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This page details the timeline of the STARGATE : Slaves Of The Gods game.

Ancient History

3 million years ago ...
Millions of years ago a race of humanoids evolved on Earth that were later to become known as The Ancients. Possessing advanced technology far beyond the level found on 1930s Earth, they constructed vast mobile starships that served as their cities and explored the stars for millennia. Eventually, however, a great war arose out amongst the heavens and the Ancients fled Earth forever, taking their vast cities with them.

Recent Events

March 1928
The expedition led by Professor Daniel Jackson, whilst digging at Giza, uncovers a strange artifact : a ring, over 22' in diameter and weighing 64,000 pounds. Inscribed around its diameter are 39 unidentified symbols. The metal of the ring defies initial metallurgical analysis.
Monday, April 2nd 1928
Professor Jackson's expedition, including his fiancee, Ms. Catherine Langford, depart Egypt aboard the Hephaestus, bound for England. Included amongst various artifacts is the ring.
Tuesday, April 3nd 1928
Last contact with the Hephaestus.
Tuesday, April 17th 1928
The search for the Hephaestus is called off.
Wednesday, May 2nd 1928
Lloyds Of London officially declares the Hephaestus lost at sea.
Sunday, December 8th 1935
A fishing vessel observes a ramshackle, badly constructed, boat drifting in the waters just off the coast of the East Falklands. Aboard is a single inhabitant: a man, wounded, delirious, and clad only in rags. He is urgently returned to the East Falklands.
Tuesday, December 10th 1935
The stranger dies, rallying briefly to proclaim "Dal Shakka Mel" before succumbing to his wounds.
Thursday, December 12th 1935
With no identification of any kind, officials turn to a locket found around the dead man's neck.
Tuesday, December 17th 1935
The locket is sent to England, where enquiries are subsequently made at the jeweller's whose mark is found on the locket.
Wednesday, 22nd January 1936
The family of Miss Catherine Langford, the owner of the locket, are contacted by police.
Thursday, 30th January 1936
The family of Miss Langford contact Sir George Hammond, a friend of the family, with news of the discovery of the locket.
Friday, February 21st 1936
Extraordinary meeting of the Royal Society, where a motion is tabled by Sir George Hammond to send an expedition to the co-ordinates found on the locket in an attempt to determine what fate befell the Hephaestus, her crew, her passengers, and the ring. The motion is carried.
Monday, February 24th 1936
Sir George Hammond at once begins attempts to equip and staff the expedition. He is visited by Miss Elizabeth Frobisher, John Smith, Captain Marcom Lovelace (retired), and investigative reporter Andrew Tolworth. All four sign up for the expedition. Later that night, certain parties are visited by representatives of Department Z, a nebulous organisation within British Intelligence responsible for protecting the empire from the more esoteric threats.
Tuesday, February 25th thru to Sunday, March 22nd 1936
Preparations for the expedition.
Monday, March 23rd 1936
The expedition departs for Ross Island, aboard the SS Sankt Erik.
Thursday, May 28th 1936 (somewhat later than planned)
The expedition arrives at the snowy wasteland of Ross Island. After many hours of unloading the expedition, keen to get started, start the mechanical digging machine and head for Mount Erebus.
Friday, May 29th 1936 (the early hours)
Expedition arrives in The Hollow Earth, but are left stranded by the malfunction in their vehicle.