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James Mullen

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I've played a lot of games, but I prefer a) modern indie stuff, b) anything funny/mad/surreal and c) games with developing & emerging storylines.

I have a bit of a 'chop shop' approach to role-playing and will quite happily Frankenstein together systems & settings from different sources in order to make a unique role-playing experience.

I'm not currently in MK, but I do still attend the semi-annual Concrete Cow convention and do my bit in terms of organising when asked.

I've published a supplement for Apocalypse World: it's a modern day, urban criminal hack called The 'Hood in which you're all big fish trying to get by in your small pond. You can buy the pdf at Drivethru or purchase a physical copy of the book via Lulu.

Find out more about things I write and think at the Groundhoggoth blog.