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Shelly Formann

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I am 19 years old. I am studying to be a nursery nurse. I love to work with children, and I hope to someday be a writer - that would be really great. I can sing a little and I have recorded 2 songs, but that was when I was younger, one at 10 and one at about 15.

My hobbies are: Writing storys, Listening to music, and people, I like to help people with their problems, I used to play basketball, I like ice skating, I like to watch Anime,

My Favourite animes are: Naruto, Bleach, Revolution girl Utena, but I have watched lots of anime.

My Favourite movies are: All the Lord of the Rings, All X-men, All Pirates of the Caribbean, And all Harry potter,

Favourite books: Broken Sky by C Wooding, Harry Potter, The First Lord of the rings. (Only one i've looked at)

My favorite music: Anything but not R&B, I like gentle music but something with a beat.