Antorling Clan: Elinor the Green

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Elinor is a major NPC in the Antorling Clan campaign

Character Narrative

Elinor Cerychsdotter is a Heortling Warrior and Weaponthane. Strong and fearless she wrestled a tusker to the ground to become the Champion of the Antorling Clan. During the Lunar invasion she proved herself honourable and became a Devotee of Hu the Sword. She killed a Lunar rune-lord and took his iron chainmail and shield. Her allied daemon, Foebiter, lives in her ever sharp iron hand and a half sword.

Elinor is known by all in the Arfritha vale. Despite having a severely black sense of humour, she is trusted by Orlost - the clan chieftain, and the Lunars. With a smile she can command warriors, with a look intimidate foes.

Character Sheet

Description Medium height and weight but powerfully built. Always smiling, green eyed and black hair. Wears green clothes and is never without a sword.

Age 27 (in 1611)

Goal Be the best warrior in the Arfritha vale


Heortling 17
Warrior 19
Weaponthane 17
Clan Champion 17
Devotee of Hu the Sword 17


Dragon Pass Geography 17
Farming 17
Heortling Customs 17
Speak Sartarite 17
Walk with Snowshoes 17
Wilderness Survival 17
Spinning and Weaving 17
Endurance 19
Guard camp 19
Know Lunar Tactics 19
Know Antorling Tula 19
Listen 19
Sword and Shield fighting 17W2
Thrown Dagger fighting 4W
Recognise fighting style 19
Recognise foe 19
Ride 4W
Scout 19
Fyrd Combat 9W
Know Storm Pantheon Myths 17
Mythology of Humakt 17
Recognise Lie 17
Warband Tactics 17
Craft Weapon 17
Initiate to Humakt 17
Perform Sacrifice 17
Pray to Humakt 17
Climb 17
Spot Ambush 17
Wrestling 17
Ignore pain 17
Strong 5W
Tough 17
Know neighbouring warriors 17
See opponent’s weakness 17
Command warriors 13
Intimidate foe 13


Member of Antorling Clan 9W
Trusted by Orlost (Antorling clan chieftain) 18
Member of Boldhome Humakt temple 2W
Devotee of Hu the Sword 17
Known by all in the Arfritha Vale 13
Trusted by the Lunars 13
Commands Foebiter 17
Leads the ‘four storms’ 17
Lord of ‘Cottars and servants’ 17


Specialised Magic (Devotee of Hu the Sword)

Soul Vision 17

Death Affinity 17 (Bless Corpse, Death Song Berserk, Fight Undead, Lay Ghost, Visage of Fear, Shield Destroyer, Weapon Destroyer)

Honour Affinity 17 (Empower Oath, Know Truth, Sense Ambush, Sever Relationship, Shame Coward)

Sword Affinity 17 (Cut Deep, Decapitate Foe, Great Blow, Sword help, Truesword stroke)

Hu’s Combat Blessing (+10 Sword Fighting; May only use a sword in combat)


Foebiter (allied daemon in iron sword - Always shine 5W; Can’t be dropped 14; Unbreakable 15)

Four Storms (Warrior followers – Bwlch, Carek, Aesc and Janek) Warrior 17

Cottars and servants (2 families of farmers, groom and batman) Cottar 17


Hate Chaos 17
Brave 4W
Honourable 18
Just 17
Fearless 3W
Black sense of humour 16

Wealth 5W Hero Points 3

Items and Equipment

Iron hand-and-a-half sword (+6, ever-sharp 13, total +7)
Iron chainmail and shield (+10)
2 x horses
Good dark green clothes
Decent winter furs and green cloak
Stead near Fairjowl

Contest Summary

Melee combat: Sword and shield 17W2 augmented by sword (+7), armour and shield (+10), allied daemon (+2), fearless (+2), strong (+3), tough (+2), intimidate foe (+1) = 4W4

Can use See opponent’s weaknesses as an unrelated action for +2
When hurt, can ignore pain to gain another +2
During long contests, can use endurance for another +2
Can Pray to Humakt and Perform Sacrifice to gain extra bonuses.

NB: All magic skills are reduced to zero in full war gear