Savage Worlds

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Published by Pinnacle.

The tag-line for this system is "Fast! Fun! Furious!", which is a pretty accurate description: it is possible to learn the rules, generate a character and start playing all within the space of one evening (in theory, anyway). It is a universal system that covers everything from SF through Fantasy to Horror and whatever else you can think of, the rules support both role-playing and war-gaming and a series of self-contained setting books are being released...

  • Evernight: Classic fantasy with a dark twist...
  • 50 Fathoms: High seas swashbuckling in a fantastic world
  • Rippers: English monster hunters in the late 19th century (curently only a miniatures game, but RPG setting to be released soon)
  • Tour of Darkness: The real horror of Vietnam
  • Necessary Evil: When the world is threatened by alien invasion, the superheroes go to our rescue... and get killed; only the super villains now have the power to fight for the survival of Earth...

We've recently played a home-brew setting called Nick of Time.