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Attributes Conflict

The various powers in the Design for Living campaign.


Little is known about the Aspects but what is known is that there is a power in them and merging with them provides the ability to move between shadows.



Cost: 10 Pts Prereq: None

Conjuration is the ability to mould shadow, empowering it with either personal or real essence. Existing items, creature or even places can be conjured from nothing given time and patience. Existing items, creatures or places can also be bolstered in the same.

The cost and abilities of these creations should be discussed with the GM.

High Compelling

Cost: 15 Pts Prereq: Conjuration

High Compelling allows one to conjure feelings, urgings, desires, false memories and other personality modifications. Psyche is obviously particularly useful when using this tool as the alterations of a mind can only take place after the mind has been dominated.

Shadows and Constructs


Cost: 60 Pts Prereq: Unknown. It is however known that those supposedly not of Corwin's blood have walked it and survived.

The Design draws its power from a maze grassy maze like creation in the heart of Fenneval. It is said to have been created by Corwin during the final days of the Patternfall War. Regardless of his critics, there is no doubt that the creation holds significant power and while it is a relatively new creation, it is clear that with the Pattern destroyed, the Design is the last bastion of Order standing against the might of Chaos.

The known abilities of the Design include the ability to: move rapidly through Shadow, lead others through shadow, locate those who are similarly empowered, and aid in combat.


Cost: 45 Pts Prereq: Unknown



Cost: 60 Pts Prereq: The Blood of Amber, Amber Endurance

The power at the heart of Amber, the Pattern was destroyed by the traitor Benedict during the Patternfall War. No one saw it coming, no one could stop it. No one even knows why, but what is known is that the Pattern is no more and the strength it provided its children is lost, but not forgotten.

Power Words

Cost: 5 + 1 per Power Word

Game Mechanic Prerequisite: None, although Amber level Psyche and Endurance are useful.

Story Prerequisite: Discussion with the GM as to who may know your words of power.

Power Words are a limited form of magic, used mostly in a defensive way. Power words are easy to cast, instantaneous in effect, but have no lasting effect. Because any Power Word involves channelling a burst of Psyche, they are always noticeable, never concealed.

More important than anything in using Power Words is Psyche. The higher the Ranking in Psyche, the more powerful the impact that the Power Word will have on its target. This is especially important in battling Spell Casters, where an inadequate Psyche, weakly driving a Power Word, may not be enough to break their concentration. Endurance is also important, since each use of a Power Word is a drain on the character's life force.

Shape Shifting

Cost: 35 Pts Prereq: None

Shape Shifting.


Cost: 15 Pts

Game Mechanic Prerequisite: None, although Amber level Psyche and Endurance are useful.

Story Prerequisite: Training.

Sorcery is the ability to manipulate magic and cast spells. It's not a very common Power in Amber, but is widespread in the Courts of Chaos. It is also more common out in Shadow, where there are a variety of sources of magical power.

A sorcerous mentor must also be chosen or devised. This makes a good story hook for a Supernatural Friend or Enemy.

Trump Artistry

Cost: 40 Pts Prereq: None

Trump Artistry.


Not technically a power, but they cost points and are therefore listed here. Allies are the friend you need in Chaos, Amber or otherwise who you can call on in a time of need.

An Ally

Cost: 1 Pt

A good friend among the influential folk, possible a retainer, officer in the military, a noble etc. The choice of the friend is yours although they cannot be a royal member of the court.

Court Friend

Cost: 2 Pts

You cannot name a court friend and may never know who they are. You will however have royal supporter in the courts and someone to hopefully bail you out when things go sour.

House Support

Cost: 3 Pts

A House supports the supports you, providing resources and the like and ensuring that you have the political clout to ensure that what you say, goes - of course, only as far as that House's hand will extend, but that is generally a lot further than you could affect by yourself.


Cost: 5 Pts

And elder has a deep love (parental or otherwise) or desire to protect you and is willing to go so far as to put their life on the line for you.

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