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This is an Amber Diceless RPG game based on the lives of the players as they battle to survive after the PatternFall war. The campaign has so far extended into its second long block and will hopefully provide a platform on which to build other games. The following is a very brief summary of the current Chapters. Please feel free to read the more in-depth Campaign Logs and you are, of course, more than welcome to join in!

(Read the original game proposals in full.)

Saving Grace....

The Pattern or the Design?
Amber lost the Patternfall War in a Big way...
You were one of the lucky few who escaped capture when the Chaos forces struck and devastated the Amberite forces. Back in Amber, things were not too rosy, the Pattern was dying, the family was scattered or captured, and Amber was under attack. You tried your best, you travelled to Chaos and attempted to free the of the Elders - rescued Mirelle and Fiona in fact, but just was too little too late. Amber had been betrayed from within - one of its most trusted sons, Benedict, had been plotting all along to destroy the Pattern.
In the end, the Pattern was doomed despite your efforts. Benedict wiped it clean using his father and brothers' blood, and while he was attacked before he could complete the task, there was little that could be done to save it. In the end, Corwin showed Oberon mercy and ended his pain. Benedict escaped. The Pattern was no more and Chaos had clearly won the day.

A Brand New Beginning....

The Silver Rose
But there is hope, things did not return to Chaos!
Corwin explained that Oberon had given him the Jewel of Judgement to take to the final battle after he attempted to repair the Pattern. In despair, he'd created a new source of power, the Design. It was the Design that ensured that while the Pattern was destroyed, Chaos was not the victor. The Pattern prevented Chaos from absorbing all Shadow, destroying everything you held dear.
Unfortunately, now that the Pattern was gone, the Design was sure to be sought out and destroyed by the rampaging Chaosian forces. Maybe the Elders could be gathered to defend Fenneval? Maybe you could strengthen Fenneval sufficiently to withstand the Chaosian forces? Or maybe you could head off into Shadow and hide from the inevitable.... This is your second chance, a chance at a brand new beginning.

Dogs in the Forest

Ygg the Tree
The players are all members the forces of Julian, Prince of Amber, Guardian of the Forest Arden, Rider of the fabled Morgenstern - the fastest horse he has ever created - and the Father of the Hell Hounds. In fact, while you are no longer an active member of Julian's hunt, your social status is not one of quite some standing! You are one of the chosen, one of Julian's Dog Fathers (or mothers as the case may be). Your one and only duty is to care for your assigned pup until the day it is able to join one of the packs and hunt alongside Julian. It's welfare is more important than... well, anything really.
And so the fateful day comes... Julian has taken the elder Hell Hounds to battle, you and your year mates are the only ones left... and your Pup is ill! The doctors do not understand why, but you have to do something! Strangely, no food has been delivered from Amber for the Pups and while they are growing fast and are beginning to hunt, they need their vitamins. Similarly, Lord Julian should have visited yesterday despite the battle.. It has happened where he has missed a meeting with his hounds, but not often. It simply doesn't add up!
Dogs in the Forest follows the lives of several of Julian's men and woman as they battle for both their and their pup's lives. There actions will, however, have a far greater impact than they could ever have dreamed.

For the Defence of the Realm

Yggdrasil - The Myth
Cymnea, the Queen of Chaos.... Why does that name ring a bell? It takes you a day or two of hunting before you find the answer.... Cymnea was the First Queen of Amber! Now why does that thought send a shiver down your spine?
After the concluding events of A Brand New Beginning, the Scions of Fenneval raced back to begin the defence of their realm, fully expecting Chaos to mount an all-out offensive.
Rushing to gather defences for Fenneval, you are set important tasks for the Defence of the Realm. Fenneval needs leadership, a strong hand, and an even stronger defence. Who will take upon them this mantle... especially in a time when Chaos still looms menacingly over this land?
For the Defence of the Realm continues where A Brand New Beginning left off and will attempt to fortify Fenneval as the last bastion of Order in a multi-verse on which Chaos continues to strengthen its hold.

A Woman Scorned

Cymnea, the Queen of Chaos.... It was so familiar and after the events of For the Defence of the Realm, you have begun to fear the name!
A Woman Scorned continues where For the Defence of the Realm left off and will attempt to bring the meagre might of the Design to bear on the forces of Chaos. Without a decisive counter strike, the war will surely be lost!

What has happened so far...

As the campaign progresses, session logs, character diaries and a summary of what has happened, can be added here. Make sure to keep an eye on these pages!

Player Characters

The various Player Characters are listed here along with other useful information such as their description, background, trump images and contribution.

The following is list of player character who have participated in this campaign.

Non-Player Characters and Locations

Here you'll find a list of known NPCs and Locations both 'Real' and 'Shadow' that the PCs may have encountered or visited during the campaign.

Powers and Purchases

There any many powerful tools in the universe though few are worthy of mention. Those few are either of significant power or span shadow and the powers and other useful artefacts and tools are listed here.

The following is a list of the known powers:

The Aspects are a group of powers, the core of which is the linking of ones body and mind to one of the many mythical creatures in shadow. This provides certain abilities linked to these creatures and through them, the ability to move through shadow.
Located on the open grassland of Fenneval, the Design is the last bastion of 'Order' preventing the complete dominance of Chaos over shadow.
Located in the Heart of Chaos, the Logrus is far stronger than when the Pattern opposed it. It is however not dominant as the Design bravely opposes it.
Located in the Seat of Amber, since the Pattern was destroyed by the machinations of Chaos and by the hand of Benedict, the Pattern initiates no longer hold sway of shadow.
Power Words are a limited form of magic, used mostly in a defensive way. They are easy to cast, instantaneous in effect, but have no lasting effect.
Shape Shifting is the mental control of your body's ability to grow and change. In shape shifters, these abilities are enhanced to the point where they can speed up healing, alter their facial features or take on even more drastic changes.
Sorcery is the ability to harness the natural power in both yourself and in the location to produce 'magical' effects.
Trump Artist's are able travel between shadows by harnessing their ability to doorways between locations or between individuals.

The following is a list of the known purchases:

Allies and Enemies can be purchased at the GM's discretion.
While they are few and far between, such Artefacts of Power as the Jewel of Judgement are significant tools. They can be purchased at the GM's discretion.
While 'conjured' items, creatures and shadows can take many forms, the creation itself, whether created from nothing, moulded from your own body, searched for or found in shadow, are all the realm of the Power used and the ability to do this is linked with those specific powers. As such, conjuration is not a power as defined in the Amber DRPG.

A Banner referencing the Design. Clearly it has already begun casting shadows of its own!

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