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Dogs in the Forest

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The players are all members the forces of Julian, Prince of Amber, Guardian of the Forest Arden, Rider of the fabled Morgenstern - the fastest horse he has ever created - and the Father of the Hell Hounds. In fact, while you are no longer an active member of Julian's hunt, your social status is not one of quite some standing! You are one of the chosen, one of Julian's Dog Fathers (or mothers as the case may be). Your one and only duty is to care for your assigned pup until the day it is able to join one of the packs and hunt alongside Julian. It's welfare is more important than... well, anything really.

And so the fateful day comes... Julian has taken the elder Hell Hounds to battle, you and your year mates are the only ones left... and your Pup is ill! The doctors do not understand why, but you have to do something! Strangely, no food has been delivered from Amber for the Pups and while they are growing fast and are beginning to hunt, they need their vitamins. Similarly, Lord Julian should have visited yesterday. It has happened where he has missed a meeting with his hounds, but not often. It simply doesn't add up!

Characters will be pre-genned unless you think you know the ADRPG system well enough to come up with a -40 point character (no point level level limitations). You also have an additional 35 points to create your Pup. Power words (10 pts), sorcery (15 pts) and limited shapeshift (10 pts) are the only powers available. Items can be purchased and a good horse (capable of keeping up with your Pup!!) would be a very very wise purchase.


You're a Dog Father... a Hell Hound trainer. Julian has gone to war and has not returned. Supplies from Amber have stopped and the pups are ill. How, why, what... Who knows, you'll need to find out!

The game is for 3+ players and will be run using traditional ADRPG rules - and of course, NO DICE!

The Northern Kennel

Players: James Illing, Shelly Formann, Mark Horne, Alex Vincent, Martin Goodson
Game Logs: Campaign Logs

The Eastern Kennel

Players: Sean McGuinness, Louisa McGuinness, Mark Kerr
Game Logs: Campaign Logs

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