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The following games will be offered at the Concrete Cow 08 convention on 8 March 2008. If you have something you'd like to offer, please email See the Concrete Cow 07.5 games page for what was on offer last time.

Guest of Honour games

First, from our Guests of Honour, we have:

Chaosium Basic Role Playing

  • Planetary - 21st Century Threads
4 players. GM and Author: Loz Whitaker
2007 and it is a quiet time for The Planetary Foundation. Excavations continue into the secret history of the world but nothing has been heard of The Four for over two years. Whilst the multiverse is never safe, for the time being reality is unthreatened.
What's intriguing Elijah Snow and the Planetary Field Team (Jakita Wagner, The Drummer and new addition, Luther Arkwright) is the appearance in New York of four of the wealthiest individuals in the world: Gil Bates, creator of the Portals operating system; Warren Dining, Wall Street investor with an uncanny ability to predict the global economic markets; Ms Anna Hark, president of the Hark Corporation and Guardian of the Rising Sun; and Karl Albrecht, retail mogul known as 'All the World's Grocer'. Intel suggests that these four billionaires are gathering for some form of summit - but no one knows why or what the repercussions might be.
Planetary's job is to find out what these four disparate individuals need to discuss so urgently - and why have they arranged to arrive in New York in complete secrecy (so secret, that even the CIA, FBI and STORM are unaware of the conference)?
Planetary - 21st Century Threads is a scenario based on Warren Ellis's 'Planetary' graphic novel series. Each character is possessed of superhuman capabilities and, together, they are Archaeologists of the Impossible, delving into the secret history of the world in order to preserve both humanity and reality from threat. In essence, think League of Extraordinary Gentlemen meets The X-Files, Marvel and DC superhero universes, with Michael Moorcock and Neil Gaiman as the godparents. As this is a convention scenario, expect a few extra spins on the traditional Planetary themes, too.

Dark Heresy

  • The House of Dust & Ashes
GM: Mike Mason
6 players, run time 3-4 hours
As Acolytes of the Holy Inquisition, you will face many tests, many dangers and you may come to question just what you are fighting for; are you truly arm of the Emperor, or simply pawns in the great game? A Rogue Trader's estate brought to auction is just the thing to draw out all a cobweb of shadows and heresy, and you shall be there with the net to catch all.


  • One Tree Hill (Gwenthia)
The Tharux treat their Grindwagons with the utmost respect, and for one to be lost is considered Most Unfortunate. For a grindwagon to be lost in Gwenthia's infamous Badlands is therefore something of a Catastrophe.
High Grinder ur-Anzhab-thar is therefore adamant that the grindwagon 'Calling All the Heroes' should be found and returned to the realm of Zathur, along with its esteemed crew, if they still live. So it is that the grindwagon 'Not Here, Not Now' is pressed into service and its crew of renegade Tharuxi (that would be you) tasked with discovering where 'Calling All the Heroes' has gone and bringing it back - with its esteemed crew, alive, if at all possible. If not, dead will do. The Ancestors have ways of dealing with the Dead.
If not... well, there might be Hell to Pay. Come to think of it, there might be Hell to Pay just in finding out what happened. And High Grinder ur-Anzhab-thar is not a man to be argued with. Not with his connections.
One Tree Hill is a scenario set in the shared world of Gwenthia, as showcased at previous Concrete Cows. The characters are the esteemed crew of 'Not Here, Not Now' - a rag-tag assortment of Tharuxi[1] ne'er do wells who have been living on the wrong side of the Tharuxi Code for just a little too long.
The scenario uses the Mongoose RuneQuest game engine as its base, coupled with unique rules for magic. The scenario is for up to six players and no prior knowledge of Gwenthia is required.
[*]Think Rastafarian steam-punk mechanics who always travel as a troupe and worship a myriad of highly potent alien ancestors, and you're on the right track...

Other games

(Note that, depending on circumstances, not all of these games may run on the day.)

Burning Wheel

  • The Sword (GM: Neil Smith)

Call of Cthulhu

  • Silver Screen
A classic 1920s scenario.


  • An apocalypse that never arrived. An ancient secret society in turmoil.Your loyalties are divided. Your beliefs are in doubt.Do you stand with a shattered sect, or let it fall into chaos? Covenant: A story game of failing conspiracies (GM: Graham Walmsley)

Dead of Night

  • Project Lazarus

In the town of Hope, the dead are rising and coming home. Is this the start of the End Times, or is there something altogether more profane happening? GM: Scott Dorward)


  • Lyme Regis Vice (GM: Phil Masters)
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in truth a dealer in illicit opiates of the most contemptible kind. Fortunately, however, in the most exciting and sometimes infamous Pleasure-Town on the southern coasts of the greatest nation in the World, such miscreants must on occasion face the wrath of the Informal Agency for the Suppression of Lyme Regis Vice.
For this is the year 1887, King Leopold III rules a British Empire governed by the wisdom and vast energy of his family (the House of Hanover-Saxe-Coburg), the nobility, the merchant classes, and the presiding Whig government, and surely, All is Right with the World.


Hollow Earth Expedition

  • Embrace of the Zombie (2 hour demo; GM: Conrad Murkitt)
You are a member of the Zeitgeist Film Company filming what will surely be the greatest movie of all time, "Embrace of the Zombie" on location in Haiti. You and up to five other players will take on the parts of the film crew in 1936 filming this marvellous work, and while you are at it you'll learn how to play Hollow Earth Expedition, the roleplaying game from Exile Games. During this two-hour demo, all rules will be taught and all materials are provided. Did we mention the Nazis and Dinosaurs?
  • Lair of the Golden Death (2 hour demo; GM: Conrad Murkitt)
Kincaid Larean's crew has escaped the zombies - but their troubles are far from over! Come play Hollow Earth Expedition the roleplaying game from Exile Games, a cinematic pulp RPG set in the 1930s with mad science, lost civilizations, Nazis, and dinosaurs!!! This is the sequel to Embrace of the Zombies, but new players welcome! During this two-hour demo, all rules will be taught and all materials are provided.

Mythic Russia

Savage Worlds

Come and Get Savaged!

Throughout the day Pinnacle Entertainment will be running demos of their award-winning Savage Worlds system, showcase some of the settings. Pop by the table and ask for a game. There is no set timetable, just bring some friends (or some strangers) and get a game! Concrete Cow is a busy show, so these demo scenarios are set up to fit nicely in the gaps between other events. (GM: Shane Mclean)


Members of the For Queen & Country Living Spycraft campaign will be there with some games.

Newly recruited into the NIA, the agents have no time to find out how to work the photocopier, as instead they are thrust into an investigation and man-hunt with far-reaching consequences. All new agents should try to play in this mod, as it sets several themes and plot threads running for the entire of season 1 of FQC.
Set to intercept a shipment of arms, the agents begin a deadly race against time to prevent a serious terror threat. FQC goes to the action movies.

Warhammer 40,000 (Wargame)

  • The nice folks from the local Games Workshop will be around in the afternoon to play some games of Warhammer 40,000.


A slightly dark, slightly mad game about serial killers, missing persons and a very strange school reunion featuring the Torchwood team as they are now, though perhaps not in the same universe as the TV series. Using the Cold Cityrules in their most recent form. (GM: James Mullen)

Unknown Armies

  • Lamp Posts in Bloom

Four old friends gather for a barbecue on a warm summer evening in middle England. Secrets will be shared. Old betrayals will be laid bare. Innocent people will die. And the lamp posts will come into bloom.