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Star Wars: Legacy - Characters

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Calo Ordo

Former captain of the Mandalorian Army, Calo dons the colours of Revenge.

Descendant of Canderous Ordo who was Mandalore in 3956 BBY, Calo always knew his older brother Chernan was destined to be Mandalore because everyone told him. As is the tradition Calo was born while his brother was away completing the five years of Military and Survival training with their father. After his brother’s verd’goten, his father became Chief of his clan and moved to Keldabe to protect their interests. Chernan received lessons in diplomacy while Calo would often be found playing bolo-ball.With his father political commitments now taking up more of his time, Esak Karr adopted him and trained him his son Hondo. Hondo and Calo graduated the verd’goten together and grew to be best friends. While his brother stayed mainly planetside, Calo went off and had several adventures, like all Mandalorians his skills could be applied in numerous ways. Though often going off with Hondo Karr, Calo had a regular crew he would often meet up with. Ahnah Rawk, adopted daughter of Bantha Rawk, both good mechanics and starship pilots. Orn Sedulla, a male twi’lek thief who was trying to raise enough money to but his sisters back from the Hutt, Jowovaykam, a female Wookie scout, Laryn Hudorra, a Bothan slicer who could seemed to be able to get any information on anyone in the galaxy. Finally Salla Ninx, a con artist and hunter from Nar Shadda. They had several adventures that became known by such names as: Raiders of the Lost Arl, From Dagobah with love, The Man with the Golden Gonk, The Ewok who loved Me, The Mandalorian Candidate. During this time he married Mirta Carid, whose clan were in charge of the farmlands around Mandalore. Although he left her behind a few times when he learned she was pregnant he temporarily gave up his adventuring lifestyle. With his brother rising through the rank, Calo and Hondo joined the military in order to keep an eye on and protect Chernan. Unfortunately Mirta died in childbirth so Calo raised his son on the battlefield. Calo’s son was in the communications room with Yaga Auchs. Auchs killed him, then attempted to kill Hondo Karr when he arrived to find out where reinforcements were. Auchs killed Chernan Ordo and took the role of Mandalore, immediately ordering his people to leave and return home. On the flight back and injured Calo knew that Auchs had betrayed them and challenged him to combat. Auchs took advantage of Calo’s wounds and easily beat him up. Auchs had the right to kill him but chose instead to be merciful “We Mandalorians have too much blood on our hands, we have fought wars on behalf of other factions and we have died in someone else’s name. It is time this ended. No longer will I stand by and watch my brothers die for someone else’s cause.” He order Calo’s wounds to be bound. When the doctor’s finished with him Auchs visited him in his hospital bed. “When we return to Mandalore you may return to your home and then leave the planet. You have broken the Resol’nare and are no longer Mandalorian. You have two hours after we make Planetfall. If you are still there after that time you will be executed. Never challenge me again! “ Broken and distraught Calo was the last person to leave Mandalore before it sealed itself off from the rest of the galaxy. For the next ten years Calo took the odd job to survive. At the beginning of his exile, Calo fell for a young Imperial Intelligence Officer called Lierra Saris. Originally needing her security access for information Calo began a year long affair but called it off as he realised he was just using her to fill the hole in his heart left by the deaths of his family. Over the next eight years Calo ended up on retainer for the Galactic Alliance. Played by David McGregor

Darth Talon

Darth Talon

Darth Talon is a female Lethan Twi'lek Sith Lord in Darth Krayt's One Sith as of 137 ABY. Talon was styled with black Sith tattoos covering her body, head, and lekku; each having been earned in ritual combat and inscribed by Krayt himself. As a Sith apprentice, Talon was trained by a fellow Twi'lek Sith Lord named Darth Ruyn, whom she later killed on Krayt's command with a swift decapitating strike of her lightsaber, shortly before ascending to the rank of full fledged Sith Lord herself.

Recognizing her unshakable loyalty, Krayt had Talon become one of his two Hands, extensions of his own will. In this capacity, Talon found herself working alongside the other of Krayt's Hands, Darth Nihl. Talon was often tasked with her master's most important missions.

Davin Chase

Davin's father sensed the approaching Sith-Imperial war two years before it occurred. Flying his family away to neutral space they were thrown out of hyperspace and crash landed on the planet Kesh. After a vicious and bloody battle with the local Sith his parents died. The Sith detected Davin's strong link to the force so Mara Khai accepted him as a Sith Tyro and began to teach him their ways. While she tried to train him in the ways of war and violence, his natural healing abilities distracted him from the darkness. A few years later, when he was sixteen, he was required to complete to ritually hunt and kill a rutaro in the jungle. While there he stumbled across his parent’s ship, naturally he explored it and climbed into the pilot’s seat. The ship's automatic systems sparked to life and flew straight to a pre-programmed location, scaring the crap out of Davin and giving him a phobia. Although the ship didn’t contain much he found a children’s book called “History of the Jedi” and devoured the stories inside. Realising that this was his destiny, Davin set out to become like the characters in his book. Episode II: Davin rejected the call of the Dark Side and devoted himself to the Jedi way. Episode III: Brought a Jedi back from the brink of death. Episode 5.1 Davin learns his family name is Shan and he rejects the Dark Side for a second time. Played by Mark Horne



Kenpachi is a clone made to be the perfect weapon to eradicate the Jedi during the clone wars. His creator and source of his genetic material Count Dooku, found the cloning process was not perfect, in trying to make him a dark lord he found all Ken had was inner rage. From his diaries we know a disappointed Dooku planned to destroy the clone but his death stopped that order being given. When the Empire were defeated the Republic took over the institute, the key scientists left and Kamino was forgotten. The institute was raided by pirates and Jedi Knight Draay and his padawan dispatched to protect it until the Republic could station some soldiers there. During their tour of the facility, Draay sensed a life, found Ken's pod and freed him. Breathing air for the first time, Ken saw the Jedi and attacked The battle lasted hours and cost the Padawan her life. Slowly but surely Draay reached into Ken's mind and pacifyed him. Realising Ken was only doing what he was programmed to do, Draay felt for the man and found a Jungle planet, not populated by humanoids for him to live on. Draay returned every month to bring supplies and train Ken in meditation and techniques to calm the monster within. Some time later, Kenpachi saw a ship crash onto his planet, closely followed by a sith interceptor. He ran to assist the ship to find that the crew being killed by the sith. As the Sith raised his lightsaber to strike a little girl dead, Ken charged and after a few minutes slew the Sith. Kenpachi took the injured eight year old Paula back to his home and healed her wounds as best he could. By the time Master Draay returned they had formed an empathic bond, the inner peace of the Mandalorian girl seemed to soothe the monsters rage within Ken almost completely. During the following sessions Draay found Kenpachi to be more calm than ever. During one of their training fights a Crewman dropped a crate on Paula’s leg almost breaking it, Kenpachi flew into an instant rage and would've killed the crewman if Draay hadn't leapt in front of the crewman. Blocking the attack he calmed his friend once more although a lot faster than before and repaired Paula's leg through the force. After ten years Paula, now a beautiful young lady trained to survive in the jungle and wearing her mother’s armour, and an unaged Kenpachi were selected by Draay to finally leave the jungle planet. Played by Johnathan Ellis

Salla Ninx

Salla Ninx

Growing up on the over-crowded moon of Nar Shaddaa, Salla Ninx was the Paris Hilton of her day. Her father was a highly influential crime lord and enforcer to the Hutts. This meant the young Salla was practically a princess, well schooled in all aspects of life and trained to be lady-like at all times. However learning her father intentions to marry her off to a Hutt she ran away and became part of Calo Ordo’s crew of misfits. During this time she developed a talent for spotting a “mark” and getting out of them what they wanted. In turn “the crew” would hustle the “mark” for all he was worth and leave him with nothing. Her upbringing allowed her to move in circles that none of the others could, it also meant she had back up when her father sent people after her to bring her home. Staying with Jowovaykkata, Salla turned her skills to Bounty Hunting, using her charms to distract her opponents long enough to capture them. Together they earned a comfortable living for the next ten years. Salla is beautiful, charming and intelligent. She is also cunning, a good shot and would sell you for a few credits if she needed the money. Played by Shelly Formann

Rajastha Hett

Rajastha Hett in his cover as bounty hunter, Moogo Undar

Imperial Knight trained in multiple Force using traditions, descendent of Sharad Hett

Just who is Rajastha Hett? Previously he has gone by the names of Makai-Vel_Niyoti , Shraamin Sanyasi , and Moogo Undar but during his quest to retrieve Marasiah Fel he learned his true family origins. He is descended from the Old Republic Jedi and Tusken leader, Sharad Hett. His true father, A'Jagara Hett formed a special bond with Imperial Knight Roan Fel, prior to his rise to Galactic Emperor. In gratitude for generous favours and protection extended to the Tuskens by Emperor Fel, A'Jagara offered his son for Imperial service - to be raised as a personal body guard to the Emperor. This knowledge came at a price and that was the death of all his relatives.

While shepherding the body of Vlenn Ba'Hett, his uncle to his homeworld there was a blinding flash of light and both Vlenn and Rajastha disappeared. No-one has seen or heard from them since. Played by Scott Pugliese