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STARGATE : Slaves Of The Gods

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A dramatic serial in eight parts, using the Hollow Earth Expedition rules. Pulp alternate history STARGATE!


From the minutes of the recent extraordinary meeting of the Royal Society, a speech by Sir George Hammond:

'In 1928 the noted archaeologist Professor Daniel Jackson unearthed a large metallic ring, some 22' feet in diameter and of considerable weight, from a dig at Giza. The ring bore a large number of markings that defied translation, nor could the metal itself be readily identified.

Unfortunately the opportunity to study the ring further was lost, along with Professor Jackson and his fiancee Ms. Catherine Langford, when the ship returning them to England disappeared. No distress signal was ever received nor, despite a lengthy search, were any survivors found. The Hephaestus, along with her passengers and crew, was declared lost at sea.

Now, eight years later, a strange clue to the fate of the Hephaestus may have appeared. Two months ago a man was pulled from the wreckage of a small boat found five miles off the coast of the East Falklands. The man was dressed in rags quite unsuited to the climate, and died shortly after being returned to shore. He spoke only three words, of apparent gibberish, before dying : "Dal Shakka Mel". Upon autopsy the man was found to have an unusual birth defect in his abdomen, resembling nothing more than some bizarre manner of pouch.

However, the unusual anatomy of the deceased is not what concerns us today. No, ladies and gentlemen of the society, what concerns us today is the discovery, around this poor unfortunate soul's neck, of a locket recently positively identified as belonging to Ms. Catherine Langford. The back of the locket had scratched into it the initials "DJ" and a set of coordinates, lattitude and longitude corresponding to Ross Island, within the waters of Antarctica. The scratches have been determined to be recent, suggesting that - somehow - Professor Jackson is still alive. Ladies and gentlemen, I move that an expedition be sent to those coordinates in an attempt to discern what fate befell the Hephaestus, to say nothing of Professor Jackson, his fiancée, and the ring. Will anybody rise to second the motion?'


Player Characters

Significant Non-Player Characters

  • Sir George Hammond, noted engineer, total crackpot, and leader of the Ross Island expedition.
  • Captain Lars Langstrom, master of the ice-breaker SS Sankt Erik.
  • Colonel Howard McCoy, former regimental commanding officer of Captain Lovelace, now a senior member of "Department Z", a section of British Intelligence dealing in esoteric threats to the security of the British Empire.
  • Sekhematep, mad and evil Pharoah of the "Underworld", High Priest of Apophis, and general all-round bad egg.
  • Apophis, Goa'uld despot recently returned to Earth via the recently repaired Stargate.

Session Details

Goodness me, I really do suck at these write-ups. That's why only the first two sessions are documented, sorry.

  • Session 1 (November 13th 2007)
  • Session 2 (November 27th 2007)
  • Session 3 (December 4th 2007)
  • Session 4 (December 11th 2007)
  • Session 5 (December 18th 2007)
  • Session 6 (January 8th 2008)
  • Session 7 (January 15th 2008)
  • Session 8 (January 22nd 2008)