. He rises refreshed, gratified to have finally achieved contact with his Ancestors and honoured that Sharad Hett appeared to him. He has even more vigor to resume his quest than before, feeling further enlightened by his path. But lurking inside him, unacknowledged is the sense of rejection at Sharad Hett declining him apprenticeship.

Rajastha approaches the door to exit the chamber. As he exists...


Uncle Vlenn I am rea...

Before he can complete the word he is suddenly enveloped in white light and he has the sudden urge to kneel on one knee to steady himself. When the white light dissipates he is naked with his lightsaber in hand and his Wan-Shen strapped to his back, kneeling on one knee in a dusty alley way, a boffin looking Jedi before him...