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Design For Living - Factions - Fenneval

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The Design is drawn below a truly massive tree in Fenneval, Corwin's Realm. Corwin drew this Design in a bid to prevent Chaos from destroying Shadow when the Pattern was damaged.


"Green eyes, black hair, dressed in black and silver, yes. I had on a cloak and it was slightly furled as by a wind. I had on black boots, like Eric's, and I too bore a blade, only mine was heavier, though not quite as long as his. I had my gloves on and they were silver and scaled. The clasp at my neck was cast in the form of a silver rose. Me, Corwin." - Nine Princes in Amber

He is King of Fenneval and a Prince of Amber. He drew the Design in Fenneval. He is Married to Dara of House Sawall, a Chaosian Princess, and is father to Mei-Lian and Merlin via Dara. It is rumoured that he is also Tag's and Bloom's father although he has never claimed them as such. He was captured at the end of the Patternfall war after working some sort of Magic to push a group of the younger Amberites back to Amber. The effort was interrupted and only a small number were saved capture at the hands of the Chaosians. Corwin was captured and Dara was able to rescue him although was unable to take him out of Chaos. Under her protection, they remained holed up in Chaos until Benedict broke through their defences - with Mei-Lian watching - and stole him away to use to destroy the Pattern.


She stood about a dozen paces from me, a tall slender girl with dark eyes and close-cropped brown hair. She wore a fencing jacket and held a rapier in her right hand, a mask in her left. She was looking at me and laughing. Her teeth were white, even, and a trifle long; a band of freckles crossed her small nose and the upper portions of her well-tanned cheeks. - The Guns of Avalon
She was in her demon form, wearing black and trousers and a red shirt with flaring sleeves that came tight at the wrists, my mother. She seemed to see me at about the same time I saw her. For a moment, our gazes locked, then she made the turn onto the stair and began her descent. As she descended, she shifted smoothly, her appearance changing almost from step to step. As soon as I realised what was occurring I relaxed my own efforts and reversed their small effects. I have commenced changing the moment I had seen her, and presumably she had done the same on viewing me. I hadn't thought she'd go to that extend to humour me, a second time, here on her own turf. - Prince of Chaos

A Princess of Chaos, she fell in love with Corwin when tasked to seduce him. She completed her task and bore Merlin but as a reward, was then given to once forced to marry Gramble of House Sawall in marriage. She bore Gramble two sons, Despil and Jurt although she still harboured a flame for Corwin and bore him a daughter, Mei-Lian who she brought up in 'seclusion' to prevent her being corrupted as her other children had been. When Corwin was captured, she broke him free and attempted to protect him. In the end, she failed and Benedict stole Corwin away leaving Dara in hysterics. She sacrificed herself for her daughter and her friends and was last seen heading back through a trump contact with Gramble.

Dara as played by Neve Campbell
Trump Sketch of Dara
Dara looking Wild


"Fiona - five-two, perhaps, in height - green eyes fixed on Flora's own blue as they spoke, there beside the fireplace, hair more than compensating for the vacant hearth, smouldering, reminded me, as always, of something from which the artists had just drawn back, setting aside this tools, questions slowly forming behind his smile. The place at the base of her throat where his thumb had notched the collarbone always drew my eyes as the mark of a master craftsman, especially when she raised her head, quizzical or imperious, to regard us taller others. She smiled faintly, just then, doubtless aware of my gaze, an almost clairvoyant faculty the acceptance of which has never deprived of its ability to disconcert." - Sign of the Unicorn

Fiona was last seen during the battle outside Chaos but was later discovered as being a captive to Lord Gramble of House Sawall. She was rescued by a combined effort during some sort of wedding ceremony and taken to Fenneval where Corwin looked after her.

She woke to call Athena to her and warn her of Benedict's betrayal - too late. And then also of Bleys' involvement. She knew something of his capture and imprisonment.

Since then, she has been under significant attack in Fenneval and when Athena woke from her shift-induced slumber, it was to a vision of Fiona under attack. Athena rushed back to Fenneval where it was clear the vision was true.... With the wards failing, Athena took Fiona to the Design where Corwin was dealing with the 'Fox issue, but was struck down by the Logrus. In a last ditch effort to save both her and her mother, she reached out and touched the beginning of the Design.

Fiona's traversal of the Design revealed several unusual facts. Most importantly a very close older-brother younger-sister relationship between her and Corwin. Once she had completed the walk, she was taken back to her rooms where she began her recuperation.


A mysterious woman who would seem to be unknown to Corwin, she called herself a Princess and the people of Fenneval obeyed her as such. She spoke to the characters when Bloom walked the Design. Little else is known about her although stories of the wondrous Lady Salina abound.


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