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Design For Living - Factions - Chaos

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The scions of Chaos are many and varied and few are known by name. Those however that are known are powerful and deadly and are more often than not, mad with the Power of the Logrus.

The Lords of Chaos


The King of Chaos and some say, of all Shadow. No one has seen him for some time, but even his name holds power in Chaos and few would defy an edict from Thelbane.


High Lord Amblerash of House Amblerash, a fanatically religious House, totally devoted to the Serpent. Little else is known of this enigmatic figure.


The High Priest of the Church of the Serpent. A creature of so many faces that if it wasn't for his simple presence, you'd never be quite sure it was him. He was last seen during the in House Sawall at Gramble's wedding to Fiona where he was split in two by a trump gate created by Romanov although he definitely appears to have survived.


High Lord Chanicut of House Chanicut is a rather aged Chaosian who, in failing health, relies heavily on Mandor for support in the day to day affairs of House Chanicut.


One of the generals who took part in the attack on Fenneval.


Queen of Chaos, she was once married to Oberon and bore him three sons: Finndo, Osric and Benedict before Oberon annulled their marriage due to some technicality. She had not been heard of since until it was found that she was married to none other than the Swayvill, the King of Chaos!


Lord Despil of House Sawall. One of Gramble's sons by Dara. He is known to be deft hand with the sword and a charmer with the ladies. Apparently he was a part of the failed attack on Fenneval.


As I turned away, I saw a half-familiar face off to my right. She was tall and dark-eyed, and she had been staring at me. I had been trying to revall her name earlier, and had failed. Seeing her brought it back, though. I approached her. "I have to leave for a time," I said. "But I wanted to say hello, Gilva." "You do remember. I was wondering." - Prince of Chaos

Lady Gilva of House Hendrake. One of the Battle Commanders of House Hendrake, a more than capable leader of the forces of Chaos. She is born of the line of House Hendrake though it is said that her mother, Lintra, seduced her father, Benedict during a heated battle. Apparently she was a part of the failed attack on Fenneval.


The High Lord Gramble of House Sawall, an ancient and powerful house of Chaos. Gramble has made contact several times, the wedding with Fiona, the summoning of Romanov, the domination of Mei-Lian. He clearly has a score to settle.


"Well, he's nasty. But he's kind of clumsy, too. At least, he's screwed up whenever we've fought and left a piece of himself behind." - Sign of Chaos

Lord Jurt of House Sawall. Another of Gramble's sons by Dara. He is known to be a bit of a wild sort and is said to be a Logrus Master of much talent. He was part of the failed attack on Fenneval and was captured by Atikus, Athena and Corwin.


One of the generals who took part in the attack on Fenneval.


High Lady Lintra of House Hendrake. Leader of Hendrake's forces and commander of the multitude that is Hendrake, the core of the armies of Chaos.


...I held it before me and put the others away, studying the blue eyes and the young, hard, slightly sharp features beneath a mass of pure white hair. He was dressed all in black, save for a bit of white collar and sleeve showing beneath the glossy tight-fitting jacket. He held three dark steel balls in his right hand. - Sign of Chaos

Lord Mandor of House Chanicut, this crafty man is often the power behind the power. Currently he is second in command of House Chanicut, a House rapidly rising in strength within the courts. He is known to be a highly accomplished sorcerer and is a master of the Logrus. Mandor would appear to have been captured and placed in the dungeons in Amber though it is unclear why he'd have allowed himself to have been captured so easily.


"...The second rider was rapidly approaching. He was not pale like the first. His hair was dark and there was a colour in his face. His mount was a properly maned sorrel. He bore a cocked and bolted crossbow... ...He was beardless, slim. Possibly light-eyed within the squint of his aim. He managed his mount well, with just the pressure of his legs. His hands were big, steady. Capable. A peculiar feeling passed over me as I beheld him." - The Hand of Oberon

Lord Merlin of House Sawall. Yet another of Gramble's sons by Dara. He is known to be a charmer and a sorcerer and supposedly being groomed as a possible future King of Chaos. Of course, that does not say too much as often 'Kings in Waiting' get assassinated!


One of the generals who took part in the attack on Fenneval.


One of the generals who took part in the attack on Fenneval.


Princess Salina, daughter of Swayvill, was captured during the attack on Fenneval by the combined efforts of Athena, Bloom, Tag and Atikus. Caught by surprise, she was rendered unconscious and later interrogated in the dungeons under Fenneval.


...A large, stoodped, grey and red demonic form, horned and half-scaled, regarded me with elliptically pupiled eyes. Its fanges were bared in a smile. "Uncle," I cried as I dismounted. "Greetings!" - Prince of Chaos

Master of the Logrus, Suhuy is entirely Mad! Or completely sane - dependant on your view point. He is extremely powerful and according to Salina, ordered the destruction of Fenneval.


High Lord Tmer of House Jesby, a house of deadly killers. The army of Chaos calls on this House when they need to act silently and quickly and when you need protection against the most deadliest of assassins, this House is your port of call as they know every trick in the book. That aside, Tmer himself is quiet an congenial Chaos Lord and appears suave and gentlemanly. No one has ever seen him otherwise and lived to tell....

The Traitors to Amber


"Then there was Benedict, tall and dour, thin; thin of body, thin of face, wide of mind. He wore orange and yellow and brown and reminded me of haystacks and pumpkins and scarecrows and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. He had a long, strong jaw and hazel eyes and brown hair that never curled. He stood beside a tan horse and leaned upon a lance about which was twined a rope of flowers. He seldom laughed." - Nine Princes in Amber

Once the foremost General of Amber's forces, Benedict was last seen sacrificing the the King of Amber and two of his brothers in a bid to erase the Pattern. Benedict, possibly distracted by his attempt to destroy the Pattern and the all-out mental attack from Bloom, Tag and Romanov, was taken down by Athena who cleanly removed his head with Corwin's sword, Greyswandir. He had, however, managed to overcome the threesome's mental attack and leaving Romanov alone and unable to prevent Benedict transferring his conciousness in Romanov and escaping with it!

Benedict's body survived and is now worn by Romanov while Benedict himself is still at large though it is suspected that he is the source of several recent attacks.

Recent events have pointed at Benedict reappearance. They also point to his friendship with Gramble and Bleys who would appear to still be his second in command.

Benedict as played by Nakai Kiichi (Pictures Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classic)
Benedict with his Sword
Benedict on his Horse, Charging


"Then came a fiery bearded, flame-crowned man, dressed all in red and orange, mainly of silk stuff, an he held a sword in his right hand and a glass of wine in his left, and the devil himself danced behind his eyes, as blue as Flora's, or Eric's. His chin was slight, but the beard covered it. His sword was inlaid with an elaborate filigree of a golden colour. He wore two huge rings on his right hand and one on his left: an emerald, a ruby, and a sapphire, respectively." - Nine Princes in Amber

Once Benedict's Lieutenant and a General of some of Amber's forces, Bleys was last seen on the field of battle taking part in the attack on Chaos. As no one was there to see the end of the battle, it was presumed that he was captured.

Recently however, Romanov was able to discern that Bleys, his father, was held captive in a prison close to Chaos. After a daring rescue attempt, Bleys was retrieved only to have him turn on his rescuers - twice. Bleys was last seen after being summoned to Chaos by Gramble along with Romanov. How or why is unclear.... The party pursued but on Gramble's home turf, were outclassed and Romanov sacrificed himself to push everyone out into shadow. No one knows what happened to Bleys.

Bleys as played by Kenneth Branagh
A Trump of Bleys - Benedict's Lieutenant
Bleys - Always one to charm the ladies.
Bleys - The Prisoner


"Then there was a figure both like Bleys and myself. My features, though smaller, my eyes, Bleys' hair, beardless. He wore a riding suite of green and sat atop a white horse, heading toward the dexter side of the card. There was a quality of both strength and weakness, questing and abandonment about him. I both approved and disapproved, liked and was repelled by, this one." - Nine Princes in Amber

Brand was last seen with a crossbow bolt protruding from his chest, falling backwards into the Abyss clutching the Jewel of Judgement and his sister Dierdre. He is presumed dead.

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