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For the Defence of the Realm

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Cymnea, the Queen of Chaos.... Why does that name ring a bell? It takes you a day or two of hunting before you find the answer.... Cymnea was the First Queen of Amber! Now why does that thought send a shiver down your spine?

After the concluding events of A Brand New Beginning, the Scions of Fenneval raced back to begin the defence of their realm, fully expecting Chaos to mount an all-out offensive.

Rushing to gather defences for Fenneval, you are set important tasks for the Defence of the Realm. Fenneval needs leadership, a strong hand, and an even stronger defence. Who will take upon them this mantle... especially in a time when Chaos still looms menacingly over this land?

For the Defence of the Realm continues where A Brand New Beginning left off and will attempt to fortify Fenneval as the last bastion of Order in a multi-verse on which Chaos continues to strengthen its hold.

Players: James Illing, Shelly Formann, Anthony Edmonds, Mark Horne, Alex Vincent, Ben Fortune

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