Antorling Clan: Gervain

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Gervain is Peter Trevor's character in the Antorling Clan HeroQuest game.

Gervain is a STOIC adolescent from the Antorling Clan. He has APPRENTICED TO DERKEN as a CART MAKER ... which has exposed him to CARPENTRY, METALWORK, and LEATHERWORK. While not the strongest person in the world his labours have given him ENDURANCE and PATIENCE. He is DEXTEROUS with his hands. Gervain is RESOURCEFUL in IMPROVISING materials for his needs ... usually able to find something that will "MAKE DO" in any situation (no matter how bizarre). he is also very UN-MAGICAL ... magic performed in his vicinity will short-out, mis-fire, or just plain go awry. He's not well travelled but KNOWS MANY in the clan.