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Notes on the Antorling Clan of the Colymar Tribe of Sartar

It is 1612 years after the sun rose again after the great Darkness. There has been no high King of Sartar since the Lunar invasion 10 years ago. The King of the Colymar tribe, Kallai and your clan Chieftain, Orlost follow strong anti-Lunar policies, only stopping short of outright warfare.

Common Knowledge

  • The Antorling clan was founded by Erik The Press, an imigrant during the second phase of Dragon Pass colonisation at the instigation of Robasart (7th king of the Colymar).
  • Erik staked his claim to being first chieftain by marrying Arfritha, the local goddes of the vale shared with the Namolding and Lysang clans. Arfritha is occasionally worshipped as a part of Ernalda and some of the clans common magic comes from her.
  • Erik, a renowned Cider maker, was known as the peaceful chief of the warlike clan. When he died he became the clan Wyter, linked to the tree he planted near where Fairjowl is now.
  • The pig skull near Fairjowl is a holy site for the Tusk Riders in the Stinking Forest – second only in importance to the Ivory Plinth. Ubran the Good, third clan champion, overcome Gouger on a Heroquest to keep the Half-Trolls and their Tuskers away. Ubran is the wyter of the clan warband. Gouger, the primal tusker, is a source of pig related common magic.
  • There are three distinct ethnic groups in the clan: The Swords (old warlike Malani who settled there before the Zarran War), the Presses (later Heortling settlers) and the Birches (bloodlines from the Varmandi clan who were displaced by the Malani before the Zarran war).
  • Lunar settlers have tried several times to settle in the vale, but failed. Their pigs always wander off and their crops have been infertile or smashed by rain.
  • Just after the occupation, some families resisted taxation by the Lunars (Ergolf’s little rebellion) and suffered for it – many men were killed and the first born children of the resisting families were taken as hostages against further resistance. No one knows what happened to the the hostages.

Recent History

1602 Lunar Empire invades Sartar after several attempts - kills the High King

1611 Righteous Wind Rebellion in North Sartar against the Lunars crushed by Harvar Ironfist. No one in the Antorling clan really knows what's going on up North, but it doesn't sound pretty.

Clan Members

  • Orlost Cerychson, the Clan Chieftain, is a cousin of the Colymar king, Kallai Rockbuster. He follows a policy of passive resistance to the Lunar occupation and has brought down extra Lunar scrutiny on the clan. So far he’s carried the clan with him and awaits the time when his Weaponthanes and Fyrd can bury their Spears and Swords into the invaders as part of Kallai’s army.
  • Cwrina Elmet's Daughter, Orlost's wife and the best cook in the clan. Anyone who thinks she's only good for cooking hasn't talked to her.
  • Elinor the Green is the first female Antorling clan champion. She is from one of the Sword bloodlines and is renowned for her inhuman strength. Whispering by some of the clan suggests she might be an Ogress due to her unmatched strength – she wrestled a full grown Tusker to the ground to claim the Champion’s position. She says she isn't, and her Iron Sword always shines so no one has ever doubted her on the issue.
  • Kostad the Long Bearded is the clan’s chief God Talker. He follows Orlost’s policy of maximum passive resistance to the Lunars – many times Lunar corn has been flattened by sharp downpours during fire season when it should have been ripening.
  • Ceinwynne the Mother leads the women’s rites. She is regarded as universally gentle and non-violent, unlike her “daughter”, Bella, an axe maiden of incredible devotion. Bella has an extensive collection of pickled male genitalia from those she’s killed. It is said she can make a man impotent with her breath.
  • Yerest the Swift is the clan's master hunter. He is a devotee of Yinkin that can stalk and kills deer unarmed. He's only seen in Fairjowl when he wants to taste Cwrina's cooking, have his ears scratched or balls emptied.
  • Durkin the Redsmith makes metal things for the clan. He lives in Fairjowl and is the man to talk to if you want metal goods of any sort. He has contacts with people in Runegate, Clearwine, Boldhome and Jonstown that can get you anything for a price.
  • Ergolf the Shattered lives in a small cottage near the Brambleberry hills with his family. He used to be a Carl and Proud Warrior. Now a cottar he's a cripple that tends his garden and refuses to talk of things after the invasion. His family have a small sheep herd.
  • Istir was once an important thane and proud head of his bloodline. He was corrupted by Petronius and revealed details of some of the clan's most important rituals. Since being exposed he has lost his position of respect and reduced to worse than a stick-picker, a continual reminder to his family and the clan of the ways the red moon can corrupt men.


  • Tribune Petronius is a retired Lunar Colonel that's received the tax franchise for the Antorling clan. He lives at Moonstead, which 10 years previously was Ergolf's Stead. Petronius is very civil to everyone he meets, and has an extensive staff of both locals and imported foreigners to help him run the stead and tax recovery. His stead welcomes locals and there's always a missionary on hand to talk to them.
  • Arion is a rootless Mrelli (Brown Elf) that leads a small band of other rootless elves from the Brambleberry Hills. He and his followers are convinced they can recover the Song of Aldrya by preventing the Tusk Riders from recovering their lost Pig God.

Clan Initiation

Unlike many clans, the first stage of initiation into the Antorling clan is common to both girls and boys and is usually carried out during the Sea Season clan moot after the child reaches the age of 15. The children re-enact Erik courting Arfritha, which enables them to work the land and create a happy hearth.