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Antorling Clan

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An ongoing (ha!) Gloranthan HeroQuest campaign

GM: Ashley Munday


(first seven sessions completed)

About 300 years ago Erik the Press stepped over the cross line into Dragon Pass and found the perfect place to grow apple trees for his cider - The Arfritha Vale in what would become the land of Sartar. The only problem was stopping the Zarran war between the two indiginous tribes already occupying the vale. He stopped the war and created his own clan, the Antorlings or Apple Clan out of the wreckage of what was left.

Now, the Lunar Empire has occupied almost all of Dragon Pass and is taxing the life out of Erik's descendents. Some families have been evicted off their land to make way for Lunar settlers. Many old warriors are dead, the leaders are cowed or biding their time and a new generation is about to visit Erik's Stead to become adults.

The players take the parts of near adults about to be initiated into their clan, tribe and religion. The story is player lead and covers the first year of their character's adult lives using HeroQuest.

This isn't just another tired old fantasy veneer over the cliche of poor oppressed Celts against invading Romans. Where else are you going to see the house sized skull of a primeval pig or herd sheep with a trained cat?

Additional details can be found here. This game is set in the Dragon Pass region of the the world of Glorantha.

Read about what happened in the session summaries.



(next 8 sessions)

After foiling the Lunar plan to infiltrate the clan's initiation ceremony and the Tusk Riders attempt to regain control of the skull of Gouger, what else can happen to the clan? After the Righteous Wind Rebellion Kostad says it's the lull before the next Storm and Ceinwynne's heard something moving in the Dark Earth.

This year gives the players a chance to play more influential members of the clan, perhaps even people on the Clan Ring like Elinor, the Clan Champion. More of the same player driven rubbish as last time, but hopefully with more players.


  • To be decided!