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I've been roleplaying since 1978, which is a fair fraction of my life. I got into RPGs through skirmish wargaming (less figures to paint than normal Napoleonics or Ancients, hurrah!) and sort of settled in a Glorantha rut, originally with RuneQuest and all it's derivatives and now with HeroQuest. My Glorantha rutting at MKRPG has been two blocks of the AntorlingClan.

Other games I've played and really enjoyed included Dungeons and Dragons, Classic Traveller, Villains and Vigilantes and Aftermath! Yes, it's true, I'm a sad child of the 1980s as far as RPGs go - all the introspection and angsty wanksty guff of some modern games (Vampyre: The Pretention) leaves me rather cold.

Dogs in the Vineyard was a bit of an eye-opener as far as playing styles are concerned, so I'm now experimenting more with the way RPGs are played (namely the relationship between player and character) and how they can be applied to more traditional RPGs. My first experimental cigarette on the beagles of MKRPG is Shadows over Wessex, a modern fantasy game. Since then I've converted my Glorantha games and Shadows to DiTVY and Don't Rest Your Head.

My personal web page is

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