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We played this at Concrete Cow 08 (Pt. 1) using the 'Cold City' rules: here are a few of the highlights, both in and out of game.

The last Time I Saw Him

  • A serial killer with 5 bodies to his count is being hunted down by the Torchwood team: Owen, Gwen, Tosh and Ianto all have good ideas, which Jack obviously takes the credit for.
  • Ianto makes coffee.
  • Owen briefly takes on Sigourney Weaver's role from Galaxy Quest when Claire is reduced to repeating everything the GM tells her for the benefit of the rest of the team.
  • Ianto makes coffee.
  • The game is interrupted by the distinct tones of the Doctor Who music: two of us reach for our mobiles to answer the call...
  • Ianto makes coffee.
  • Captain Jack negotiates with some rat-like aliens whilst they are crawling up his trouser leg: they end up giving him their space-time co-ordiantes and squeaking "Call us!"
  • A murdered old woman very definitely does NOT leave an extensive message in her own blood, naming the killer, complaining about young people today and writing out her shopping list, especially as she was strangled... after an extended digression, the laughter stops and we get back on with the plot.
  • Ianto makes coffee.
  • Due to a lack of attention by the GM, Rhys is apparently up at 5am ordering pizza...erm, well, nobody else noticed at the time...
  • After the game, Rich makes a good suggestion for the next time (?!), that the trust mechanic should be used to screw things up for other characters rarher than betraying them, since thats very much more in-keeping with Torchwood.