A Brand New Beginning

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So tell me... what's it feel like knowing that you're powerless to protect yourself in a world where you have more enemies that you ever had minions? (And you really had a lot of minions in your heyday). What's it feel like to, after all these years, start from scratch?

It's an end of age. The Pattern is Dead, The King is Dead, Your power base is gone. And you, you have to feel a little bit of guilt as you could probably have stopped it if you hadn't screwed up. Chaos will be out hunting the survivors and you're one of them. But don't worry, you have choices.

You're have a choice... give up or start again. You were of Royal Blood - no one is going to tell you how to live your life. What you do know is that this will be a Brand New Beginning and you can make of it what you will.

Maybe Corwin and the so called Design in Fenneval will help you. Who knows, it could simply be another yoke around your neck, but it could just be what you're looking for although it will be like painting a target on your back. Alternately, Shadow, endless Shadow - you could loose yourself in shadow and hope Chaos doesn't find you. Or maybe you'll choose Chaos - they might have subjugated your family, but maybe you can cut a deal?

A Brand New Beginning continues in the Design for Living where Saving Grace left off and continues the story of the players as they vie for power, prestige and the lives of their family members.

Players: Sean McGuinness, Louisa McGuinness, James Illing, Shelly Formann, Anthony Edmonds, Mark Horne, Alex Vincent, Mark Kerr

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