Antorling Clan: Venharl

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Venharl is Neil Smith's character in the Antorling Clan HeroQuest game.

Venharl's 100 word description

Venharl is a happy-go-lucky, active member of the Antorling Clan who enjoys playing practical jokes. He is handsome with a stunning smile, though deluded that his wispy beard makes him more attractive to women. He is well-known as a flirt and constantly tries to impress women by boasting of his prowess at running and jumping. His lust for Ceinwyn is reciprocated.

He shows prowess as a hunter. He understands everything Yrsa, his pet alynx, says. He hates the Lunars and often helps Yerest to spy on them. His keen vision and sensitive hearing are matched by his quick wits.


Keywords: Heortling 17 (Relationship to clan 2W), Communal Storm worshipper, Hunter (Archery 19, Wilderness Survival 18, Patient 10)

Abilities: Boast 13, Handsome 15, Impress women 13, Jump 14, Keen Vision 13, Play practical jokes 13, Quick Wits 13, Run 13, Sensitive Hearing 15, Spy on Lunars 13, Stunning smile 13, Wispy beard 13

Relationships: Mutual lust for Ceinwyn (Ernaldan high priestess) 13, Spy with Yerest (master hunter) 13, Well-known as a flirt 16

Personality: Active 15, Deluded that beard makes him more attractive 13, Enjoy practical jokes 13, Happy-go-lucky 13

Followers: Yrsa, pet alynx 17 (Ambush 12W, Bite 2W, Climb trees 18, Cunning 15, Leap 17, Move silently 15W)

Common Magic: Hide in cover, Is someone watching?, Jump safely, Make fire, Strong grip