Andrew Tolworth

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System : Hollow Earth Expedition
Game   : STARGATE : Slaves Of The Gods
Player : David Arthur

Archetype: Reporter Motivation: Fame



Body 2 Dexterity 4 Strength 3 Charisma 2 Intelligence 3 Willpower 1


Size 0 Move 7 Perception 4 Initiative 7 Defence 6 Stun 2 Health 3


  • Linguistics 2
  • Pilot (Aircraft) 1
  • Investigation 2
  • Drive 2
  • Melee 3
  • Firearms 2
  • Survival 2
  • Science (Chemistry) 1
  • Athletics 1


  • Keen sense (sight)


  • Impulsive


5'6, blue eyes and blonde hair. 27 year-old male.


Andrew was born in London to a fairly modest family. His father was a laborer who mainly worked around the docks in the east end. His mother looked after the five children and kept the family home as best she could. As the second eldest Andrew saw the pain and suffering that working truly hard did to a body. He vowed to try and do everything in his power to avoid such a life of crushing servitude. To that end he worked his socks off to do well at school and won a minor scholarship which allowed him to enter a local college. Here he learned the arts and the craft of Journalism.

After leaving college he is looking to make a name for himself. He has managed to submit some pictures to the Times newspaper and is slowly developing a style for his photographs. Time will tell if his work will become noted.

Notable Events

Two years ago his mother died. Striving to bring up five children and do the best for them meant that Doreen went without food to try and see her children grow strong. The strain of this and the cold gave her influenza. That winter her children lost their mother.


I will never be like him!


Andrew has few illusions about life. He knows it is mainly short and brutal with only the strongest coming out on top. He wants to be one of them.